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Is TeaTV safe and legal to use? Try these Tea TV alternatives?


Name a person who will spend his/her real money for such thing which he/she can grab for free. I think you are unable to find out because everyone loves the free stuff and when things come in terms of watching movies and TV shows then all want to access for free. There are various streaming apps which facilitate you with free movies and TV shows and Tea TV is one of them. Tea TV is a free Android app which can be accessed on every Android smartphone, Fire TV, Android TV, and Android set-top boxes. But is it safe to stream copyrighted content (Movies and TV shows) via Tea TV? Not safe at all and you can try Tea TV alternatives for the same purpose to remain safe while streaming movies and shows.

Just scroll down and explore the Tea TV alternatives and also come to know is it safe to use Tea TV and if not then how can you remain safe.

Tea TV replacements to stream movies and shows legally
Tea TV alternatives: Access movies and TV shows in a legal way

Is Tea TV safe and legal?

Movies and TV shows are the bread butter of the developers and if you access all the content for free then it is a punishable offense. Tea TV streams the copyrighted content on your devices and you enjoy the stuff without paying a single penny, it is just like the theft. Tea TV is a third party app which doesn’t exist on the Google Play store and all the third party apps can put malware in your device and thus your private data is in danger.

You can watch copyrighted content for free via a Network TV or on an official online service. Downloading or streaming copyrighted content from a third-party source means you are participating in copyrighting piracy. Directors of the movies and shows are concerned about their stuff and that’s the reason they are pressurizing the government for strict moves against such sites and apps.

In a nutshell to stream movies and other content via Tea TV is not secure and legal and if you do so then you can be punished for this.

How to remain safe while streaming via Tea TV?

If you love your moral values and don’t want to put yourself in any type of lawsuit then I recommend you not to use Tea TV for streaming movies and shows. But if you are okay with Tea TV then you can use Tea TV with a VPN (Virtual Private Network). VPN camouflage your IP and you can safely browse online era without worrying about your online security.

VPN hides your online activity and no one can track what are you browsing or streaming. All the data coming and going from your gadget will be encrypted by the VPN so that you access your desired content without any fear. So to use such apps you must use a VPN service.

Tea TV alternatives: Stream movies and shows in a legal way

Tea TV is not a safe option to watch movies and shows but don’t worry there are many more legal services available that are quite safe to use. Here I have listed the best Tea TV alternatives which ensure your online security so take a look below to get familiar with them:

1. Netflix

The foremost service which strikes in our mind when things come in terms of watching the latest movies and shows is Netflix. Netflix is the legal services which let you stream movies and shows for a subscription. Containing original content and superb streaming quality, Netflix stands out among the mob. But make sure you are ready to spend your hard earned bucks because it is a paid app.

If you are a keen streamer then go for Netflix and enjoy its huge library of movies and shows. Good news is that you will get a month free trial and you can decide whether it is worth or not.


If you love to access online content for free then our next Terrarium TV substitute is Youtube. Via Youtube, you can watch a wide array of free stuff including movies and shows. One thing can annoy you while enjoying Youtube’s stuff, ads. If you are ready to bear annoying adverts then Youtube is the perfect option for streaming your desired stuff.

In case you want to banish irritating ads then you can choose Youtube Red which is a subscription-based service. Youtube Red facilitate you with the ad-free stuff along with exclusive content.


Internet is flooded with unlimited video streaming services which promise you to avail all the content for free in HD quality. But like Tea TV all are risky ones and to end up such risk you can try Hulu, true rival of Netflix and Amazon Prime. Like Netflix and Amazon Prime, Hulu is a subscription-based service that managed to be the best app to stream movies and shows.

Hulu offers you the huge library of movies and shows in great quality but you have to pay a monthly subscription in return. You will get on demand streaming along with the live TV option via Hulu and for those who are curious about their online security, Hulu is one of the best Tea TV alternatives.


Don’t think that you can’t access movies and shows for free. Crackle is the product of Sony and it lets Android users to stream movies and shows without expanding their real money. But make sure you are ready to encounter annoying ads while browsing the content of Crackle. If you don’t want to watch ads at the time of movie streaming then this one is not for you. And if you are ready to see then use Crackle to access movies and shows for free.

5.Amazon Prime Video

How can we end up our list of Tea TV alternatives without including Amazon Prime in it? If you love to enjoy the latest movies, exclusive TV shows along with Amazon originals then Amazon Prime video is the best subscription-based service for you. It is a similar service of Netflix and Hulu and you can choose a monthly or annual plan for its services.

One of the best features of Amazon Prime Video is its parental control which ensures the security of your kids. Not only streaming but also you can download the content of Amazon Prime to watch on an offline mode. Don’t think too much and go ahead to choose a plan from Amazon Prime Video.

Summing up

Hope you understood what I wanted to say. Tea TV is a suspicious Android streaming app which can put your online security in danger. To avoid such risks here you came across the best Tea TV alternatives which will offer you the legal and secure streaming experience.

If you liked the info then do share with your close ones. Still, any query regarding look-alike services of Tea TV then drops it in the comment box. Being updated with the latest entertainment, sports, tech, and other general news stay tuned with thenewsregion.








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