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How to use Whatsapp Web on PC/Laptop


Smartphones are the most convenient gadgets to stay tuned with your nears and dears. To send instant messages, make voice and video calls there are tons of messaging app and Whatsapp is the most renowned one. You can use WhatsApp on iPhone, Android smartphone, windows phone, and Blackberry but did you ever imagine that you can use this most popular instant messaging app on your computer. You probably heard that’s the reason you are here. Whatsapp web, the web client to use WhatsApp on your PC/Laptop. But How?

Whatsapp web is really favorable for those who are limited to their PCs during their office hours. Also if your smartphone is not working well then you can access your messaging app on your computer.

To understand the usability of Whatsapp PC version we are here to describe how to use it on your PC. Let’s go through the post and reveal the best methods to use Whatsapp Web on your windows 7,8,8.1,10.

Whatsapp Web on PC/Laptop
Best way to use Whatsapp Web on your computer

What is Whatsapp Web?

No need to confuse as its name shows it is the web-based version of genuine Whatsapp and you can access all your messages, photos, and videos with this on your computer. One of the best features of Whatsapp PC client is that it enables you to sync all your messages between your computer and smartphone. If you receive or send a message on your smartphone the same will happen on your desktop screen. Understand?

Whatsapp Web features

We all are familiar with the features of Whatsapp but the web client comes with additional facilities. Let’s check out the special attires of the PC version:

  • You can send pictures and videos which are saved on the hard disk of your PC with WhatsApp PC version. Isn’t amazing.
  • Ingress to your PC webcam straight from your Whatsapp chat and click photos to convey others.
  • You can also access the drop-down menu by choosing the Paperclip located at the top right of the chat windows.

 How to use Whatsapp Web on your PC: Quick ways

Before accessing Whatsapp PC version on your computer make sure you have installed Whatsapp on your smartphone. Otherwise, you can’t access the web client of messaging giant on your PC/Laptop. In order to download Whatsapp web on your windows you have to follow these steps:

  • Download and install Whatsapp on your phone first if you have not installed yet.
  • Then navigate to to download the messaging app on your PC.
  • After downloading install the web client on your PC/Laptop.
  • Now scan the QR code, for it, you need to open up Whatsapp app on your phone and then click on three dots at the top left corner and click on Whatsapp Web.
  • QR code will display and you need to scan it via your computer.
  • After this scanning process, all your messages and chats will be shown in the web version of Whatsapp.
  • Now you are ready to send messages via your computer.

Note: As I said above that the app will sync between your computer and mobile and it can consume your mobile data in a fast manner. So to avoid this situation you must be connected to a Wi-Fi while using the app.

Shortcomings of Whatsapp Web

Whatsapp is specially designed for smartphones and that’s the reason you can’t access a few numbers of facilities on your PC if you go for Whatsapp PC version. Like…

  • Via your PC you are unable to invite people to join Whatsapp because your PC doesn’t contain the address book.
  • Also, you can’t stake your location with others.

Concluding lines

Indeed smartphones are more convenient for Whatsapp but in such situation when you can’t access your mobile phone, Whatsapp web does a pretty good job for you. You can use it during your office hours and also when your smartphone has issues.

Here you came across how to download and use Whatsapp PC version and we hope you understood the process clearly. If you found it helpful then don’t hesitate to pass it on with your nears and dears.

If you get any trouble while using Whatsapp on the computer then let us know below in the comment section. We will back to you with the instant fix.

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