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Word to PDF – How to Convert your .DOC to .PDF for Free


All of us are familiar with computer systems and various Extension files we can make in our system. Our today’s concern is Word to PDF free converter. This World is the Digital World!  In the Internet Era, we rarely prefer writing on Notepads and papers because managing papers are very difficult now and why to do so when we have a lot of facilities. So, we choose to make an electronic file over manual(paper) notes.

Word to PDF - How to Convert .DOC to .PDF
Word to PDF converter

Word files and Portable Document files(PDF) both are the most common types of files we can use with extensions .doc or .docx and .pdf respectively. Do you ever think why there is a need to convert Word files to PDF files? If you do not know, then you are good to be here. OK! Let’s start one by one.

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Why do we need to Convert Word to PDF??

Word files are the most popular files used but we convert then to df because pdf files are non-editable. This is the main reason for converting Word to PDF. There are a lot of reasons also for which we have to change our file extension from .doc or .docx to .pdf.

1) Word document Formatting

The very first and foremost reason for Word to PDF converter is that MS word document’s formatting gets changed when opened in a different system or different printer(to take the printouts). Spending time on formatting, again and again, will be very hectic. So, the better way is to convert files to pdf. Portable document files are unchangeable.

2) Table of contents mess

If you open your word file on any other computer, there may be likelihoods that your references get mismatched and all data become a mess. This is particularly for documents having a long table of contents like ebooks. Page numbers may get changed in documents with multiple pages. To stay out of the mess, Convert your .doc to .pdf.

3) Multiple Word versions

MS word has many versions, old to new, Word1 to Word 2019. With every new release, there are changes Of course! The files that you make in the latest version may not work properly with the old version. For example, text in Word 2010 files usually lacks spaces when opened in older versions. If I talk about pdf, it is just one software with a single version that facilitates the users to open any file anytime.

4) Portable Doc files are Really portable

As with ongoing facilities, you may not always open the file in our laptop/PC/MAC book but sometimes it may be required to open the file in mobile phones too. PDF files are mobile-friendly, and easily get opened in our cell phones using some free apps whereas to open word files you need to download special software.

5) PDF files are not-Editable

Last but not Least, Portable documents files are non-editable! Nail it! If you want to send a file having some account information, financial papers, bills, money-related matters, etc always Send a pdf file to the recipient. Word files are editable and changes can be easily done onto but pdf files once made cannot be changed.

Some File Extensions

  1. .doc and .docx – Microsoft Word file
  2. .odt – OpenOffice Writer document file
  3. .pdf – PDF file
  4. .rtf – Rich Text Format
  5. .tex – A LaTeX document file
  6. .txt – Plain text file
  7. .wks and .wps– Microsoft Works file
  8. .wpd – WordPerfect document

How to Convert your Word to PDF for Free?

1) With MSWord

The most common and Convenient Method of Converting your .doc file to .pdf is to change the Extension While SAVING the file.

Here I am sharing the step-by-step procedure for the same.

  1. Create your Word File.
  2. Click on Icon on Left Top of the screen.
  3. Go to Save As.
  4. Choose PDF from various options.
  5. Give a fileName and publish it.
  6. Remember Your pdf file name can be the same as word file name and word file doesn’t get replaced by this as both the files have different extensions (.doc -> .pdf)


2) Without MSWord

If you don’t have MS Word and require to convert a document, you  have the following options:

1) Using Google Docs

  1. Upload a Word document to Google Drive
  2. Convert it to a Google Document
  3. Finally, Convert it to PDF

2) Online

You can convert .doc file to .pdf file using an online converter. All you need to do is to:

  1. Open a website
  2. Upload your doc file there
  3. Click on Convert
  4. You will get a pdf file in the result then.

3) Using Libra Office

LibreOffice is a free, open-source office app that offers a lot of the same features as Microsoft Office. You can even open Microsoft Word documents, and convert them to PDF.

Before You Go…

You can easily convert word to PDF by using the above-mentioned methods. Effortlessly convert your word files to pdf to stay out of chaos and mess. To be always on the safer side, send pdf files to the others, it is very necessary.

If you want to share any more ideas, Comment back!

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