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Snapchat app: Download the latest version free for Android


I am pretty concerned about my photos and before sharing them with others I used to think 100 times. But after downloading the Snapchat app I feel safe while conveying my pictures to my friends and relatives because no one can’t share or save my photo. Snapchat is one of the best messaging apps and it is popular because of its unique features such as self-destruction, cool filters, and lenses. I love Snapchat and if you also want to download Snapchat for your Android device then just go through the post and reveal its fantastic features along with the downloading process.

Snapchat is the most fun-filled way to share your photos, videos, and messages to your friends and if you didn’t download it yet then scroll down and get familiar with its amazing attires to decide whether you should download it or not.

Download Snapchat app latest version for Android
Enjoy the Snapchat app on your Android smartphone

Snapchat App: Brief description

Snapchat is a global multimedia messaging app and offers you a whole new way of messaging and sharing photos and videos. One of the best things about this social network is that the images and videos are available only for a few seconds and disappear immediately. Just like Instagram and Facebook, you can set your favorite photo as your story which will last for 24 hours.

Snapchat filters and virtual stickers make your selfies more addictive and that’s the reason behind the huge fan-following of Snapchat. Geofilters also available for you but they are available based on your location or a particular occasion. It is pretty easy to send a picture to your friends and you just need to snap a photo, attach a caption and send. And for getting started with Snapchat you have to create an account with a valid email ID.

Snapchat App: Hilarious features of Snapchat

I think it is the funniest way to connect with your nears and dears and if you are willing to join the Snapchat community then note down the awesome features of this social network first:

Self-destruction of photos and videos

Photos and videos are your personal moments and if someone saves them for an illegal activity then it can harm your privacy. But with Snapchat’s self-destruction feature doesn’t allow the recipient to save your image because the photo will disappear after viewing. I am a fan of this facility. Are you??

Video calls and messages

Just like other messaging apps Snapchat allows you to make video calls and convey live messages to your fellows. You can make video chats with up to 16 members at a time and also add filters and lenses.

Snap Map

Snapchat is not only a messaging app but also a social network and it will facilitate you with Snap map via which you can share your location and also track down the location of others if they share. You can also explore the stories of Snapchat users from across the world.

Friendship profile

With friendship, profile feature you can capture all the moments you have shared with your friends together. Also, the great means to find things in common with your buddies. You can find your friendship profile by tapping on a friend’s Bitmoji. Thus you will grab all the stuff you have saved with your friend.

Cool filters, lenses and virtual stickers

Make your photos more approachable with Snapchat filters, lenses and virtual stickers. Also, you can write on your images before conveying them to others. Doesn’t matter you want to be a cool cat or a ferocious monster here is everything for you.

Requirements to download the Snapchat app for Android

  • It will occupy the 57 MB of your device.
  • You must have Android version 4.4 or more with a front-facing camera phone.

How to download the Snapchat app on Android

In order to download the Snapchat app, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the app drawer of your Android device.
  • Tap on the Google play store app and search for the Snapchat app.
  • After finding the search result tap on Snapchat option and hit the install button.
  • Isn’t easy??

After accessing the Snapchat on your smartphone you need to generate your account with a valid email ID. and after getting started open it and capture a photo and share with whom you want.

How to download Snapchat apk on Android

You can also download Snapchat in Apk format but for accessing apk files, you have to make changes in your device’s settings. To adopt apk files on your smartphone go to settings> Security> Unknown sources, enable it. Then navigate to a trustworthy apk site and download the apk file. Find the apk file in your download folder and install it. Enjoy amazing features of Snapchat.

Note: Although no one can save your photos and videos because they disappear after a short time but if someone wants to save then he/she can save it with a screenshot. Also by taking the picture with another phone. So be selective before snapping.

Bottom lines

Hey folks. ready to dive into the fun-filled era of Snapchat? If yes then go ahead and download the app in your smartphone.

Found the post helpful? Liked it or not? Feel free to convey your views with us in the comment section below. If you have any query regarding Snapchat then ask us without any hesitation. We will back to you with the most prominent answer. Till then Goodbye and happy snapping.


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