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The Lost Ways book by Claude Davis


The Lost Ways, you will be regret if you miss reading it!

Imagine you do not have to use the car or take the subway to go somewhere. Imagine that smartphones were never invented. Imagine that you never knew about the Google map provided to you by satellites. You can also try cozy blankets and cozy bedrooms that never existed. These are just some aspects of modern life that people often worry about.

Many people today cannot imagine how they could survive without television, refrigerators, appliances or the internet. Have you ever wondered how people thrive in a challenging environment from centuries ago without searching for answers in Google?

A book, The Lost Ways, describes many ways of survival proven to be effective by your ancestors. The 350-page book brings together ancient survival techniques to help humans conquer nature for millennia.

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What are The Lost Ways?

If you think you have won that can survive without an iPhone or refrigerator, think again. Ancestors were able to do that and mankind survived disasters and wars. Heck, millions of people today in developing countries and even in rural America are now doing that.

It is the book that The Lost Ways, written by Claude Davis, offers. It provides practical survival advice that today’s readers will find useful during times of disaster.

How does the book do this?

By studying how ancestors did that, Davis was able to create a guide for survival.

The book gives readers an idea of ​​how a man can use what is left of him in a disaster. It outlines practical tips used in the event of natural disasters, famines and wars.

The thing is, men are too comfortable with advances in technology today. In times of natural disaster or accident, humans have a survival instinct.

But these instincts are sometimes hampered by a man’s dependence on technology and Google maps. How can you apply ancient methods to work for ancestors when you have no electricity left after the disaster?

Phones and the Internet are useless without electricity. News and information from the media are often cut off when a disaster strikes.

How else would you survive if you couldn’t find the lost survival skills used in ancient times? It rejects what The Lost Ways tries to educate readers. Life is too simple these days making a man too complacent and not interested in what could be worse.


The book shakes comfort to motivate readers to rediscover secrets for survival. After reading The Lost Ways, readers can imagine that they can live without the internet, electrical power and electronic devices.

It will change your perspective of relying too much on electronics, computers and the warm comfort of your bedroom.

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About Claude Davis – Author of The Lost Ways

The book was written by Claude Davis, who claims to have more than thirty years of experience.


Davis also posted on a website, Askprepper.com, where he shared DIY writing. He has obtained a set of documentation from making wool shoes, hydrogen generators, to home remedies. Davis DIYs even includes survival tips to avoid looters in civil unrest and use salt to prevent migraines.

How cool is that?

Davis has produced at least three books: The Lost Fixing Way, The Lost Ways and The Lost Ways 2. Davis is inspired by the way modern humans are far from nature and their instinct for survival.

He wrote The Lost Ways, which aims to bring readers back on track by learning old techniques for survival.

What will you learn from lost ways?

If you enjoy reading survival guides, you might want to add The Lost Ways to your growing collection.

The book proves to be very comprehensive in providing readers with different ways of survival in different situations. It proves helpful for readers when they can get information on how to survive without spending money.

True to its title, reading The Lost Ways will make readers reconnect with ancient techniques to thrive.

It is similar to returning to the roots and reconnecting with nature. Certainly, technology is something that people will always be proud of. Technology advances with human adaptation to nature. But once technology is gone, what happens to men?

What factors will you learn?

The Lost Way gives you a clear picture that humans can and will survive without technology in an emergency. It teaches you about:

  • Food preparation – Unlimited ingredients in grocery stores. You can grow them yourself. Or once you are in the forest, you can also find them when you know what to look for. The book will teach you how you can prepare food using the most basic ingredients you can find. From food preservation to building a smoking house to cook different types of meat, the book is the ultimate survival guide.
  • The power of nature heals wounds – The Lost Ways also compiles tutorials and recipes on how you can turn into nature for medicine. When you do not have access to modern drugs, you can make alternative herbal medicine. Ancient men were able to survive without government hospitals by having their village doctors use medicinal plants.
  • Turned into nature to take refuge. The book will make you appreciate nature’s way of protecting people in the same way that it did the ancestors. It will also teach you a step-by-step guide on how you can build your shelter to accommodate many families.
  • Simple can be achieved – Have you ever been afraid to think about how you would exist without utility? How The Lost Ways will bring you back to life simply. It will make you realize what is truly valuable – that is your family and how you can protect them.

Advantages and disadvantages

Check out The Lost Ways if you’re outdoors, one person wants all bases covered. Here are the pros and cons of the book:


√ Good deal. The Lost Way comes with two limited edition bonus reports:

√ A step-by-step guide to building your possible turnaround system – This will save you money from wasting food and prevent spoilage due to missed expiration dates.

√ What survivors should grow in their backyards – This report provides information on which plants are most resilient and nutritious.

√ Very comprehensive. From medicine to food and shelter, this 350-page book has all the information you need and more.

√ Very moderate. The book is full of research and it costs less than other survival guides.

√ Provide a money-back guarantee. If you find yourself not convinced after reading the book, then, by all means, you can get a refund.


⊗ A 350-page book can bore people who don’t like to read. It also doesn’t come with the audiobook version so it requires time from the reader.

⊗ The hard copy is thick and bulky. The 350-page book is limited to an old book so you can’t take it everywhere like a pocketbook.

⊗ The limited digital copy is only for tech-savvy readers. If you choose to get a digital copy then you need an internet connection to purchase it.

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Are the ways lost a Scam?

The Lost Ways received good reviews from readers who found it timely to read. It is arguably one of the most informative survival guides covering many topics.


Want to learn how to prepare for a natural disaster or disaster? Put this book on your shelf and make it part of your book collection.

Some online articles may warn you about The Lost Ways like another scam.

But online marketing is making good use of the fear factor to entice potential traffic to visit their site.

The Lost Ways has gained some positive reviews. Readers from around the world praised Davis for aggregating tons of information in a survival guide. So be sure to think before you click on those posts.


The Lost Ways book is the most affordable and comprehensive survival guide available. It is written for anyone who wants to equip themselves with the knowledge to survive.

Content will keep you reading it from cover to cover. You will learn:

  • Learn how indigenous Americans build their underground houses;
  • How can you build solid houses that can house up to five families;
  • How can you collect and store water for your family to use in a crisis;
  • Discover how the traditional remedy used to treat sprains, wounds, boils, infections and muscle aches;
  • How to build a smoking house to cook meat, how to make beer and bread from the bark;
  • How to make animal traps for different types of animals; and
  • How to prepare nutritious foods that you can keep for a long time
  • In addition, buying books does not waste time. You are not at risk. Your satisfaction is extremely important as shown with your money-back guarantee.

Many readers have expressed their satisfaction with this library. So make sure you do not miss anything.

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