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🔥The final version of Star Wars Episode I Racer will be released on May 12 on PS4

Star Wars Episode I Racer on Ps4

Aspyr provides more details on the improvements and modifications made to the soon to be available racing game located in a galaxy very far away … On May 12, PlayStation fans can finally play Star Wars Episode I Racer on PlayStation 4.

Star Wars Episode I Racer is an intergalactic go-kart game that includes a wide variety of drivers in the Star Wars universe with a well-thought-out improvement system that allows you to develop and customize the statistics to play according to your style. You were the master of your destiny; by piloting on lava-filled chasms or sinking through frozen caves, you were likely to end up in an explosion of flames.

Star Wars Eposide I: Racer

Of course, the producer wants to capture the emotions of the original game, but a simple port was clearly not enough for Aspyr. His teams wanted to give the game a boost by combining the best elements from each version of the game to make it an experience worth waiting 20 years.

Here’s a little rundown of what’s waiting for you in Star Wars Episode I Racer on PlayStation 4

  • It has improved the resolution of all video clips in the game. The output resolutions have changed greatly over the past 20 years, as have file size restrictions. He was, therefore, able to re-export all of the files in native 4K. Despite the age of the original models, these videos are sumptuous and will send you back in 1999, the first time you saw the Tatooine circuit.
  • He has revisited all the controls to make them more suitable for the DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller. It may seem trivial, but giving the impression of piloting a Podracer is not that simple. The controls that felt the thrill of racing in a 1999 Podracer weren’t as natural on a modern controller, so his team worked hard to deliver the ultimate Podracing experience. You should find natural and modern controls.
  • Trophy hunters will be delighted to learn that the game now has Trophies. You can even prove that you are the ultimate Podracer pilot by winning the platinum trophy!

Star Wars Episode I Racer

If you’re new to Star Wars Episode I Racer, you only need to know one word: speed. This game focuses on speed, and fans of Star Wars: Racer Revenge will be delighted to see that we have kept our promise to exceed 600 MPH (approximately 950 km / h). Racing purists will skid around corners, find shortcuts and beat lap records, while kart fans will choose to dab their opponents or use Sebulba’s secret flame jets to disqualify them.

Star Wars Episode I_ Racer

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