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Spotify Premium Mod APK v8.5.14.752 download final version (No Root) 2019


Are you a music freak and love to play all your favourites music most of the time on your android phone or tablet. If you really want your favourite track playlist on your device all the time than what could be better than Spotify Premium mod apk, the most popular and best music downloading app of the current time. Just you need to download the moded version of Spotify Premium APK and download a variety of music without spending a single penny. To download free music on Spotify, you have to download the cracked version of Spotify premium without root. However, Spotify is available on Google play store in free and paid both versions. If you go with the free version of Spotify you get the limited features of the music streaming app, but the paid version of Spotify avail the advanced and premium features to access the unlimited music. But those who don’t have the budget to buy the premium version of Spotify and want to unlock all features of the app, for those Spotify Premium Mod APK is the best option.

Here is this article we are going to discuss every aspect of Spotify including features of Spotify, download and install of Spotify, Whats is Spotify premium mod apk, Cost of music downloading on Spotify, Is Spotify available in your country? 

Spotify Premium Mod APK download final version (No Root) 2019
Spotify Premium Mod APK

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Spotify Premium Mod APK

Spotify is an online music streaming service where you can find every kind of music, poetry, songs, podcasts, novels and comedy soundtracks. You can download music on Spotify which is suitable for every moment of life. The app is user-friendly and comes with a very easy user interface, you can easily search your track, download it for free or play any time without worrying about money and time.

Before going through the Spotify Premium Mod APK, it is must to let you know about the Officially released warming by Spotify about the illegal and unauthorised access to the app.

Spotify warning on the unauthorised use of Spotify and breaking terms and conditions

Spotify detected the users accessing Spotify premium services by pirating them with the help of apk, moded and cracked version of the app which is illegal and unauthorised from the point of view of Spotify premium. The company is free to disable or suspend your account if it found you as an authorised user of the app. Here is the warning message from Spotify you can see:

Spotify warning on the unauthorised use of Spotify
warning message from Spotify

Features Of Spotify Premium APK

As we already mentioned at the beginning of the article, Spotify is a music streaming which is available in the free and paid version. In the free version, you can access to the limited features of the services. But To grab the best features of Spotify Premium you need to pay a monthly subscription. But Spotify Premium APK is the solution to enjoy the premium features of Spotify for free, Just download the Spotify Premium APK and enjoy all the best features of Spotify for free without paying a single penny. The best thing about Spotify is the most preferred music app to download MP3 music, you can convert Videos into MP3 as well. the other music apps like Soundcloud and Bandcamp are the good competitor of Spotify.

Here are some of the unique Spotify Premium APK features you can enjoy:

Download and play Offline music

The main problem with other music streaming app is you need the fast data internet connectivity to download and play music sow while you are travelling and don’t have data connectivity you can not listen to your favourite track, But Spotify allows you to download and play music without internet connectivity, you can download and play music anywhere and anytime without worrying about internet access.

Great sound quality

Spotify offers a wide range of sound quality from Normal, High and extreme. To get the Xtremen sound quality you need to access the premium features of the app, The Xtreme sound quality offers music at 320Kbps which is really good and provide great music listening experience.

No annoying ads

Apart from the amazing music streaming features the app is free from commercial ads. While downloading the music you will not get annoying from the unnecessary pop-up ads run on the app. So you will not face any kind of interruption while listening to your favourite music track.

Listen to track anytime anywhere

However, the freemium version of the app does not allow you to skip any track or to move on whatever you are looking to listen. But the premium apk version of Spotify allows you to play any track on your command without any limitations or quality issue.

Save Storage Space

As we know Spotify avail the online music streaming, so you don’t need to store the music in your android devices, you can listen to the track online without losing storage space. Yeah, you need to consume your internet data connectivity to play the track, so be wise and connect your device with Bluetooth or wi fi while travelling or at any public place.

Here are the discounted plans for the premium user of the Spotify music app:

  • Spotify Premium for Students – Costs about $4.99 per month.
  • Spotify Premium for Family – Costs about $14.99 per month.

How to buy and redeem Spotify Gift cards

How to download and install Spotify Premium MOD APK for Android

You need to follow the simple steps to download and install Spotify Premium MOD APK on your Android devices, Just follow this step by step guide to enjoying the Spotify premium apk amazing features:

  • First of all, you need to download the Spotify Premium apk file from any reliable apk site like apkpure, apk mirror, apk monk
  • The file will be download in the zip format, to unzip the file you need built-in file manager or any file explorer for your android phones
  • Once the file will be extracted, tap on it, it is saved in your phone from the name
  • the android devices do not allow to access the third-party apps from the unknown sources for the security reason, so go to the setting <apps<enable unknown sources.
  • Now tap on installation, the process of app install will start, it will be completed within a few minutes
  • Now the app is successfully installed
  • Tap on the Open button to launch the Spotify Premium app.

Final words

Spotify is the best option to stream unlimited music tracks in a different language from regional to international. Just download the app and access your favourite music. You can go for Spotify Freemium, Spotify Premium or Spotify Premium mod apk cracked version without root, It all depends on your chosen budget and risk of using apk version of the app.

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