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What to look for when buying an electric bicycle

electric bicycle

At present, there are a wide range of electric bikes for consumers on the market. Thus, follow us to understand more what are the primary characteristics when purchasing an electric bicycle.

Electric bike type 

The first thing you should know when buying an electric bicycle is the type of bicycle. Based on your uses and purposes, you will need the right kind of electric bike or another.

Next, we would like to show you some different types of electric bike:

Electric mountain bike

If you are going to use your electric bicycle on mountain routes, you will need an off-road electric bicycle prepared for irregular and complicated terrain conditions. Moreover, the unique advantage of this version is that you can climb some steeper slopes.

Urban electric bicycle 

Urban electric bikes are the products you will need to go around the city. They are less powerful bicycles and designed to circulate on asphalt and more flat terrain.

The models of them are low-bar ones, U-shaped because you can make constant stops at traffic lights and zebra crossings. On the other hand, urban bicycles will offer you greater comfort.

Besides, the position of the handlebar almost changed. The handlebar is higher and allows you to go more upright.

Folding electric bicycle

folding electric bicycle

There are folding electric bikes which are the best for the urban environment because they allow you to transport comfortably and combine with other transport methods.

There are many types of folding bicycles that you need to seek on the market.

Batteries and charger

Another angle that you should focus on is the batteries and the type of charge used by the bicycle. The most common cells are lithium, which the bicycle-powered much better than with other types of cells.

You only keep your eyes on the watt-hours or amp hours to know the capacity of the battery. We propose some famous brands related to battery manufacturers such as Sony, Panasonic, or Samsung.

Another aspect that you should care about is the time it takes to charge the battery. As usual, electric bicycle batteries take less than six hours to charge, but some cases may take a little longer.


Next, when it comes to autonomy, consumers will be interested in those bicycles that take longer to run out of battery. On the other hand, one of the aspects that influence most of the price. For instance, there are some models withstood the distances up to 50 or 60 kilometers. Therefore, they are very expensive on the market.

It recommended that riders should know how many kilometers they will need to travel. If they are going to travel about 20 kilometers at the end of the day, you should buy one of 25 kilometers.


When selecting any kinds of vehicles, you need to make sure that the materials are the best quality ones. As usual, carbon is very familiar, as it is the lightest material. However, this material is much more expensive than the alternatives. Thus, the lightest and most economical option is aluminum.


The brand behind the product taken into account. If a brand is popular with customers, it will ensure to offer high quality for a long time. Therefore, if the brand behind the product you are seeking is good, it is worth considering more.


It is also essential that you look at the price. Comparing prices is a crucial thing when choosing any product.

The lowest price is the best option, as long as the quality of the products you compare is the same. However, you need to be careful because sometimes cheap is not the best, and it can end up being expensive. Last but not least, the price depended on your criteria. In the scope of our article, we recommended you should take consideration for best electric bikes under $1000.


Finally, the views of previous buyers are also very crucial. You will find a product with a good brand and a reasonable price, but other people think that this product does not deserve to purchase.

All in one, if there were some bad reviews related to products that you need to grab, it would be better when seeking for another one with better opinions. In a large market, you will surely find a similar product that paired with better reviews.

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