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Simply put, there are few pieces of furniture more desirable to a child than kids bunk beds. These fantastic sleeping surfaces are perfect for children who share a room, as they save space and promote camaraderie amongst your little ones. But these beds aren’t made only for kids who double up in a room. Bunk beds can be great even for a child who gets his own room.

Twin over Twin

Twin over Twin bunk beds are the most widespread in the current market. A twin bed is posted directly on top of another twin bed so that it rests snugly and securely. This style of bunk bed is great not only for its space-saving qualities, but also for its affordability. This is one of the simplest and most reliable bunk bed designs. Even if your child does not share a room with a sibling, the bottom or top bunk will work perfectly for friends sleeping over. A bunk bed will provide reliable and sturdy comfort for your children and their friends.

Twin over Full

Twin over Full bunk beds are lauded for its stability. The bottom bed is a full-size bed, perfect for your adolescent child. The top bunk is a twin bed. These bunk beds are great for rooms shared by siblings with a significant age discrepancy. The older sibling can sleep comfortably in the roomier full bed, while the younger child will sleep soundly and securely in the twin bed above. These beds are also desirable because their angled ladders are easier to climb than the vertical ladders of twin over twin bunk beds.

Full over Full

For older children sharing a room, the full over full bunk bed is a great way to keep up the fun of a standard twin over twin bunk bed while providing your kids with more room to sleep. Just as with the twin over twin, these bunk beds feature one bed mounted directly over the other. With a high-quality full over full bunk bed, your adolescents can sleep soundly and comfortably for years to come.

Twin over Futon

If your child has a room to his own, a twin over futon bunk bed may be the best way to add some fun and casual comfort to his living space. These beds are essentially loft beds with a futon couch built directly underneath. Or, to put it another way, think of the top bunk built over a couch or a queen size futon. With this hybrid, your child can rest and relax on the futon during the day (perfect for watching movies, playing video games, or sitting and reading a book) and sleep soundly in the lofted bed at night.

How tall are bunk beds?

Bunk bed sizes, including length, width, and height, depend on design and manufacturer.
Twin over twin80″43″59″
Twin over full80″56″62″
Full over full80″56″62″

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