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Spotify vs Amazon Music: which one is best music streaming service?


Hey buddies! I am here once again to talk on the online streaming services, today for Spotify vs Amazon Music. What we are doing these days, how we are living? Running and running to get and achieve all in life. But in this busy, tedious and hectic life, there is a way of entertainment to us, Online Streaming! Watch your favorite shows, Listen to your soul music anytime anywhere. Internet is flooded with the streaming services, some are good,  some are best, some are fairly priced. But which one is for you?

Spotify and Amazon Music both are the best music streaming services but what makes them different? and which one fits into your pocket will be today’s discussion.

If you are a music lover then you might have come across many streaming apps like SoundCloud, and Bandcamp. Some have a high collection of music, some are good at recommendations, whereas others maintain your history beautifully and make it easy for you to access the same music all over again. The real battle is to choose the one of all.

Spotify vs Amazon Music

Spotify VS Amazon Music: Premium and Prices

Spotify and Amazon Music both are very old and popular streaming services, gained popularity now. Both the services give you access to a free and premium version after a free-trail. The free versions of the services may contain unnecessary ads that may be annoying. The premium version of the app has different pricing schemes and provides you different features.


You can get Spotify premium by subscribing for the premium pack.

  • Trail pack: $0.99/month
  • Monthly pack: $9.99/month- unlimited, ad-free streaming and downloading.
  • Student pack- $4.99/month – you have to re-register yourself as a student every year.
  • Family pack- $15/month – this allows you to have 6 people in one account with the
    same address.

To save your buck, Spotify gift cards are available in the market, over the internet.

Spotify vs Amazon Music premium

Amazon Music

You can get Amazon Music Unlimited premium version by subscribing for the premium pack. Following are the packs

  • For Non-Prime Customers: $9.99/month
  • For Prime members: $7.99/month or $79/year
  • For Prime Members with an Amazon Echo(speaker or dot) :$3.99/month

Spotify VS Amazon Music: Subscribers

Both Spotify and Amazon Music are very popular apps with a large number of users and subscribers. Here is the comparison:

Spotify: 200 million users and 100 million subscribers.

Amazon Music: more than 85 million Prime members and 10 million music subscribers.

Spotify VS Amazon Music: Sound Quality

Amazon Does not share the streaming music quality to date but its quiet understood that it is surely 320kbps at least.

Spotify provides a good sound quality with 320kbps streaming for its Premium users. For free users, it is restricted to 96kbps normal quality or 160kbps high quality.

Spotify VS Amazon Music: Device support

Amazon allows you to connect to a large number of devices and Spotify, on the other hand, comes with an incredible feature – Spotify Connect.  Spotify Connect enables you to control what is playing on any Spotify Connect device or Spotify app, from any other. It means you can use your desktop app to control Spotify on your Echo, you can pause it on your phone, find something else and play that on your PC instead. Amazon Music Unlimited is accessed through the Amazon Music app. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices, as well as Mac and PC. You can also access it through a Web player in your browser and through the company’s Echo devices and Fire tablets.

Spotify VS Amazon Music: How big is the Library?

Both the streaming services provide a large library of songs. More than 35 Million songs are available on Spotify and around 40 million songs are here for you by Amazon Music. The library is large enough for music lovers. Isn’t it?

Spotify VS Amazon Music: Downloading features

With Spotify, you can download up to 10,000 songs on 5 devices and play them anywhere even if offline.

With Amazon Music, You can download music to any device that is authorized for your account and the limit restricts to 10.

Spotify VS Amazon Music: Added Features


  • On every Monday, Spotify releases Discover Weekly, a playlist made for you based on your past choices and available for users for 2 weeks.
  • Spotify’s Running feature allows the users to track things like their pace and how long they’ve been running.
  • Sharing Playlists: Share your playlist with your friends and edit it together.
  • All playlists also feature the Playlist Extender feature, which recommends songs based on what’s in your tracklist and the playlist’s name.

Amazon Music

  • Special benefit to prime members and device members. If you’re not a subscriber but have an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot, you can get Amazon Music Unlimited on that device for the only £3.99/mth.
  • Amazon Music also provides a collaborative playlist based on your past searches, mood, genre preference, etc.

Final Verdict

Spotify vs Amazon Music is discussed in detail here. Both the online streaming services provide a lot of features to you. Spotify is more popular as it is an old one but the prime members like to subscribe to Amazon Music because they found benefit with Amazon only. Choose the best one for you by analyzing the above-mentioned features of both. Share the article with friends and family, Stay connected to know more about games and Apps. Thank you!!

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