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Xbox 2 vs PS5 – Next gen gaming console 2019 release, rumours, price and more


Sony and Microsoft both are ready to launch their upcoming gaming consoles but there is no confirmed release date. Will you get them in 2019 or later in 2020? Which games will you able to play on them? Which gaming console will win the race between Xbox 2 vs PS5? Will they support VR and will they allow you to play your old games?

PS4 Pro and Xbox One X were giving the head to head battle to each other and its time to observe which gaming console between Xbox 2 vs PS5 will offer you better gaming experience. Xbox 2 will reach you first or PS5? Which will be more brawny in terms of hardware. I know before the launch of two most renowned gaming consoles these questions are hovering in your mind. To vanish your confusion we are here with the detailed info about their release date, specs, price, and other aspects.

You just need to scroll down the page to differentiate both gaming consoles and to decide which one will be the best for you.

Xbox 2 vs PS5
Xbox 2 vs PS5: Features, price, release date, and more

Xbox 2 vs PS5: Release date( when will you able to play your favorite games on them)

Microsoft has revealed the Xbox Project Scarlett in the Keynote conference 2019 and it is almost confirmed that the world’s most powerful gaming console will reach to you in 2020. Maybe after the Christmas holidays. But Sony didn’t reveal any release date for their next PlayStation console. But we can expect the release date of PS5 at almost the same time because Sony is the true rival of Microsoft then how can they remain backward in the race.

Xbox 2 vs PS5: Notable specs

In terms of specs, both are giving an open challenge to each other and coming with almost the same specialties. Let’sd check out their specs:

  • Xbox Project Scarlett and PS5 both are equipped with AMD Navi GPU and AMD Zen 2 CPU.
  • You can find real-time ray tracing only in high-end PCs but thanks to Sony and Microsoft as they offering this feature in both upcoming gaming consoles. Xbox 2 and PS5 both will support ray-tracing features. Isn’t amazing!!
  • Both will be compatible with 8K graphics.
  • There is no exact info about SSD performance so we can’t tell you which one will offer you a better SSD performance. Sorry for now!

Xbox 2 vs PS5: Backward Compatibility

Backward compatibility means the ability to play the old games on your new console and Sony’s PS5 will support all the PS4 games. Recently Sony has filed a patent giving the clue at backward compatibility of all PlayStation consoles. Means that you will be able to play thousands of older PlayStation games on the PS5. There is no certainty that it will happen or not and if it happens that it will be great news for PS5 buyers.

On the other hand, we are not sure about the backward compatibility feature of Xbox 2 because Microsoft didn’t reveal anything yet. However, in E3 2019 their addresser has confirmed that you will be able to bring back your old game achievements, and accessories to the Xbox Project Scarlett. But we can’t consider it the backward compatibility, maybe it means game passes to play old titles on next-gen Xbox. Not sure now!!

Xbox 2 vs PS5: Expected Games

At this point, the thing gets to become scanty because to assume the upcoming games on the next-gen consoles is pretty tough. For Xbox 2 Halo Infinite is coming to entertain you and the good news is that you will also avail it on Xbox One.

Sony is coming with big titles but nothing is confirmed yet.

The Last of Us Part 2, Ghosts of Tsushima could reach on PS5. All the two titles have shown on PS4 earlier and there are huge chances of their launch on Playstation 5.

Xbox 2 vs PS5: Price (How much you have to pay for them)

Although there is no formal price announcement for both next-gen machines, we can assume their price as per their specs and performance.

Both consoles are featured with the high-end hardware from the renowned name AMD and also supports Ray-tracing thus you have to put an extra burden on your pocket.

As per the specifications and rumors, we can predict that next-gen consoles will be yours for $4oo or more. We are assuming only don’t think it actual price for the upcoming machines.

Summing up…

Next-gen consoles are in the progress and there are huge chances that they will come to you in later 2020. You have to wait for until they will be available for sale and I hope after reading their comparison your curiosity is going higher.

What’re your views on PS5 vs Xbox 2? Let us know below in the comment section. And also share the post to your game lover friends if you found it informative.

Still, any query regarding the gaming giants then put it in the comment section. We will update the latest info about PS5 and Xbox 2 so keep in touch for getting updated.










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