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Spider solitaire download for PC/windows/Laptop (Review)


Spider Solitaire is one of the most popular and older games, It is one of the most played game in 2005, The game was first launched for PC or window based devices. It was a part of Window OS. The game was stored in the windows devices by default. The game was first included in Window 98 and as the Version of Windows upgraded the game also included in every version like in Window 7, 8, Window Vista and XP. Now the Spider solitaire download is available for mobiles as well. The Spider Solitaire, also known as Microsoft Spider Solitaire

Spider solitaire download for PC/windows/Laptop (Review)
Spider solitaire download

Spider Solitaire Gameplay

Usually, the game is very interesting to play, it used to play with two decks of cards having total no. of card 104.  All the cards are distributed in 2 parts, one is of 54 cards are divided horizontally into ten columns, out of which you will see an only top card. The other 50 cards have put in the lower right-hand corner in five piles of ten here you will not see the top card as well.

In games, you need to follow the rules like the card divided horizontally into ten columns can be moved to any other card in the column if they are in descending order. For example a 5 of a club can be moved to a 6 of any suit, But make sure the cards are in descending order and belong to the same suit. Like a 5 and 6 of club can be moved to any a 7 of any suit but a six of the club and seven of the heart cannot be moved together.

The game is over when you revelled the all hidden cards and place them in sequence in 10 columns from King to Ace in the minimum moves. Each column should contain the cards of the same suit. As you achieve the level of completing the card sequenced all the cards have removed from the screen and you got the 100 points in your scoring table.

Spider Solitaire: Pros

  • Free Spider Solitaire is based on the world’s most popular solo card game.
  • You don’t need the actual cards which are time-saving
  • The game is available to play both on a PC and on tablets and Smartphones.
  • Using simple and smooth graphics to play the game easily
  • You can customise the features like change background colour, change deck or cards.
  • You can play this game when you got little free time like from meeting and from homework
  • Free Spider Solitaire offers five different versions of Spider, played with two or more decks of cards.
  • Free Spider Solitaire comes with Ribbon-style toolbar also keeps score and time.
  • You can change the card table green background from the toolbar.

Spider Solitaire: Cons

  • To install the game you need to provide your email address, you can not this game freeware.
  • If you submit your email address you start to get spam emails like special offer

Spider Solitaire Game Extra Features

  • Free Spider Solitaire!
  • Classic solitaire gameplay
  • Multiple game scenarios
  • Hours of relaxed gaming
  • Free Spider Solitaire Download!

To download the Spider Solitaire for PC you don’t need to follow any complicated process just follow the below given link and click on download, you will get the game on your PC.

Download Spider Solitaire for PC

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