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Top 10 Japanese Quotes About Love


Sayings and quotes are a fund of knowledge! A wonderful feeling of love has been described for centuries. And today we would like to plunge into the world of Japanese quotes and learn the wisdom that is passed on from generation to generation. So here are the top 10 Japanese quotes about love and romantic relationships.

Quotes About Love

  1. “Love is the beginning of hate”

This is the Japanese version of the proverb “love and hate are just one step apart.” And indeed, the line between love and hate is sometimes very thin. It happens that just one word or a rash act is enough to negate everything that has been built up over the years. 

  1. “On the path of love, a woman is smarter”

A woman is a domestic goddess; she was created to bring love and comfort to this world, and that is why she is more skillful in love matters than a man. She knows better how to improve the atmosphere in the family and smooth out all the differences.

  1. “When loving – know the vices, hating – know the good”

The meaning of this proverb is that when you love someone, you should know and recognize all the flaws and shortcomings of your partner. And when you hate someone, you still need to be able to find something good in the person, the qualities you can respect them for. Of course, it is difficult to follow this rule all the time, but at least you should try.

  1. “Cold tea and cold rice are tolerable, but cold look and cold words are unbearable”

The meaning of this quote is quite simple and understandable. The indifference of a loved one hurts a lot. This is the worst thing that makes a person feel frustrated and needless. Therefore, give your loved one more care, tenderness, and kind words. Appreciate each other! 

  1. “Love has no eyes”

When you fall in love with a person and get intoxicated with this wonderful feeling of attraction, even shortcomings of the loved one seem to be the virtues. To some extent, we idealize the object of attraction. It can be said that love turns a blind eye to the flaws. This is especially noticeable in the early stages of a romantic relationship.

  1. “Love is beyond the reason”

The meaning of this quote is the same as the previous one. Being in love, people see a partner through rose-colored glasses, and everything seems perfectly fine. So you should be careful and not rush headlong into a relationship as soon as it begins. However, there are some heartfelt single women for marriage who do not sail under false colors.

  1. “It is not enough to be just a husband and wife; they should become friends and lovers so that not to seek them elsewhere later”

This one is very simple. All people know that happy and strong romantic relationships are built on trust, support, and mutual attraction. First of all, a husband and wife should be friends who can place confidence in each other. Sex life is another important component of a romantic relationship. A failure to comply with the wishes of a loved one is the most popular reason for infidelity. You should become the best lovers for each other, and then your relationship will be truly happy.

  1. “It is difficult to determine who the elder brother is and who is the younger”

In other words, two peas from the same pod. It is about people who match each other perfectly. They are similar in their views, behavior, and especially in the shortcomings. Loving people are always comfortable together; they rejoice and feel pleasure from the same things. For example, one couple likes to ride bikes on weekends, and the other prefers movie nights.

  1. “Badgers from the same hole”

The meaning is the same as in the previous quote.

  1. “It’s great when a person is in love with someone, and if this love is from the bottom of the heart, then no one mazes”

True and sincere love implies confidence in a partner. There is no place for distrust, lies, and betrayals. In such a couple, partners do not hesitate when dealing with problems. They do everything to improve their romantic relationship.

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