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This is my defense of native Apple apps

apple apps

Despite the fact that the majority of pre-installed Apple apps could significantly improve, most users have enough with their use.

Lately, I consume a lot of podcasts. Trust me. Too many. Among the topics that I like to be informed about are basketball, the NBA, electric vehicles, video games, mystery, and, of course, technology. Within this last topic, I usually listen to some podcasts related to Apple and the daily lives of different consumers.

In the last few weeks I have been able to realize that, since iOS 14 is just around the corner, many people do not use most of the applications installed by default on the iPhone or iPad on duty. Since I think they are a great value to the company, I wanted to give you my personal reasons why I think they should be defended.

Productivity as an excuse to leave the ecosystem

I think the word productivity is one of the most repeated in the friendly talks between Apple fans, especially among those who defend the download of third-party applications to fill in the gaps of native Apple apps. To start my defense, as if it were a trial, I think I should make clear which are the applications that I use the most and those that are not on my home page.

I am usually quite tidy, so the terminal screen always begins with the applications of Calendar, Clock, Settings, Mail, FaceTime, Reminders, Telephone, Photos, Notes, Podcasts, Messages, Safari, Maps, Weather, Files, Calculator, Books and App Store.

The vast majority of mobile device users seek simple day-to-day management

apple apps

Having to replace some of these applications, in my opinion, is wanting to duplicate content, to need time to learn new concepts and, in addition, to spend time looking for opinions, advice and virtues of the applications that could fit your lifestyle. I, who dedicate part of my time to keeping you informed of current technology, do not enter the paradigm of a person in need of an improvement in their productivity through the mobile phone.

Let me tell you a secret. I would go so far as to say that 75% of people with a mobile phone in their pocket have not heard of productivity in their life and if they have, it does not represent something that should be taken into account.

The need to improve some native Apple apps does not mean that they are useless in their use

It is true that some apps need a facelift and some new features, but nothing serious enough to have to be changed by third-party namesakes. For example, the email app needs to add things like reminders, but it’s still perfectly manageable, especially if you also own an iPad or Mac. That’s one of the most powerful reasons to anchor me in the app ecosystem of Apple, the continuity of work and leisure between devices is what I value most and what helps me the most in saving personal time.

Can I have a more efficient and functional calendar? Yes, but I don’t need it. Can I use a more complete notes application than the native one? Yes, but I don’t need it. Can I use a weather application that offers me more accurate data? Yes, but I am not a meteorologist. And so it could continue with most apps.

apple apps

The best mobile phone is the one we manage to our liking

iOS has improved a large number of applications, for example, Files is now an app worthy of a mobile device and is tremendously useful for managing the vast majority of documents and procedures that we need to move in our day today. With productivity as an excuse, I think, many people add infinite applications to their terminals that end up filling a gap that does not exist. You can call it minimalism, but a phone with few apps is an easier phone to use and, by the way, prevents you from needing it 24 hours a day.

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