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Twitch Vs YouTube: Where Should You Start Streaming?


Do you love to play games on Live streaming? Confused about Twitch vs YouTube? Twitch is the most popular online streaming platform and winning like a king over the years. But Now YouTube has also entered the arena and gaining heights worldwide. But what is the actual difference between the two? Why you should choose one over the other? Which one suits bests to your needs? If you have these questions in mind then you are lucky to land here. Let us know the difference between the two most popular streaming options.

Twitch Vs YouTube: Where Should You Start Streaming?
Twitch vs Youtube

Where You Should Start Streaming? Twitch VS Youtube

Streaming on Twitch is not a cakewalk. You must have gone through a complete guide for doing it well. Both platforms have some advantages and disadvantages over the other. No one is superior and No one is Inferior. Twitch vs Youtube is still the major questions in the youth. Read more to get rid of confusion.

1) No. of Streamers: Twitch Vs YouTube

IF we compare the number of streamers then For sure Twitch is winning the race. Twitch is old in the market and thus has more streamers whereas youtube entered now. In January 2019, more than 60k people streamed on Twitch, producing 2 million hours of live video. Whereas only 22 thousand people streamed on YouTube, generating 460K hours of videos to Live. Twitch has an average of 1200 streamers per day and Youtube has only 4500 of streamers per day.

2) Mobile-Game Streamers: Twitch Vs YouTube

Mobile gamers prefer Youtube over Twitch, but why? here is the reason! Out of the top 10 mobile games preferences of users, only two games, Garena Free Fire and PUBG Mobile have changes the ranking of Youtube. The number of streamers for Garena for youtube is 1200 per day whereas for twitch it is just 26. For PubG Mobile game the streamers vary by almost one-third ration, 900:300 for Youtube and Twitch respectively.

3) Viewers

Youtube has an in-stream DVR available while Twitch does not have such a facility. You can go back up to 3 hours of data and watch what you may have missed but with Twitch you may be able to reverse back only after the video is archived.

Twitch has an advantage for viewers is that It allows its viewers to chat in real-time. Moreover, with a twitch, a tool named AUTOMod tool is available to block the inappropriate messages.

4) Content Discovery

With Twitch content discovery depends on the popularity. If a user searches for a game and you are playing the same game then he may find you. The results in the searches option are placed in declining order. Over the top of search results, you may find the ones with a large number of viewers. This factor is biased.

Another major flaw of Twitch is that it does not have thumbnails for LIVE users. It can randomly pic a thumbnail from your gameplay and displays it on the screen. Hence, the description of the game and gameplay is worst and users are not happy with it.

5) Income

Twitch has a very difficult to understand Earnings structure. If the subscriber pays $5, $2.50 is claimed by Twitter, that is 50 percent of the total. Thus the streamer gets only $2.50 for each subscriber. Donations create a real difference in daily income. Here the Streamers get 100% of the donation money, and big streamers can earn indefinite amounts of money just from donations.  YouTube, in contrast, has a simpler structure, where viewers can donate using Super Chats. YouTube takes 30 percent of the total super chat donation amount. Also, YouTube has sponsors where Twitch has subscribers. Again, YouTube takes a cut of 30% from each sponsor. Monetized YouTube channels make a lot from ads too.

Point to Note

With YouTube Gaming streaming, there is only one disadvantage. On youtube, there are two types of users, regular and with a subscription. The content on the subscribed channels do not fully transfer on the regular/standard channel and thus some data have lost in between. In contrast, YouTube gaming will appear on a standard youtube site search option whereas there is no audience transition in twitch.

Final Words

Online streaming is gaining heights like fire in the jungle. We are an opting for online streaming websites for entertainment and opting for online streaming for our own gaming world like twitch and youtube. Twitch VS Youtube, now must be very clear to you and which one to choose will be completely your choice depending upon your needs. Till date, Twitch has more uses and subscribers as compared to Youtube but Youtube also has some advantages over Twitch.

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