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What are new exciting things of RuneScape 3 at the world of Gielinor?


RuneScape 3 has announced to be released in January 2020. What will happen in the world of Gielinor in the new version ?

Current development structure
Episodic contents

The episodic content team should not need a detailed presentation, hopefully. It focuses on core content and central game mechanics. Their job is to create thrilling quests, advance our epic stories and breathe life into new areas of exploration, and even rewrite old or unfinished ideas.

Live operations (Live Ops)

The Live Ops team is responsible for a whole other kind of gaming experience. The team’s job is that makes the world of Gielinor live and thrive in day-to-day engagement activities. There should always be new content to discover in RuneScape. The live operations team (Live Ops) manages the commercial activities of the game. More details on this most sensitive topic below.

Main game experience

The main gaming experience team deals with most of the practical and gamers experience improvements to make sure that RuneScape is as exciting as possible. Its key mission is to improve the underlying technology of the game, and in particular RuneScape Mobile.

With the release of the mobile version, the world of Gielinor will be open to more players than ever, but it goes even further: all the work done to improve the mobile experience will also benefit players on PC. It is worth noting that the PC remains their main development platform. This mission in no way compromises other development efforts, because they have teams capable of managing both.

Monetization and the work ahead

Monetization is a hot topic in gamers and takes a form that enriches your experience instead of impoverishing it. Subscriptions alone are not enough to keep the game healthy and evolving.

However, it is vital that a monetization strategy justifies its existence: it must be fun, balanced, useful and rewarding. That’s why the commercial content must not be separated from the world of Gielinor: it must be integrated authentically, while offering more choice to players.


More details of Runescape 3

28th skill added in Runescape 3 is Archeology.

The game’s first new skill in four years, Archeology will see you unearthing excavation sites around the world Gielinor to discover powerful weapons and lost artifacts.

Despite the launch of The Land Out of Time, finally bringing RuneScape 3 players to Fossil Island, 2019 seems to be slow for new content. Most of updates, such as bank reservations, have been personal satisfaction refreshes and Weapon Diversity updates have been removed.

However, archeology allows RuneScape 3 players to enter 2020 with the assurance that there is a new range of new content coming up. Especially from 2020 also promises a number of missions, including the Senntisten City mission and the planned Azzanadra mission.

If you play RuneScape, then you know that both of these questions are potentially related to archeological skills. Especially because all of these Senntisiten are ruins located east of Varrock, where the original game training site can be found.

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