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Telegram down or not working? check out current issues, problems and fixing


Telegram app has Stopped working! Is your Telegram Down? Are you suffering from Telegram connectivity issues? If yes then you are lucky to land here, friend. From fast few months Telegram has causing hassle in connectivity for many users. The messaging app goes down sometimes or I can say most of the times. Let us have a look at the issues that why Telegram app is disappointing its users.

Fix Telegram current issues, problems
Telegram down or not working

Telegram is a highly used mobile messaging app which is used across different platforms like smartphones and tablets for iOS, Android and PC. Telegram users can send and receive messages, photos, secure conversations, and other information. The app is considered an alternative to text messages or SMS. Majorly people in the US are facing issues with Telegram. However, users from the UK, Chile, Colombia, Canary Islands,  New Zealand, and Austria have also reported issues. Most of the users are facing problem in server connection while many others are facing users while sending and receiving messages. Telegram has suffered high-profile run-ins with authorization in the past and is banned in many countries such as Russia and Iran. This is because using Telegram there s threat to users security and people’s private messages may be accessible.


Telegram down
Telegram Statistics in the last 24 hours


Telegram gained too much popularity just after its launch. In March 2018, Telegram said that it has 200 billion active users.

Telegram down
Telegram usage from 2013-2018

After, 2018 Telegram starts facing the problem of connectivity and hence users get disappointed by this. After 2018, Telegram’s performance is degrading only as users are moving to other reliable apps.

Advantages of Telegram

There are various Advantages of Telegram app that you might be searching for. Let us discuss one-by-one.

1) Free-of-cost and No ads Promotion

Telegram app is completely free of cost. No ads are shown in the middle of chatting. This is all we need!

2) Easy to use

The app interface is clean. Everything is well arranged. hence easy to use and understand.

3) Reliable and Full of fun

The app is made to send your messages in the minimum bytes possible, makes it the most reliable messaging system ever made. It works even with the weakest mobile connections. Also, Telegram has compelling photo and video editing tools and an open sticker and GIF to cater all your needs.

4) Limit File Size

Telegram can limit your file size to preserve the extra mobile data you can lose by sending a big file.

5) Self-Destruct Timers

If you don’t want some messages in your app, Telegram lets you set self-destruct timers to forever remove them. After a message is received, it remains in the app for a predetermined period of time. This period of time is chosen by you. You can choose times between one second and one week before the message vanished.

Disadvantages of Telegram

Everything has two ways, a bad and Good. Similarly, the Telegram app has disadvantages too:

1) Video calling issues

Telegram doesn’t have video calling option. In contrast, WhatsApp, Instagram every platform has the most demanded option. This is a very important feature missing in Telegram

2) New user announcement

Telegram notifies your contacts when you join it unless they have previously opted out. This is a real privacy blunder.

3) Stories and status

Telegram does not have some of the Stories feature of some competing messaging apps which lets you post images or short videos without messaging a contact directly.

Telegram app

Telegram app is available on PlayStore for Android and on App Store or iPhone users.

The app is easy to download and use. It provides better picture quality and Speed.

Telegram over WhatsApp

1) Media Compression

When you have to send a large file, you are worried about your mobile data. right? Telegram allows you to limit your file size i.e you can compress your file before sending. While this feature is not included in WhatsApp.

2) Cloud Storage

This is the highly demanded facility every user wants in order to protect their data. You can log in or log out any number of times without losing any data. Your text messages, photos, videos you have shared all are saved on the cloud and you can access them back when neede anytime anywhere.

3) Number of Group members

In Telegram, a normal group capacity is 200 but when you transform a normal group to supergroup you can add up to 5000 members in it. Unbelievable!

4) Username feature

You can interact with anyone on telegram even if you don’t have the contact number of other. This guarantees the privacy of user’s contact number.

5) Multiple sessions

Users on telegram can log in on various devices at the same time and received messages on all device. They can remember their sessions on even browser too. This is an excellent feature.

Final Verdict

Telegram is a great messaging app. Though Telegram provides great features to the users but Is Telegram down will still be the question prevailing over the internet. So, here I concluded by saying Yes, Telegram is down for some users all over the world and users are constantly suffering from bad connectivity issues and lost packets(messages).

I hope you would like the article. Let us know if you are facing issues with Telegram too. Mention in comments.

Share your feedback. Thank you!!

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