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Emulate the PS2 on PC: tutorial, tips, advice and guide for playing SONY titles

Sony ps2 games on pc

Playing PlayStation 2 (PS2) games on PC requires some handling. Follow our guide and our tips to emulate the PS2 on Windows and fall back into childhood thanks to the many video-game nuggets of that time.


Like any computer emulation, you must have a certain configuration. The emulation of the PS2 is logically less greedy than that of the PS3 and if you have a mid-range PC, you should get there. Technically, except if you only have a graphics chipset on a processor, any graphics card with a minimum power (Nvidia 8500 min) will suffice. At the operating system level, only Win7, Win Vista and WinXP are supported by the emulator at Microsoft. Linux and Mac are also compatible.

PCSX2 software to emulate your PS2 games

The software to be used to obtain the best performance is called PCSX2. To obtain the file, go to “Download – Get PCSX2 here” and choose according to your operating system. Once downloaded, launch the installation of the file obtained and follow the steps without changing the recommended settings too much, except where the emulator will be installed if you wish.

Once this step is done quickly, it is time for serious things. Launch the program from its shortcut to get its control panel. You will quickly arrive at a more complicated window since it will ask you to present a PS2 BIOS to it. To do this, you can use a Demo BIOS made available by the PCSX2 developer team. On the page, go down to find the Download button in yellow and follow the instructions to get this famous Bios (wait 20 seconds and scroll down, fill in the captcha and download).

Place the resulting folder in the path / Documents / PCSX2 / BIOS. Unzip and copy the item from the European Bios folder (depending on the version, it may be named PAL or EUR). Paste it at the root (same path as before) and return to the software. Refresh the list, and the correct Bios will appear! Click it, then click Finish.

It’s time to play!

Unlike games for the Nintendo emulator, many PS2 games are easily accessible on the internet. Search for a game and download its ROM. If you have installed an American or Japanese ROM, you will not be limited in the choice of ROMs!

Regarding the controls, note that the PS2 controllers are easily recognizable by the emulator provided, of course, to connect them via an adapter. For about twenty euros, everything is easily recoverable on Amazon, through this pack of 2 controllers at 13 euros and this adapter at less than 5 euros. Otherwise, the keyboard can be recognized by tampering with the software settings if the game does not detect it automatically.

Get the ISO file from ROM, then go to PCSX2 and go to CDVD> ISO Selector> Browse. Go look for the ISO, then validate. Finally, go to System> Boot CDVD (fast) … and that’s it! If problems remain, go to the help section at the bottom of the page of the official tutorial.

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