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Skins For Minecraft PE: Install custom skins for free


Nothing can beat a platform that allows the user to do customization with the games and build their own games. And here is the MinecraftIf you search, there are a lot of platforms like Minecraft where a user can play their own crafted games like Roblox and Fortnite. Dear buddies, here my choice is Minecraft and today I am going to discuss Minecraft and its skins.

The Internet has become the basic need in Todays Life and gaming zone is gaining its heights like anything. Minecraft is an open world sandbox game where you have to create items to survive in complex situations. The game is created by Markus Persson(Swedish game developer) and released by Mojang in 2011. There are no goals to achieve and it permits the users to play games their way. Other activities in the game include investigation, resource gathering, crafting, and combat.

How to Play the Game

There’s no one way to play Minecraft. It’s an open-ended game where players decide what they want to do by themselves!

Here, Multiple game modes are available including:

  1. Survival mode, in which players must collect resources to make the world and maintain health.
  2. Creative mode, where players have unlimited resources to build with.

Also, you can join with your friends while playing the game.

If you need to build something you need to do mining. Collect blocks by mining and breaking down the trees to build your own game base. Punch a tree to make planks and then combine planks to make a crafting table.

Device Compatability


Minecraft is available for Desktops, Consoles and other devices. But with certain limited editions.

  1. Desktops: Windows, MAC, LINUX, Windows10
  2. Consoles: X-BOX1, X-BOX 360, Playstation3/4/ Vita, Switch, Wii U, New 3DS.
  3. Other Devices: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire, Gear VR, Apple TV, Fire TV.

Minecraft Costing

Minecraft is not free to play the game. You need to pay bucks to download the game.

For PC and MAC, JAVA Edition: $26.95

Skins for Minecraft

Minecraft provides players a large Collection of skins. It is always more fun if the user has different outfits and skins to try on and change the identity in different games. Minecraft has an abundant amount of skins in its warehouse. Some are top rated and some are featured by Minecraft. The skins are divided into different categories and you must know about it.

  1. Animals
    This skin will give you a complete feel of an animal. So if you make yourself look like Animal for the game you can go for it. It includes skins like Chick-fil-A Pig, Jerry the cow.
  2. Fantasy
    Ahhh! Your fantasy skin is here. TO have a good look that is always your fantasy, you can fulfill here. It includes skins like Fire Lord Skin, Ranger.
  3. Games
    The skins that are taken from games only come under this Category like The Raven skin from Fortnite converted into a Minecraft Skin, Goku from Dragon Ball.
  4. Mobs
    It includes Enderbrine, Bat-cow.
  5. Monsters
    Want to have a look of monsters then go for these skins, Green Venom, Zombie Cat and many more.
  6. Movies
    These Skins under this Category are taken from the movies. For Ex: Thanos (Infinity War), Deadpool Ross. Wow, it would be more fun when your skin is from your favorite movie.
  7. Music
    Music Lovers and Minecraft players this is for you. Thomas (Daft Punk) (Thomas Bangalter in the famous music duo Daft Punk.)
  8. Other
    Miscellaneous types of skins are here. Your favorite ones may be hidden here. Explore the skins.
  9. People
    Gameboy skin (An epic game skin for all purposes)
  10. Professions
    Skin According to the profession, Like a doctor, President, Army man, Police Women, Train Conductor. Some Examples are: Steampunk Train Conductor, US Marine Corps Uniform

Skins For Minecraft


How to change Your skin in Minecraft Pocket Edition

Changing your skin in Minecraft Pocket Edition is an excellent way to distinguish yourself from your friends during gameplay. Choosing your skin Is also creativity. So, why not to be creative and A leader. I am sharing steps to download skins :

Step 1: Download the PocketTool app from the Google Play Store (for Android) or the App Store (for iOS) and searching for PocketTool. This app will help you to download your skin of choice and add it to Minecraft.

Step 2: Find a skin by searching online. Many websites feature a variety of skins for Minecraft players to choose from.

Step 3: Download the skin in PocketTool. Open PocketTool once you have finished downloading your skin. Click “Install Downloaded Content.”

Step 4: Install the skin within the PocketTool app. The app will lead you to two tabs: one called Skins and another called Textures. Open the Skins tab and click and hold the skin you want to install. A prompt will pop up asking you if you want to install the skin.

Step 5: Change your skin by navigating back to the main page of PocketTool and clicking on “Change Textures/Skin.” The skin you are currently using will be displayed. Click and hold the skin you want to use instead. A prompt will ask you to confirm
that you want to switch to that skin.

Step 6: Apply changes and reinstall Minecraft. Click the top right button in the app and select “Apply Changes.” Your device will ask you to uninstall Minecraft. Don’t worry — your worlds won’t be changed. Reinstall Minecraft and open up the game. You’ll see that you have new skin waiting for you!


Before You Go, I would like to tell you to explore the game and skins to have more fun in the game. Minecraft has done a great job by providing so many skins to the players. Now a player can choose the one suited him best and play more joyously. I hope you would like the article. Stay connected!

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