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Viber Review: Why Viber is the most comprehensive messaging app? (Pricing, Features)


Viber is one of the best alternatives of Skype, WhatsApp and facetime when it comes to a messaging and video calling app. Using Viber you can call or message to your friends, relatives or close ones for free all around the globe. To contact your friends on Vibe you just need to know the phone no. they have registered on their Viber app. Just dial that number and enjoy limitless messaging and video calls. You can download on Android, iOS or window devices easily.

There is a wide range of messaging apps available on the web to interact with peoples staying at a long distance like Snapchat, Whatsapp, Kik messenger, Hike, Telegram, Facebook messenger but the quality of video call on these apps are not too good. So for good quality of video calls without any distance interruption, you must use Viber. You can use the skype as well, there is not much difference between the video quality of Viber and Skype.

The Viber is totally free to make audio and video calls, You don’t need to pay any charge for making international calls as well. There is plenty of features that make this third party app better than the other messaging apps.

The only problem with the app is that very few people ware from this app, almost people prefer to use WhatsApp, facetime, skype, so if you want to use Viber, you will have to convince your friends, family and business colleague to download the Viber on their phones.

Viber Review: Why Viber is the most comprehensive messaging app?
Viber Review

How to set up Viber on your devices

First of all, you will have to download and install the Viber app on your android, iPhone or other software bases devices, you can download it from Google play store or iTunes store. After launching the app successfully, you have to add your phone no. to the app and allow access it to read your contact.

To get verified on Viner you will get a text code on your phone no, you have to enter this code to synced your Viber account with your device. Once all will be set up you can check your contact list to find out who is using Viber, you can invite your friends to use Viber as well.

Messaging features

Like other messaging apps, the Viber also supports the multiple messaging features like sending texts, voice clips, videos, photos, locations, stickers, gifs and emoticons.

Apart from the person to person messaging you can create groups as well. Viber supports the groups up to 100 peoples, Just create the groups of families, friends, business groups and enjoy unlimited free messaging and calls.

You can send the audio clips by touching the microphone, Touch the microphone and keep it holding to record your voice.

You can use the doodle feature of the app, Under this features, you can pick a brush size and color to draw on the screen and send these doodles to your friends to make the chat more interesting. This is a fun feature of the app to make the conversation long and joyful.

You can send large no. of stickers which looks quite large and funny than emoticons. You can select the stickers as per your choice, also can buy in-app purchase sticker by spending $1.99.

Make audio and video call in high quality

The USP of the app that makes it different from the other third-party app is the audio and video calls. You can make audio and video calls on Viber much better than the other apps. You can call anyone around the globe on by suing a-3g/4G or any other wi-fi internet connection. You just need the phone no. of the other user to call him on Viber. The call quality of Viber is quite better even more than a regular phone call.

If you call to a Viber user than it’s free for you but if you want to call people on a landline or not using the Vinar app than you will have to buy what it calls Viber Out. Under this feature, you can add money to your Viber credit to make calls to non-Viber users. You can know what will be the cost to call a non-Viber user on a particular place for a particular time. Video calls for both the parties are free, for a better video call make sure you are using a good quality of the internet.

Public chats

Viber enables you to watch and listen to the public chaats but you can not be a part of the public chat. There is a lot of celebrities and companies available in the public chat that you can follow. If you have any specific interest, you can follow the people involved in your interested chats.

Final words

So this was our review on Viber messaging and calling app. I hope you would love to download the Viber if you spend most of your time on chat and video calls. For a better review of the app it would be better you install the app and enjoy the amazing features of Viber.


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