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How does Deliver Us The Moon use realistic technologies to make its universe even more believable?

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Embark on a mission of utmost importance to save humanity from extinction in Deliver Us The Moon, available on PS4 from April 24, 2020.

It’s been a while we’ve been waiting for ages the release of Deliver Us The Moon on PlayStation 4!

What is Deliver Us The Moon?

Deliver Us The Moon is a space-based adventure game inspired by a multitude of great science fiction movies such as Interstellar and Gravity. These films have a soul. They offer breathtaking landscapes, a sumptuous visual leg and incredibly immersive atmospheres.

But when Microsoft started developing Deliver Us The Moon, they realized that these movies had something else in common:

They let us believe that they can be real. So we understood that we had to anchor our history in a realistic and plausible environment. For the player to really feel like an astronaut, everything has to look real.

And how do they make a science-fiction game more realistic? Here are some examples used in Deliver Us The Moon!

Launch your rocket

It is tempting to quickly go over the procedures and complications of launching a rocket into space. But as you can imagine, it is not enough to press a button “Launch! ”

Luckily, NASA has a huge information base open to the public, including the chronology of events leading up to the launch of a space shuttle. So when you launch your own rocket in Deliver Us The Moon, the producer also wants you to pay attention to the gaseous oxygen vents, the soundproofing systems and the hydrogen burners!

Deliver Us The Moon

An elevator to the moon

It may seem impossible, but the idea of ​​linking a space station to the Moon using a huge elevator has already been the subject of several serious studies.

Efficiency is a crucial factor in space, so if we go back and forth to the Moon, we have to save fuel when possible. One way to do this is to get rid of some particularly fuel-consuming steps, such as moon landing.

A space elevator would allow us to dock vessels to a space station and reach the Moon without burning fuel to land on (and depart from) its surface. Perhaps this colossal elevator will never see the light of day, but the idea is fascinating and visually appealing.

Deliver Us The Moon 1

Energy transfer … wireless

The story of Deliver Us The Moon is about a colony installed on the Moon with one goal: to provide energy to the Earth. A key element in the success of the colony is to transfer energy as efficiently as possible from the Moon to the Earth (this is a recurring subject).

When the developer studied the matter, they found a Japanese study dealing with the transfer of energy from one point to another using microwave. Called “microwave energy transmission“, this technology is not yet viable, but it provides hope for the future. If it becomes functional, steel truss pylons and overhead power lines may be a thing of the past.

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Helium 3

So how can this lunar colony generate enough energy to power the Earth? The Moon is a desolate place, but due to its very weak magnetic field, it is bombarded with helium 3 by the solar winds. If we manage to extract and process these isotopes, they could become a powerful source of energy and replace the fossil fuels we are burning today at an alarming rate.

Like “microwave power transmission“, it is not a viable alternative at this time, but it may be in the future. A future in which we will have learned, I hope, to assume our responsibilities and create a lasting relationship with our planet. A much less bleak future than that presented in Deliver Us The Moon.

Deliver Us The Moon Helium 3

We look forward to letting you discover all of this, and more, in Deliver Us The Moon. Perhaps will you find other examples of realistic technologies used in the game?

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