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All about Dragon Ball Z Krillin – Why is he the best human in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Dragon Ball Z Krillin

Dragon Ball Z Krillin or Kuririn is a fighter expert in martial arts, he is also the best friend of Son Goku. He is one of the most talented earthlings on his planet.

Characteristic and personality

Krillin is bald and has no nose. He is Goku’s best friend and a brother in arms who fights with him many times. When he first appears he is a teenage boy with a surly character, but Muten Roshi’s training and the life spent alongside Goku will help him become wiser. However his somewhat obsessed inclination is developed under the influence of Kame Sennin.

He comes from the Orin temple, where he spent 8 years there. Kuririn then comes to see Master Muten Roshi, whose secret purpose is to please women. He is originally someone jealous and selfish, so he does not respect the rules of Roshi during training. After a short rivalry with Son Goku, he will become his best friend. At his contact he gradually becomes benevolent. In movies mainly, Krillin is often used as a comedic element, and he has been killed a number of times in the manga.

Perhaps it represents a feeling of normality across the earth, although being identifiable. Despite having a weak reputation compared to the Saiyans, Krillin is considered one of the strongest earthlings in Dragon Ball. He has indeed benefited from the training of the god of the earth, the dean of the Namek also makes him progress to his last limits (a part certainly, since Son Gohan has only awakened a tiny part of him). Although not as powerful as Son Goku and Son Gohan, his determination is a major asset to the team. Note that his handling of Ki is considerable, he can also feel the hidden powers.

Unfortunately, he is outclassed by many characters in the series, such as Piccolo or all of the Saiyans. That well among humans, it seems to be one of the strongest. During the 25th Tenkai Ichi Budokai, Yamcha he tells Maron to reassure her that his father is the strongest among the earthlings.

The public quickly identified Kuririn as an outsider, in part for his good humor. His life will become normal when he couples with N ° 18. He remains an important character on all parts of the manga, unlike old characters quickly relegated to the background.

Biography Dragon Ball Z Krillin

Before Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Z Krillin was born in the year 736. In the year 740 at the age of 4, he entered the Orin temple as a monk in order to undergo a very special training, but the latter found it difficult to be accepted by his comrades.

Later, he leaves his dojo to join the school of Kamé Sennin.

Dragon ball Z

Saiyan Saga

Krillin_and_Yamcha_deathDuring the Saiyan saga, Krillin will not take part in the fight against Raditz. But following the imminent threat of new Saiyans on Earth, he will train with God in the company of Yamcha, Ten Shin Han and Chiaotzu.


A year later, Krillin takes part in the fight against Nappa and Vegeta. He had to face a Saibaiman but eventually Yamcha will take his place, which will cost him his life. Furious, Krillin will deploy all his power in several breaking waves which will affect Nappa and Vegeta as well as three Saibaimen who will be immediately killed. Unfortunately Nappa and Vegeta will hardly be shaken by this attack. During the fight against Nappa, the Earthman will quickly be overtaken by the latter and will helplessly attend the successive deaths of Chiaotzu, Ten Shin Han and Piccolo.

Krillin Genki_Dama

Krillin shows however a certain courage during this combat and will be besides the only survivor of the massacre with Gohan. In addition, he could have been right with Nappa without the intervention of Vegeta, thanks to his brand new technique, the Kienzan, a destructive disc that shaves everything in its path.

It will face Vegeta in its form of giant gorilla and will try to cut its tail with a Kienzan in order to return to its current form, but the latter having noticed its presence, will dodge it.
Then, his Goku bruised by his wounds, will give Krillin the energy of the Genkidama that the Saiyan had accumulated to try to stop Vegeta.

Once again, Krillin will miss his shot but will nevertheless allow Gohan, with a pure heart, to send away the Genkidama.



At the end of the fight, Krillin was in good enough condition to finish Vegeta with Yajirobe’s sword, but his gesture will be interrupted by his friend Son Goku, claiming that he wanted to face him once recovered.

Namek saga

Having learned that other Dragon Balls exist on Namek, the planet of god’s origin, Krillin decides to go there Bulma and Son Gohan in order to resuscitate the victims of the Saiyans.


He then understands that things quickly turn sour when two minions sent by Zabon appear. In addition, Vegeta seems to be there too. With Son Gohan, he attends the Namek’s vein on Freezer’s forces. Listening only to his anger, Son Gohan, saves Dende, who was about to be executed by Dodoria, a subordinate of the tyrant. They manage to flee thanks to the Taiyoken of Krillin.

Krillin has the honor of meeting the dean of the Namek (Saishirô) and gives him his Dragon Ball, in addition to revealing its hidden potential. He will only keep this Dragon Ball for a short time, however, because of Vegeta.


On the other hand, its potential is evolving greatly thanks to it remains powerless against the Toku Sentai of Ginyû, just like Son Gohan and Vegeta who had to ally with them. Krillin is indeed defeated by a quick kick from Reacum. They will be saved by Son Goku, freshly arrived on Namek, who crushes the Toku Sentai of Freeza. Ginyû managing to steal the body of Son Goku pretends to be him in front of Krillin who does not immediately notice the difference. He still manages to face her before being transformed into a frog by a bad trick from Son Goku.

Freezer Saga

While Polunga allowed to resuscitate Piccolo. Krillin must then face Freezer. But this one seriously injures him. However, he is treated by Dendé and returns by cutting off Freezer’s tail with a Kienzan.


Later, after the invocation of the mighty Genkidama, Freezer reappears and kills out of pure revenge Krillin. His death provokes an unprecedented anger in Son Goku which turns into Super Saiyan.

One month after Freezer’s defeat; Krillin is finally resurrected thanks to the Nameks’ Dragon Balls.

Garlic Jr Saga

Krillin has found a girlfriend, Maron, he would like to introduce her to his friends. Unfortunately, while sharing this moment of happiness, Garlic.Jr and his 4 kings are covering the planet with the Aqua Mist. Krillin, Son Gohan, Marone and the high dragon barely escape this poison.

Garlic Jr

They are then confronted with Bulma, Yamcha, Kamé Sennin who are no longer themselves. Shortly after, Gasshu and his men arrive, who intend to capture Son Gohan but Piccolo intervenes. Krillin and Gohan go to God but Garlic.Jr is already there.

He is confronted with Tard who has fun very easily on Krillin. Defeated and avenged by his friend Son Gohan, Krillin takes part in Piccolo’s trick which consists in making believe in the total victory of Garlic Jr. Shortly after, Krillin confronts this time Vinegar, who is also too powerful for him, he reduces the Kienzan. He later confronts Garlic Jr and saves Piccolo who is no longer able to fight.

Saga of artificial humans

He trained for 3 years to face the terrible artificial humans. From the start he prepares to die because he knows he is not a Super Saiyan. He is a spectator of the arrival of N ° 19 and N ° 20 and expels Yamcha from the battlefield when he is seriously injured.


Coming as reinforcements, he was surprised by Vegeta’s meteoric progress, and left shortly after with his companions in search of No. 20. When new artificial humans are started up, Krillin is paralyzed by their power. However, even if he can’t get them to change his mind, he falls in love with N ° 18.

He comes to wonder many times if artificial humans are demonic adversaries as Trunks described. However, he is very active in hiding Son Goku from his captors as well as possible.

Saga Cell

A strange creature appears, Krillin followed by Trunks go on the ground to locate it. They face a creature named Cell. He teaches Krillin that he knows how to use the Genki Dama in addition to knowing his name. In turn, Krillin teaches the creature that Son Goku is still alive in this world.

With Piccolo, Ten Shin Han and Yamcha, they go in search of Cell who continues to absorb human beings in order to stand up to Piccolo and artificial humans. In the anime, Krillin is confronted with Cell directly and manages to save a mother and her child although ridiculed at the end. He is nonetheless happy to find Goku completely cured of his illness. He then understands that the danger is such that it is normal for Son Goku to go to train to face the threat.


Later, when he has the possibility of deactivating the android with a remote control, he cannot resolve it, and chooses to spare it. Mad with rage, when Cell reaches his ultimate form, he attacks him furiously, but his blows do not reach the evolutionary creature. He is the first to experience the power of Cell in its most powerful form.

In the Cell Game, Krillin encourages Son Goku and then Son Gohan, even if he too is reluctant to see him face such a threat. He is the holder of the Senzus but, seeing this, Cell steals his sachet allowing him to make the fight against his offspring much rougher. Krillin despite Piccolo‘s help at the start of the fight is no match for the Cell Junior.

Note that in the anime, when Gohan intervenes in Super Saiyan 2, the Cell Jr take Krillin hostage. He is again a spectator of the dramatic death of Son Goku, and relieves a little the conscience of Son Gohan who feels responsible.

Despite this, he takes care of N ° 18 who was spit out by Cell. Krillin partly thanks to her if she survives in the final confrontation. After Cell’s defeat, Krillin asks Shenron to deactivate the self-destruct system of N ° 18 and, a few years later, we discover Krillin the married. They have a daughter together, named Maron. At this point in the series, Krillin just says that they “live together”.

Saga of the 25th Tenka Ichi Budōkai

Still living with Kamé Sennin, but with N ° 18, he has a child named Maron. He tries to dissuade Son Gohan from not warning the other heroes more powerful than him but in vain. Happy to find his friend Son Goku d


eceased, he also participates in the tournament.

During the 25th Tenkachi Budokai, he fights first. He literally destroys his opponent Puntar, unleashing the public’s joy and fascination at this feat.

He seems worried about the identity of Shin who should be his next opponent following the abandonment of Piccolo.

Majin Boo Saga

He also goes in search of Babidi but is immediately transformed into stone status by Dabra. Once the demon king is killed, he witnesses the spectacular end of Vegeta against Majin Boo.

Residing with his friends at God when Majin Boo gradually destroys the earth, he is surprised by the result of the merger of Gotenks. He too began to hope for a total victory against the Majin. Meanwhile, the creativity of Bididi evolves strongly and locates the palace of God.


Krillin then understands the situation and understands the strategy of Piccolo who manages to save time for Trunks and Son Goten, and who aims ultimately to resort to locking Majin Boo in the time room. Alas Boo manages to escape and kills all of Goku’s friends, including Krillin, N ° 18 and Maron.

Note that in the anime, Dragon Ball Z Krillin is the only one to try to fight against Majin Boo and this while wanting to protect his family. It is transformed into chocolate.

It is only much later that he resuscitates by Polunga, and transmits all his energy to Son Goku for his ultimate Genki Dama.

Ten years later, he appears one last time in Dragon Ball Z, he now has gray hair.

Why Krillin is the best of Dragon Ball Z humans?

We often tend to make fun of Krillin’s death, the fact that he is short and bald or even the fact that Shenron must surely offer -50% on the resurrections of our favorite little bonze.

However, the fact remains that it is clearly the best of humans (I am not speaking only in terms of power but also in relation to its qualities).

I repeat once again: “Of course this top is far from impartial even if I argue my reasons do not worry, I only share my humble consumer opinion of the Capsule Corporation! “.

In Dragon Ball, I didn’t really like the character of Krillin, a real pervert and rival of Goku, but he was far from being bad.
His first death in front of Tambourine obliges Goku to put an end to the reign of the demonic king Piccolo, the “father” of our current Piccolo.

One detail that we often forget is that Krillin, even if he gives up, still manages to stand up to Piccolo in Dragon Ball.

But in my eyes, it is truly in Dragon Ball Z that Krillin flourishes and truly becomes the greatest of all earthlings:

  • First of all because we discover that Goku is a Saiyan, so except for the Namek Piccolo, only Yamcha and Tenshinhan remain (I count him as a human being despite his 3rd eye).
  • He is the only human with Bulma who manage to adapt to the new situation.
    So, it is still him who during the Attack of the Saiyans, is the most decisive at several important moments!
  • While Yamcha dies against a Sabaiman (Toriyama hates this character too much), Krillin manages to kill them all at once.
  • I personally think that if Vegeta hadn’t told Nappa to avoid the Kienzan of Krillin, Nappa would have died cut. Nothing says that he would not have survived but given Vegeta’s reaction, it seems obvious to me that he would have been sheared.
  • He survived with Gohan.
    I know, it sounds “normal” and yet at the time the Z-Team was made up of the greatest characters on Earth and Dragonball.
    That didn’t stop a bunch of them from dying in the face of the surging Saiyan.
  • He could have killed Vegeta with Yajirobe’s saber if Goku hadn’t stopped him.

Did Goku know the importance Vegeta would represent later? Good question.

Krillin still had the energy and the will to finish the job and would certainly have succeeded (but our heroes would surely have failed on Namek as Dragonball Multiverse so well imagined).
“His gift for survival allowed him to go very far anyway! Much further than any other human being! ”

The arc of the Saiyans has definitely changed it and I particularly appreciated the fact that he agreed to go to Namek to bring his friends back to life.
He leaves without Goku in unknown territory (with Bulma and Gohan anyway) and manages to manage the situation in front of the troops of Freezer and Vegeta, who far from being a scum shows us his tactical genius.

Once again, the fact of surviving without Goku, on a Namek ravaged by Freeza and his henchmen (Dodoria, the Ginyu commando etc…) is miraculous.
He is still the character, before Cell, who gives the “Bite of the Sun”, its letters of nobility.

Even against Freeza, he tries to do things aha.
More seriously, it is useful until the second form then it is especially his death which allows Goku to become Super Saiyan.
The latter thinking that his friend would never be resurrected. And given the difference between Goku, Kaioken x20, and its form of SS1, the observation is very clear, without the death of Krillin, our heroes would have failed.

Then we enter the Arc of the Cyborgs.
I would never understand why Toriyama “abandoned” the old Z-Team for a new pro-Saiyan team except Piccolo.
I’m not saying they should have made them as strong, but given their time with Master Kaio, one of the things I regret in Dragonball Z is “the abandonment of humans”.

I am truly amazed that Yamcha, Tenshinhan, Krillin and even Chaotzu do not learn Kaioken, especially after seeing the Super Saiyan.
I’m not saying that they must master it in x20 but a Krillin Kaioken x3 or even x5, this can be useful, at least for kikoha waves or other!

During the Arc Cell, he manages to survive once again but:

  • Because of him and his love for C-18, Cell manages to reach his perfect form.
    I am mixed because it is largely because of the excess of pride of Vegeta but also because somewhere, unconsciously, that obliges the Saiyans to unlock the SS2, super useful like Babidi (then Goku could not have -be not unlocked the SS3 in Au-Dela).
  • I remind you all the same that it is he who kills the Cell of our timeline when he destroys his embryo in Géro’s laboratory! Somehow, Krillin killed Cell!
  • It’s no longer a romantic success but when we see the two schizophrenics that are C-18 and C-17 in the alternative future of Trunks, we can say that Krillin succeeded, in part, in making C-18, a good person (who threatens Mister Satan for money but good).
    It’s a bit, the DBZ Kirikou who removes the thorn (the system of self-destruction) from C-18 / Karaba somewhere!

During Arc Buu, he could have made Babidi’s henchmen with the Kaioken! But apart from that, it lost much of its usefulness, replaced by the Super Saiyans and the mergers…
It will remain for me, the best of Goku for a single scene, the one where Goku sacrifices himself to save the world of Cell.
When you look carefully, he is the one who quickly understands that Goku has an idea to save the world and he understands how, his cry shows his distress at the sacrifice of his best friend … before using this sadness to become much more powerful !

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