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Do you know tiny houses are our new housing trend for 2020?

tiny houses

Tiny houses from backyard houses to outdoor cabins have received a lot of attention this year as potential solutions to help solve the housing crisis.

There is a limited amount of land in cities and the people’s demands seem to be unlimited. To suit all urban residents, one solution would be to build really tall apartment buildings. But in many cities, various factors from construction costs to neighborhood opposition have made this an impossible option.

So, instead of really big buildings, an opposite solution appeared: homes small enough to lie on small plots of land were still available.

In California, a new law makes it easier to allow backyard housing, causing a boom in startups seeking to help homeowners make money from their lawn.

In Mexico, an organization is printing 3D tiny houses to give to poor people instead of sheds homes.

Although the prospect of living in a tiny house is intriguing for you, 2019 saw this concept gain incredible appeal as a policy tool in urban planning (and also rural planning)

Types of tiny houses

Bus Conversions

Living in a bus may seem like a crazy idea, but switching buses has become a popular DIY small home project. When you think of a school bus, you don’t picture a spacious house. However, once you get the bus and take out the rows of seats, you’ll leave a long house that has plenty of space for your home design!

There are a few different sizes of buses, so you should decide what you want to include in your home before buying the bus. The width will remain stable, but the length has a wide range of up to 40 ‘. Many people can associate an old school bus with old home decorations and dates. However, once you completely emptied your bus, you have an empty frame. School buses allow plenty of natural light into your space, as the walls are lined with windows. For times when you want more privacy, you can add curtains.

Many bus converters cover their windows for extra insulation and privacy. This bus switch takes advantage of the large number of windows by keeping the overlay translucent. They add coverage, but also allow passing some light. This particular photo was taken from behind the bus, giving you a full bus picture. The floor takes advantage of small house storage and has trap door panels in the floor for extra storage. The benches are also multifunctional furniture pieces. The chair lifts to create a storage trunk. All wooden furnishings are simple and compliment the homeowner’s minimalist lifestyle.

bus conversions

Cob Houses

The idea of ​​a house may seem frightening to some, but the cob houses aren’t just a small clay hut. Cob, a mixture of clay, sand and straw, is the perfect natural material for your small home. Not only cheap, but also durable. Many homeowners expect natural materials to degrade over time, but if you take the appropriate measures in designing your tiny home, you may have a home that will last a lifetime.

There are known corn cob structures in the UK that have existed for 500 years. It is important to have a protruding roof too that holds moisture directly from your exterior walls. A strong stone foundation will also help keep your bottom of the wall dry and safe from the elements. Cob is definitely the material to use if you want a tiny home.

This cob house is probably what you think of when you think of a small house made of all natural materials. It has a fairy look to it with uneven roofs and quirky designs. You can see the large overhang of the thatched roof designed to protect the walls from excess moisture on a rainy day. The stone background is also visualized. Stone houses are built in blocks that raise the house on the ground and keep the bottom of the wall from absorbing any moisture in the ground.

cob house

Vardo Tiny Homes

It does not become smaller than living in a small wagon. Vardo’s little houses take the classic Romanian horse-drawn carriages and fit into their minimalist lifestyle. Traditionally, vardos were designed with horses and ornate. They have intricate carvings with rich color schemes on their interiors and showcase the work of woodworkers. Modern Vardos are usually towed behind cars. They keep their iconic designs, with a big bow and wheels outside their frames. The round top maximizes space by holding the widest part of the wagon where the bed will most likely be placed. This design also helps minimize the side effects of strong winds.

This vardo design takes advantage of every opportunity for natural light. Skylights and large windows on the kitchen sink make the space feel more open. There are lights built into the cabinets that line up on top of the vehicle. It holds the classic design features of a completely wooden interior with lots of cabinets and storage space. The bed was placed behind the carriage based on a large window. Gentle colors compliment the rich wood tones and make the space brighter.

Vardo Tiny Homes


We can say RVs is the original small house. Their small housing quarters were used as campers and low-budget housing long before the micro trend emerged. If you are looking to shrink or you want to live simply, RV is a standard option. They have the benefits of portability and not build. You can easily find an RV ready to move you in. An RV is also a good test to see if you want to commit to living in a small house. A drawback when living in an RV all year round is that it is reserved for mild weather and should not be used in the cold winter unless you have made some serious renovations.

This RV design is light and airy and proves that a small space does not feel cramped and dark. All white walls and cabinets open up the space. The homeowners have stayed away from any dark accents to keep the space feeling open. There is a clear walkway down the center of the RV and there is plenty of seating in their lounge area. This new RV design also has plenty of storage space in the form of cabinets built into the counter and above the sink.


Trailer Homes

The name of this small home design is deceptive. Although it sounds like the RV mentioned earlier, a tiny house in the trailer is very different. Trailer of small houses are full houses built on a trailer pulled up behind the truck. This tiny home design is the most popular small home plan and first attracted a lot of media attention. You can hire a contractor or DIY with the plan you buy online or simply draw by yourself. The frames are usually made of wood for cost effectiveness. This special design is often chosen because of its portability. If you are a homeowner who likes to change landscapes, this small mobile home is perfect for you.

This trailer home doesn’t sacrifice any traditional home features for small home sizes. Not only does it have front and side doors, but also large windows that allow plenty of natural light. The covered porch with a single seat is a comfortable place to enjoy outdoors. You can see the wheels along the side of the trailer, covered while the house is stationary. The trailer is supported by cinderblocks to keep the house from being swept away. Steps leading to either door can be easily moved and put back into position as needed.

Trailer Homes for tiny house

Shipping Containers

Shipping container is probably the most orthodox small home design. People are very familiar with self-made shipping containers that make the large structures an easier transition into residential construction. While most homeowners use large steel boxes that people are familiar with, there are many types of materials for shipping containers. You can have a large wooden shipping container if you want to build your small house with more traditional materials. Because it is for commercial use initially, containers are both storm resistant and fire resistant, making them a durable choice for your home.

They come in different sizes making them ideal for a variety of projects. If you choose a smaller container, you can make your space feel bigger by adding windows and doors to catch natural light.

This shipping container house brings some industrial designs to the outdoors. With the addition of a porch, this shipping container is the perfect small home for those seeking a simple lifestyle. Most of the walls are glass doors and windows, extending the living space. There are plenty of shelves for extra storage and the bed fits nicely in the center.

Shipping container homes


Houseboats are basically water’s RVs. These small houses have an element of imagination by allowing residents to live on the water. Although they are not mobile on land, you can easily move through a body of water if you want to change the landscape. Small spaces are perfect for those who seek a simple lifestyle in a unique setting. You cannot deny that a boat gives you a unique lifestyle.

This boat embraces its nautical surroundings and uses navy, white and teal tones. As you can see in the RV, the white walls make the space feel bigger. This is especially important when you’re surrounded by dark water all the time. The bed frame as stored in the cabinet under the mattress. Boats also have a floor upstairs perfect for homeowners to enjoy the outdoors. Large windows can be opened to allow fresh air into the small space, creating a truly larger feeling.

tiny houseboat


If you want to really connect with your surroundings, a yurt is a tiny home design for you. Yurts are traditional round tents where Mongolian nomads live. They are made to move with a basic wooden frame and felt. The walls are usually constructed of wood or bamboo nets for stable frames. Modern Yurts are made to sell permanently. Construction takes a few days and they can be moved with some work. Many yurt builders use traditional trellis meshes for walls that are then reinforced to ensure that your house has sound structure. They keep the traditional round shape and are perfect for those seeking a minimalist lifestyle.

This yurt is definitely something modernized from a traditional tent frame. It not only has a closed bathroom, but also a fully functional kitchen with kitchens. Due to the internal structure, this yurt is not portable, but it still allows for a simple life. The floor is a finished concrete and sealed concrete to support heavy foot traffic. Small rugs have been added as accents and provide comfort in places where residents can stand for a period of time, like in front of a kitchen sink.

modern yurt of tiny house

A-Frame Cabins

A-Frame cabins have defined geometric shapes for their home designs. They have a classic cabin design often made up of all wood. The simplicity of the cabin is appealing to those looking for a tiny getaway with rustic charm. The interesting tilt walls give your small home a unique architectural element. The slopes are perfect to support the bedroom lofts, a common feature in small houses to maximize space. The exterior is characterized by a steep slope with large overhangs. This makes a covered porch aesthetic for your typical cabin.

Immediately, you can see the defined inclined walls of this A-frame cabin. All wooden panel walls for rustic cabin decoration. A common feature of rustic decor is a metal mixture with organic materials, such as wood. This is present in all indoor furniture. This special A-frame cabin has the second floor in the view of the frame. Small house stairs are one of the most important aspects of a two-story small house design. This special floating staircase helps keep the floor open, making the space feel larger.

A-Frame Cabin

Tiny houses reviews

Many websites are reviewing that type of house, but here we just show some options that you can consider to buy from Amazon, tiny house for sale!

Allwood Estelle 5 | 157 SQF Cabin Kit, Garden House

Allwood Cabin Estelle 5 is a versatile high quality solid wood kit. The interior of this cabin consists of two parts separated by a wall. The main room is 106 SQF and the smaller room is 51 SQF. The smaller room has a storage function but it can also be converted into a bathroom or small bedroom. An optional door can be figure in additionally to the wall in order to separate the two rooms.

This cabin is large enough to be used as an office in your home, lakeside cottage / beach house, guest house, yoga / music studio, etc. 10 hours for two adults. DIY simple step-by-step instructions that come with the kit. Just the minimum stuff. Foundation and final roofing materials are not included.

Furthermore, Amazon gives a huge discount if you click the link belowed


Weizhengheng Mobile Home Expandable Container House One Space with a Toilet

The Layout with a Toilet
including roof, floor, wall panels
with 1 glass sliding door(W1500*H2000mm), 1 toilet door (700*2000mm), 4 sliding windows(800*1100mm) and 1 bathroom small window (600*600mm)
with electricity, DB box, switch, sockets, A/C sockets, wires, etc.
with 1 bathroom (1 toilet, 1 shower, 1 washbasin, water pipes).

Partial details for the container
Wall Panel: 50/75 mm EPS/Rockwool sandwich panels. Default is 50 mm EPS wall
Electricity(3C/CE/UL/SA/ A standard): 1 distribution box, 1 circuit breaker, 2 double tube lights , 2 sockets, 1 A/C socket, 1 switch

Product Features
Fast installation:2 hours/set ,save labor cost
Anti-rust: all material use hot galvanized steel
Waterproof: without wood ceiling,wall
Fireproof: Fire rating A grade
Simple foundation: just need 12pcs concrete block foundation
wind-resistant (11 level) and anti-seismic (9 grade)
Wide application for this container, such as accommodation, living house, office, dormitory, camp, library, shop and so on


Allwood Eagle Point | 1108 SQF Cabin Kit

tiny house
The tiny house Allwood Eagle Point is 1108 square feet and can be easily customized to act as a primary residence. Optional design elements include additional windows and extended roofs.

The versatile cabin design can also be customized for home offices or independent retail space.

Energy-saving Eagle Point, with thicker 2-3 / 4-inch walls with dual T&G wind blocks and optional insulation kits.

Professional installation available.

Product features include:

Wallboard, roof and flooring are made of durable, dense grain and the Spruce Nordic grows slowly.
Gable assembly.
Pre hanging and glass doors and windows.
Includes all nails, screws, fixtures, door locks and handles.
Inside floor area: 1108 Sqf (712 sqf downstairs, 396 sqf upstairs)
Wall thickness: 2-3 / 4 inches (70 mm)
Rib height: 15 feet 11 inches
Ceiling floor area: 235 Sqf
Thickness of floor, roof and ceiling: 23.32 inches
Easy to follow instructions.
Roofing and foundation materials (eg cement blocks) are not included.


Allwood Sommersby | 174 SQF Garden House Kit

 A 2015 UK and French best-selling cabin set for the manufacturer has also become a best-selling product in the US after its introduction in 2016. There are many reasons to like this model.

Large windows allow plenty of natural light inside. Wide double doors can be opened for summer inside.


Strong 1-3 / 4 dual windshield T&G Nordic wall skis. The finish of the wall planks is straight making this model look like a combination of a classic style cabin and a typical garden house.

This timeless design will accommodate all sorts of themes, styles, and surroundings.

Assembling this cabin takes a day for two adults. DIY simple step-by-step instructions that come with the kit. Just the minimum stuff. 3rd party installers usually charge $ 650 or more (depending on language) to set up. The platform will be an additional cost.

Sommersby Product specifications:

  • Wall thickness: 1-3 / 4 (44 mm)
  • Wall: 6 ′ 11 ″
  • Total floor area 176 SQF Flooring: 3/4 ″
  • Roofing / ceiling: 3/4
  • Double doors (1): 62-3 / 8 x 77-3 / 8 ″
  • Windows: (1) 22-1 / 8 x 70-3 / 4 ″ (1) 39-3 / 4 x 70-3 / 8 dimensions
  • Site size: 19 ′ wide x 14 1 ″ deep
  • This Cabin set includes all parts and hardware except for roof shingles and foundation materials.


Allwood Eagle Vista | 1336 SQF Cabin Kit

 Allwood Eagle Vista is a unique home set that provides 1336 square feet of living space. The spacious cabin can be customized to act as the main residence, or can be used for entertainment, as an office or as an independent retail space.

Eagle Vista features 2-3 / 4-thick walls with dual T&G wind blocks and optional insulation kits for year-round use. Optional items include extra windows and an extended roof.


Product features include:

  • Wallboard, flooring and roof are made from dense grain and durable Northern Spruce
  • Front hung doors and enameled glass windows
  • Gable assembly
  • Including all nails, screws, handles, fixtures and door locks
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Foundations and roofing materials are not included. The base material consists of blocks of coal or other base supports located under the wooden house. The estimated cost of roofing materials and platforms ranges from $ 650 to $ 1,200 depending on the choice of roofing materials and foundations.

Because of the size and height of the structure, experienced installation is recommended. Installation is available upon request.

House features include:

  • Inside floor area: 1336 sq ft (657 sq ft downstairs plus 679 sq ft upstairs space)
  • Wall thickness: 2-3 / 4 (70 mm); Dual T&G models
  • Thickness of floor, ceiling and roof: 23/32
  • Rib height: 16 7
  • The slope of the roof: 11 degrees


Allwood Arlanda | 180 SQF Garden House Kit

Allwood Arlanda garden house is an alternative to the classic wooden cabin structure. Ageless urban architecture is made from high-quality Nordic wood.

The versatile wood structure is suitable for any setting, including the rooftop of multi-story buildings.

Cabin kit includes all parts and hardware except roof shingles and foundation material.

The Arlanda suite includes simple step-by-step instructions, requiring only minimal tools. Installation is available upon request.

Cabin features include:

  • Contemporary urban style
  • Suitable where classic cabin style doesn’t fit
  • Ideal as home office
  • Large windows allow plenty of natural light
  • Easy assembly

Product specifications of Arlanda:

  • Outer dimensions GRADE 15′-8 x 11 6
  • Front height of structure: 8 ′ 7
  • Return height of the structure: 8 ′ 7
  • The total floor area of ​​180 SQF
  • Wall thickness: 3/4 ″ (19 mm)
  • Flooring: 3/4 ″ Roof / ceiling: 3/4
  • Doors (1): 37-3 / 4 x 75-3 / 4
  • Windows: (4) 25-9 / 16 x 67-5 / 8


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