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Smart Home Ideas To Simplify Your Life

smart home automation
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There are hundreds of smart home ideas on the market at the moment that can save you time and help you create some much-needed home automation. If you find yourself frustrated by constantly completing the cycle of daily tasks like household chores, taking steps to upgrade your home with technology might be the way to save yourself time.

Home automation is when these tasks are carried out via voice instruction, the press of an icon on your phone, or a device like a switch or remote. There are a variety of smaller tools that you can use like smart plugs, to more advanced items like home security, to kit out your home and make your life simpler.

Before You Get Started

Before you get started with your smart home devices, make sure you have a good internet connection, as all devices will need secure and stable WiFi to work efficiently. There’s also a variety of systems including apps for your phone, remote controls, switches, or user interfaces, so consider what you’ll get on with best. Before you buy any devices, make sure to check their compatibility with what you’ve currently got in your home.

Start With A Home Hub 

The first thing to consider before purchasing a home hub like Amazon Echo is to consider what software is most compatible with your life. Are you an Apple user or an Android user? Are you likely to stay with the same system going forward? Your home hub will also be the basis of your smart home, relaying the instructions for everything from smart lights to turning your TV on.

Now as many as 25% of homes in the UK alone have the technology for home use. So you have a wide variety of choices, including highly-rated devices like Amazon Echo Spot and the Apple HomePod to Samsung SmartThings Hub. 

Connecting Devices To Your Home Hub

There are a variety of simple devices that can be configured to your hub to create your smart home. You don’t have to configure all your devices to suddenly become smart, either. Installing a smart plug compatible with your home hub will open up a variety of things you can switch on and off verbally, or simply with the touch of an icon on an app, without buying a new lamp or special bulb. These can be set up to turn on and off (or dim) lights, fans and a variety of devices.

If you look carefully, you might even be able to select a smart plug that makes your home more energy-efficient by controlling the devices with an automatic timer.

More Than Just A Home Assistant 

Some home hubs are fully integrated into a wider smart home device. This smart home idea is essentially a switch that controls various smart devices in different rooms of your house. You are able to set temperatures automatically, listen to music, set timers for lights and most importantly it incorporates an Alexa voice support, so is essentially an upgrade on your Alexa Home Hub.  Many devices like this have a handy user-friendly screen to assist you in fulfilling your home automation requests.

Smart Devices Can Be Used Too 

Smart devices can be either integrated or activated independently of smart systems or home hubs. They can include a variety of things to save you time, like an automated hoover for household chores, or a home security system that allows you to track who presses your door-bell and allows you to monitor cameras in your home. Smart devices go beyond just technology for home use, they allow you to carry out actions in your house without you physically being present.

The Robot Vacuum

The robot vacuum gives your floors a basic clean without you having to activate it. 1 in 5 out of every vacuum cleaner is now a smart one. The Roomba models are by far the most popular and can carry out your house cleaning once a day if you want. Some models also have virtual wall functionality, meaning you can keep them out of specific rooms if you don’t want them cleaned or if there’s the potential for hazards along the way. They can also learn as they clean by improving their layout knowledge of your home to avoid the inevitable drawbacks of repeatedly bumping into walls.

Home Security

Home security encompasses a wide range of smart devices to assist with home automation, from smart locks to full-on security systems. Smart security systems integrate burglar alarms, sensors and camera systems, all jointly operated by internet-connected systems. All integrated into a central hub, security devices can be configured to home hubs, too. Your smart doorbell could activate a camera and notification that allows you to see who’s knocking on your door from your tablet or smartphone. 

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is more than just getting hub technology for home use. There are a number of smart light bulbs that you can use to dim, and these also normally have the added bonus of being energy efficient, so you can save money. They can also be set to timers to control the dim and times they turn on and off. You can even consider color-changing bulbs that change hue so you aren’t hurting your eyes with an office-bright bulb in the evenings.

Smart Home Ideas Save You Time 

Smart home ideas can save you time and with a little initial investment it can ultimately save you money, too. They also combine perfectly with energy-saving initiatives and security technology that ensures that you can upgrade your home to be more energy-efficient and secure. Starting with a home hub and then expanding your interconnected devices is the perfect way to gradually update your home without worrying about configuring everything in one go.


What’s your favorite smart device? Are they any recommended brands or models that you prefer? Let us know what you think about smart technology and what impact it’s had on you. Leave a comment in the box below and find out from others what smart home ideas simplify their lives.

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