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How to Track a USPS International Package: USPS tracking


There is a variation in the International shipment tracking as per the scanning capabilities of every country. USPS helps you to be up to date with your International packages. There are numerous levels of tracking your shipment and everything depends on your mail class. When you track your shipments with different USPS tracking services then you notice one thing that different services provide you a different level of tracking as well. If you are not aware of how to track a USPS International package to know the status of your parcel then you have landed at the right page. Here we will discuss the different the meaning of different tracking status and the full process to track your shipment with USPS Tracking tool.

How to track your shipment with USPS Tracking
Track your parcel with USPS Tracking

Is USPS Tracking available for your package?

Before getting into the tracking process via USPS you must consider that your package is compatible with USPS tracking. There are particular mail classes which don’t support the USPS service. Here is a list of Mail class which supports USPS:

Global Express Guaranteed: For this tracking is available for all locations.

Priority Mail Express International: Tracking available for almost all locations but few ones not included.

Priority Mail International: Almost for all destinations except flat rate envelopes.

First class package international service: Available for most locations.

First Class International Letters: For this tracking not available.

How to find your USPS package tracking number?

The customer form number is the tracking number for your package and in many cases, it attached to your shipment. If your PS is long then you will find it in the Customer declaration envelope.

How to track your USPS Package?

After grabbing your tracking number it is pretty simple to track your package using USPS tracking. You just need to navigate their tracking page and there you will notice a box written confirmation number. You have to insert your tracking number here and then tap on check status option. Other ways to track your shipment are as follows:

  • Make a call on 1-800-222-1811 to inspect the status of your package.
  • Convey a text message to 28777  with your tracking number to know where your shipment has reached.
  • The mobile app also exists for both Android and iOS users to track the status of your international parcel.

Different USPS status

If you are not familiar with the different USPS Status then how can you get the right info via USPS Tracking. To track your package clearly here is a list of USPS status with their meaning:

Pre Shipment

Pre-shipment refers to that situation when USPS will get the Electronic transmission of the parcel. It assures to the shipper that it will send their shipment to them. And after grabbing the shipment physically then it updates the tracking status along with the expected delivery date.

In Transit

When the shipment has arrived at the post office and is scheduled for delivery, that situation is called In Transit.

Out for delivery

Meaning of this status is that your parcel has left the delivery office and it will reach to you soon.


Delivered means your shipment has delivered and at that time and date of delivery was scanned with the delivery scan.


If the delivery employee gets fail to access the exact location of parcel and parcel not delivered then Delivery attempted but didn’t access to delivery location alert will happen.

Like this, you can track your package with USPS tracking. I think this post gave you the fair idea of the tracking process and if still anything is unclear then drop your query in the comment section.

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