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How to spot fake Instagram Followers: Tips and Tricks


Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and many more social media platforms exist but to promote your brand or business Instagram does a great job. If you have a good amount of genuine Instagram followers then you can spread your brand’s popularity easily. But fake Instagram followers are worthless for you but the question is how to detect them?

Many people are looking for the tips to spot the fake Instagram followers so for all of them today we are here with the best tricks to know whether your followers are real or fake ones.

How to spot fake Instagram Followers: Tips and Tricks
Check fake Instagram followers

Ways to check if your Instagram followers are fake

Fake followers mean lower reach, the lower engagement that results in worse engagement ratio. Engagement ratio matters a lot for you but if there are bots more than real followers then you have to face that situation. Don’t worry folks there are several ways to determine whether your followers are bots or a genuine one. Take a rundown below to know more:

Number of Followers and posts

One of the best trick to spot a bot is to analyze their profile. Bots usually like and comment on other’s posts and they don’t post too often. Also, they have a fewer number of followers. If you spot an account which has very few followers and less content as well then you can say that it is a bot.

Engagement rates

Another great trick to check the authenticity of your follower on Instagram is the engagement ratio. Almost all the fake influencers have thousands of followers but lake of likes and comments on their posts.

The hidden or copied profile section

Is someone is creating fake profile then obviously he/she would not put extra efforts to complete their profile. Many times fake followers leave the profile section empty. Things become pretty critical when someone tries to hide the bio. Oops..then how you would detect? It is the red flag for you and you can assume that it is the fake profile.

Plenty of activities at the initial stage and then no activity

When someone goes to create a bot follower then they tend to follow thousands of people on the same day of the creation and also post lots of posts to engage people. But after following sufficient people suddenly they hide in the cave. Means they show less activity and think people would not check their fake profile.

On the other hand, original followers grow their follower in a balanced manner and also post on a regular basis. I think this trick would definitely help you to spot the fake followers on Instagram.

They unfollow you

In case you follow a particular account and they unfollow you, then it might be a bot profile. They just do so to balancing their follow-to-follower ratio.

Spammy comments

I think you would find this trick pretty easy to ensure whether your Instagram follower is genuine or a fake one. Yes, you can easily recognize the way they comment on your posts. Suppose you have posted a picture of your vacations and you find comments like, “I Made $1000 in I day! Do you want the same? Click on the link”.

If you find such type of comments then you can easily consider it a spammy comment and it is definitely from the bot profile.

Bottom lines

Ready to detect whether your followers are genuine or fake? If yes then follow above-mentioned tips and tricks and I can bet you would get a crystal clear conclusion. If you get success to detect the bot Instagram followers with these tips then please share your experience with us.

Also, pass on these tricks to your family and friends who are looking for the same. If you have some more tips then share with us, we will update our list with your suggestions.

Thank you!

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