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Spotify Web Player Not Working? Fix Errors


Listing music is the most convenient way to relax your soul and in terms of listing music, Spotify web player does a great job. Spotify web player enables to access your desired music pieces without any additional software. You can easily access music on various browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and many more but Spotify Web Player not working error can interrupt your concentration. Many users reported that they encounter the prompt while using the Spotify on their PC. If you have landed here then you must have the same issue. No worries folks we are here to fix Spotify web player not working error.

Just scroll down and get the best fixes to resolve the Spotify has stopped error. I can bet after applying these solutions you will get the smooth functionality of Spotify web player so let’s check out the fixes.

Spotify Web Player not working: Simple fixes
Best solutions for Spotify Web Player not working error

Spotify Web Player

Spotify is the most renowned website to access millions of tracks on various platforms. Founded in 2008, Spotify avails you over 50 Million tracks and you can search for the tracks as per artist, album, or genre. Not only listing music but also users can generate and edit the playlist and if you want to share it with your nears and dears then you can do. You can use Spotify web player on Windows, MAC, Linux, and also the app is available for Android and iOS smartphones.

Spotify is the most convenient way to access music but not working error can spoil your audio binge. Don’t lose patience here are the best tips to solve this issue.

Spotify Web Player not working: Best fixes

Doesn’t matter you are running Spotify web player on Chrome, MAC or Safari, you can apply these fixes on every browser to fix this troublesome error. Let’s have a look at them:

1.Update your web browser first

The developers of Spotify update it frequently to smoothen your music experience. An outdated browser doesn’t allow you to play Spotify online player so it is required to update your web browser. If you encountered the issue then your foremost step to fix it is the updation of your browser.

2. Check your internet connection

In case you try to play Spotify web player and it doesn’t start then there may be a problem in your internet connectivity. But how can you diagnose it? It is pretty simple just try to load other sites via your browser and if you are unable to access them too then definitely your internet connection is not functioning.

To fix it restart your router and try again to play Spotify and if then issue occurs again then call to your ISP(Internet Service Provider).

3.Delete the cache files

Cookies and cache assist the browser for smooth functionality but many times things become opposite because of wrong data that causes not opening the web pages. It can also happen with the Spotify web player so to resolve this you have to clear the cookies and cache of your browser. Follow these steps to clear cache and cookies:

  • First of all, navigate to the toolbar and open up the menu.
  • Scroll down and tap on the “More Tools” option and then click on the “Clear browsing data“.
  • Set the time to 24 hours and untick browsing history.
  • Finally clear data and restart your web browser.
  • That’s it.

Try another browser

If after applying above fixes Spotify web player still not functioning then you can switch to another browser. Make sure the browser you are switching should be compatible with the Spotify.

Open up device list

Many times this issue occurs because of multiple devices connected with Spotify. When you integrate different gadgets with Spotify sometimes it gets addled where to play songs or podcasts. Thus you unable to access a particular song on any of your devices so you can resolve this issue by navigating the device list. open up device list and tap on Web player. Hopefully, you would be able to play songs now.

Spotify web player not working at all

Oops…if you encounter the issue again and unable to fix after applying above instructions then here is a quick fix for you. You just need to try Spotify on another device. I am talking about your handy device, smartphone. Go to the Google Play store and download the Spotify app from there to access music, podcasts, and songs. Isn’t effective!

Summing up

Doesn’t matter what are reasons behind Spotify web player not working error but I am sure these simple fixes will resolve it. Try these tricks to access your favorite music via Spotify web player and if any of these solutions will work for you then let us aware in the comment section.

If you have any other idea to resolve Spotify Web Player not working issue then feel free to put it in the comment box. We will update it in our list. Its time to say goodbye now and we will be back to you soon with another tutorial.

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