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Why Pirated Movie Sites Are Popular? Should You Use Them!


From the day I started to surf the online era, I used to hear about piracy and copyrighted infringement and I think you are also aware of online piracy. When things come in terms of watching movies online then no one wants to spend their money for accessing their desired stuff. Thus they move to pirated movie sites and streaming sites. Not only money there are several reasons behind the popularity of pirated movie sites and today’s topic will cover all the reasons.

The chief source of Pirated sites are the adverts and pop-ups that can interrupt your engagement but people don’t mind them and access the content of pirated sites. Let’s check out why these sites are too much popular and what are the risks if you use them. Should you use them or not?

Why Pirated Movie Sites Are Popular? Should You Use Them!
Reasons behind the popularity of Pirated movie sites

Why pirated movies sites are popular (hot reasons)

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and many more legal services are available to access your desired content in a totally legit manner. But why everyone is running after pirated options? Why people are promoting piracy? I think these questions are hovering in your mind. Go down and satisfy your queries:

People don’t want to spend their hard-earned bucks

Free word attracts everyone’s attention and if they get their favorite content without paying anything why they will pay. Film producers and other video creators create movies for their bread and butter and they want money if you watch them. But the craving for free-content gave rise to pirated sites like The Pirate Bay and other torrent sites.

Specific content blocked in specific country

Many times I face this issue. When I search for a specific show or movie and I get the notice that the content is not available in my region then I really make me disappointed. Creators blocked the specific stuff in some countries because of certain reasons and the people who are unable to access, rush to illegal sources to obtain that stuff. It is the major reason behind the popularity of pirated movie sites.

Delay in availability

Apart from blocking several times people move to illegal sources like torrents and free streaming services because of delay in the availability of a particular movie or TV show. People use VPN to camouflage their location and to hide their IP to fool the government and ISP as well.

Having a little or no awareness about piracy

Many users don’t aware about piracy and copyright infringement and they commit it because of lack of awareness. People who are less educated and not so tech-savvy used to access leaked and illegal content from torrents and other illegal sites unintentionally. They don’t know what can happen if they get caught.

They find it tough to purchase

Think you have subscribed for Netflix or Hulu but meanwhile you came to know that your favorite TV show or movie is exclusively available on Cable TV. Will you switch to cable TV to watch only one show? I think you won’t. Simply he/she rush to pirated sites to access that stuff. Another reason for the intense fame of Pirated sites is the complex payment system of some subscription-based services. Many renowned services need a credit card as a payment method and those who don’t have, choose illegal sources.

Should you use Pirated movie sites: Drawbacks of pirated sources

People think that accessing digital content for free don’t come in the theft category and thus they continuously break the laws. If you also used to watch the stuff from illegal sources then these facts will definitely stop you:

  • When you watch a movie, TV show or other stuff via an illegal way then you encounter pop-ups and ads and these commercials open up many new browsers with spammy ads that can put you in danger.
  • If you don’t use a VPN or a good antivirus then such websites can inject the malware or virus in your system that can steal your personal info like bank details etc.
  • Did you ever imagine what will you have to pay if you get caught watching copyrighted stuff for free? You will surprise to know that it can be more than the lifetime subscription of the streaming sites. And your ISP can terminate your internet connection also.

Is Google promote piracy?

Google is the most used and renowned search engine and we all use it for grabbing the answer of all our queries. When we type “Watch movies online” then Gooogle shows us the free streaming sites but in fact, it is not the fault of Google. Google gave ranking on the bases of several aspects and if it gets a complaint about any specific website then Google penalizes it. But the owners create new ones and apply all the tricks to rank it faster. So Google is not liable for any type of piracy and it is trying its best to end up piracy.

Bottom lines

Well, folks, piracy is online theft and if you do so you are stealing the bread and butter of content creators. If you get caught them you have to give a huge amount as a fine and you may lose your internet connection as well. Easy access, free availability and many more reasons that make Pirated movies sites popular but at the end of the day I would like to suggest you boycott piracy.

If you agree with me then share your views with us by commenting and pass on the post with your nears and dears.

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