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Want to be the paid writer of The News Region? If yes then got a hot topic and follow the guidelines we have given in this “WRITE FOR US” and finally submit. We will pay you according to the quality of your content.

How can you submit your piece of content?

It is too easy!! You just need to write a well-researched article and mail us at admin@thenewsregion.com

What we look for: Guidelines for writing

  1. We give preference to well-researched articles so do proper research before writing.
  2. The article should be of at least 1,000 words and you can enhance its word limit as per the requirement of the topic.
  3. Avoid using the same lines again and again because it spoils the engagement of users.
  4. The article must be informative and you can add facts to make it more valuable.
  5. The article should contain short paragraphs that look attractive and good readability is the +point.
  6. Keyword stuffing is not allowed and you have to use keyword in variation.
  7. The main keyword should be included in the first 100% words (first paragraph).
  8. Supporting keywords should be in the middle paragraph.
  9. The last paragraph also contains the main keyword.
  10. Heading2, heading3 makes the article SEO friendly so don’t forget to add them.
  11. At the end of the article add Call-to-action.
  12. Call to action means to encourage readers to share/ask for queries/suggestions/feedback.
  13. Please put relevant images (size – 742*490) along with the article.
  14. The meta description should be expressive that can compel users to click. Means users should know “what they will read if they click on it”.

Topics we cover:

  • Tech News
  • Apps reviews
  • Business and Finance related topics
  • Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, blockchain, big data, and IOT related articles.
  • Entertainment
  • Social Media

Do you accept sponsored guest posts?

We accept guest posts. If you are looking for a paid sponsored post then you can contact us at admin@thenewsregion.com to review your content.

There are different aspects that determine the price of the guest post such as Value of content, is it contain throughout information or not, is it problem-solving or its sole purpose is marketing only.

So, it will be good that you convey your article straight to us for review. If we find it appropriate then we will offer you a no-follow link.

Tons of thanks being our guest!

Disclaimer: We have full authority to approve or dismiss your content without conveying any explanation or reason.