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Spotify vs. Pandora | Which Music Streaming Service Is Better


Here we come up with the head to head comparison between Spotify and Pandora. Both are the most popular music streaming services provide users with unlimited music listening facility without struggling a lot. Users can listen to their favourite music track on as per their preference in genre, language, artist or the other factor. The streaming services allow users to create their own playlist and listen offline. Both services come in Premium and Freemium versions, But still, there is a lot of difference between two. On the bases of multiple considerable, we Diffintraite Spotify and Pandora and find Spotify best music streaming services among two. So let’s discuss the Spotify vs. Pandora comparison review.

Spotify vs. Pandora | Which Music Streaming Service Is Better
Spotify vs. Pandora

Spotify vs. Pandora: Comparison overview

After considering a wide variety of factors we have concluded that Spotify is the best choice for users as music streaming sites, Here are the full analysis of both streaming services:

Pandora vs Spotify: How Both Works?

Pandora works like a radio station where you need to select an artist, generation or type of music you are looking for. You can not listen to a particular song on Pandora, You can just create a playlist of the Musicians you are searching for, It works like FM radio station. You can not listen to a specific music track like Spotify. Pandora users can create their personal radio stations by selecting the songs by thumbs up or thumbs down to the recommended songs list. Apart from creating the radio station, you can share it with your friends.

Spotify is a modern era music service which replaces all the drawback of all music streaming services. It converts all the features of Traditional music players, Te Spotify has a rough collection of 20 million songs. The Spotify comes with a very easy and friendly user interface, The users just need to create their account on Spotify and start reaching their favourite music track. Just put your reaching criteria like a particular artist, movie song, regional song or any other international track and start streaming on  Spotify’s online player.

Spotify vs. Pandora: Playlists

The Pandora is limited to create the playlist of the particular artist or musician, You can not add your favourite songs to the playlist, this is the main drawback of the service. Further, you can use the playlist shared by friends or can listen to the playlist created publically. However, manually adding individual songs or albums is not supported.

The Spotify Playlist works in the traditional way but you can add or remove the music manually from the playlist. You can add or remove songs from the playlist, you don’t need to go through the specific singer’s playlist or a specific generation. Just create your playlist by adding your favourite songs from a different generation and different musicians.  This is a free or cheap and legal way to share your favourite artists and songs.

Pandora allows users to create up to 100 unique stations/playlists, while Spotify puts no limit on the number of playlists a user can create.

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Spotify vs. Pandora: Cost

When it comes to the cost of the streaming services Spotify looks best because in the same price Spotify offers better services than Pandora. Apart from this Spotify also ahs the freemium version which is available for users who can not afford a monthly subscription. Both streaming service avail the 15 per month family plans — which is currently the best option for a group.

Pandora also offers the $5 per month plan option to the users who want quality tuned but don’t have a budget to buy $10 monthly plan. On the other hand, Spotify has begun a Spotify Duo plan which is limited for two people priced between $10 and $15.  To get ad-free music streaming services of Spotify, you will have to spend a minimum $10 per month, here Pandora looks a winner.

Spotify vs. Pandora: User experiences

When it comes to the user interface and experience of the users both services look great. But it is must to let you know how users feel different experience on both platforms. To enjoy Pandora music you have three different options, one is a Mobile app for android and IOS, the second one is Browse Pandora using any browser, the Third one is downloading the desktop version of Pandora.

If you are using the mobile app, then you can control the service by giving voice command like, Hey Pandora play something awesome,” “Hey, Pandora, thumb up this song,” and “Hey, Pandora, pause,” all work once you enable Pandora’s voice assistant feature on iOS or Android.

Like Pandora the Spotify also offer the Spotify web, app and desktop version of the service, you can install Spotify app on your android and IOS devices, or can Google it, or can download the desktop version of Spotify. The service uses a very easy user interface, just use the search bar to search your desired music track. You can search the track by choosing option auto-generating artists, songs, or albums as you type. On both the mobile and desktop versions, the left item bar offers easy-to-access links to saved playlists, local files, downloaded songs, and Spotify Radio stations.

Final Words

So this was our analyst of both streaming services based on cost, playlist, user experience and other considerable factors. Spotify is the winner because it comes with modern music features that allow users to get the unlimited song just with a click of fingers. On the other hand, Pandora is limited to listen to the song based on the specific singers or generation.

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