Venmo to paypal transfer (Send Money From Venmo To Paypal)


Because of digitalization, our dependency on our gadgets is increasing drastically. Indeed you can do each and everything with your smartphones. You can communicate, make video calls, watch movies and even transfer money with your devices. Gone are those days when we used to stand in bank ques to transfer and receive money and now everything is within your fingertips. To convey balance for business purpose, to a friend or anything else there are many payment apps and Venmo and Paypal are the most popular names. You can also transfer money from your Venmo account to Paypal and if you are here to know how to perform Venmo to PayPal transfer then you got the exact page.

Here we will discuss how to transfer money from Venmo to Paypal but before it we will give you a brief intro of both payment gateways.

Send money from Venmo to Paypal
Venmo to Paypal transfer


Before answering your query how to do Venmo to Paypal transfer I want to figure out the functionality of Venmo and Paypal. Venmo is a mobile app and service which is quite free to use and one can convey and avail funds from their contacts and knowns. You can integrate your Venmo app to your debit card, credit card, and bank account to send and receive money. Venmo has owned by Paypal but one of the major shortcomings of this app is that only US users can use it. Not only the payment app it acts as a social media platform.


Paypal was founded in the 1990s by a group of entrepreneurs and it is the first digital payment service also. Paypal grabbed the immense success and in the current year, almost 270 Million users are using it as a payment gateway. Like Venmo you have to connect your bank account, debit card, and credit card to receive and convey funds. But the major difference between both services is that Venmo is suitable for those who usually make small transactions to their family and friends and Paypal is used for business purpose.

Venmo to PayPal transfer (best way)

Many of our users are struggling with this question that how can they send funds from Venmo to Paypal. Although Paypal has owned the Venmo there is no straightforward way to transfer money from Venmo to Paypal. If both of your payment apps have integrated with your bank account then you can do it easily. You just require to withdraw Venmo funds to your integrated bank account and after it attaches the same fund to the Paypal account with the “Add Money” link.

You can check this video to know more about the money transfer procedure using Venmo.


Well, guys with this simple method you can execute Venmo to Paypal transfer. This is the best possible way to do so but if you have another method for making Venmo to Paypal transaction then share your idea with us.

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