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WeWard: a mobile walking app that pays you to walk

weward walking app

Sound quite weird but it’s true! There is a walking app that pays you to walk. WeWard, a French mobile app company released this app that attracted many attention of French people these days.

WeWard understood this, you are walking to the reward! This free app puts in place a system of gifts offered according to the efforts provided. Attention, every step can bring you big. This seemingly innocuous activity would make it possible to earn up to 20 € per day …

How do bearings work?

They exist different levels to reach in order to win Wards. These levels correspond to your physical activity level of the day. When your WeWard steps (orange bar) pass a step you must press the button “Force validation of steps” to be rewarded. When the landing is validated, the bar becomes green and you receive your Wards. Remember to cool down by pulling down to see your Wards appear.

WeWard, new digital currency

Staying in shape, discovering unusual places, shopping while being rewarded, here is the concept of WeWard, a free mobile app that encourages its users to work out by giving them gifts for every goal they reach. Just walk quietly in town or elsewhere with the smartphone in your pocket, thanks to geolocation, the application counts your steps even if it is not open. By discovering unusual places on the integrated map, you accumulate Wards faster.


What are the Wards?

The transaction is done in digital currency, the “Wards“. You earn 1 Ward every 1000 steps. The most active will win gift cards, theater tickets, discounts, sports lessons … many products and services are exchangeable against these “Wards” on the “Marketplace” built into the application.

And what’s else?

This get paid to walk app actually is much more interesting for the creators of the application who remunerate themselves to traders by bringing them traffic and therefore new customers than for users. The more the application will be popular, the more it will be interesting for traders who improve the turnover.

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