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Tennis tournaments in the next 10 years


Types of tournaments 

At present, there are wide ranges of tennis tournaments.

In America, players who are up to ten years must start playing with the type of orange ball on fields of 60 ″ x 21 ″ for singles and 60 ″ x 27 ″ for doubles. Also, they have to use with rackets which size ranges between 23 and 25 inches. The permission for them to play is at least seven years. Before the age of seven, they could only participate in red ball tournaments.

If the tennis players want to take part in tournaments, they will register on the organization’s website and look for them nearby the residential area. Besides, the tournaments level 10 below classified into three levels, such as Orange Level 2, Orange Level 1, and Green Level 1.

The athlete must go through all levels. Every level needs to accumulate some stars until finishing enough quantity to move to the next level. Initially, the player has to play Orange Level 2 tournaments and collect full twenty stars to step forward to the Orange Level 1 as well as the stars to move to Green Level 1. One of the critical things that we would like to highlight is when you move to the next level, you cannot return to tournaments from the previous level.

Rackets and Competition

The racket is the most primary element for player competition. Therefore, you must have the ideal racket for the race. The first thing to know is what is the type of racket that fits a pretty more in the tournament.

USTA stands for the United States of America tennis association. It offers plenty of training sessions as well as tournaments for children. According to the regulations of the USTA, the players who are under ten years old played with rackets between 23 ″ and 25 ″ in size. From that, tennis players need to understand the rule clearly when arriving at the tournament. In addition to size, it plays an integral role in taking account of the type of racket that the player must have to compete.

How to Select the appropriate racket

Purchasing or grabbing a tennis racket is not as simple as it seems. It is not the same as recommending some electronic gadgets like a computer, a television or anything else. Each tennis racket has its characteristics that must be appropriate for each tennis player. Moreover, it is not the same racket for an adult as for a child. Besides, it also not the same racket for a high skillful player and a beginner tennis player. The rackets vary in the size of the grip, the head, in its weight, distribution, and materials.

When buying a racket, the tennis player makes sure that he is purchasing the most suitable one. Buying the wrong racket could not only affect the player’s performance but could also cause some injuries. Therefore, the first thing before buying a racket is that you need a conversation with the coach. From that, he makes the recommendations according to your demands and purposes.

Next, we will offer you fundamental instructions to choose the most suitable racket.

Rackets for Children 

Choosing the correct size for the kid tennis rackets depends on the child’s age and height. The size of these rackets come from 21 inches to 26 inches. Also, they can fit for children from 5 to 11 years old. The following table indicates the racket for a child based on kids’ age.



Less than 4 years

19 inches

4 to 5 years

21 inches

6 to 8 years

23 inches

8-10 years

25 inches

11 years above

26 inches

When the player is ten years old, you need to transfer to the size of 25 and 26. Besides, you need to make the decision of which racket is appropriate based on the recommendation from your coach.

If most of the tournaments are going to be at Orange level, the racket limit for this level is 25. Thus, it would be more advisable to purchase a number 25 to train and play tournaments.

kid tennis rackets

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