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File sharing was a complex task before the development of file sharing apps. There are many file transferring apps exist over the official stores but Shareit stands out from the crowd because of its incredible file sharing speed and other facilities. You can share each and every type of file with Shareit and that’s the reason behind its immense popularity. Shareit supports multiple OS like Windows, MAC, Android, and iOS. You can send large files from PC to PC within minutes. If you didn’t download Shareit for PC and you want to convey your photos, videos, and other files from your mobile to PC then it is the high time to download this file transferring app for your PC.

If you are not aware how to download and install Shareit for PC then no need to worry. We are here to help you with the simplest steps to access the file-sharing giant on your windows device. So let’s check out the impressive features of Shareit first and then get familiar with its installation process on PC.

Why download Shareit for PC
how to download and install Shareit for PC

Shareit: A brief intro

Almost 1.5 Billion people across the globe are using Shareit for easy sharing of documents, photos, videos, apps, contacts and much more. Shareit was released in 2015 and the app is available in more than 39 languages. You can download Shareit for various operating systems. Not only file sharing users get various videos, memes, music, and files within the app. You will amaze to know that Shareit is in the list of top 10 most downloaded apps on the Google Play Store. You don’t need to worry about security as Shareit utilizes a secure protocol to transfer files and you get 200 times more speed than Bluetooth and NFC.

Shareit: Mouthwatering features

Before downloading Shareit for PC I want to throw some light on the special attires of the app. Here is a brief description of its features:

Fastest file sharing speed

You can share files between multiple devices at an incredible speed with losing the quality. Shareit gives you 200 times faster speed than Bluetooth so be ready to adopt the new technology and leave old methods of file sharing.

Share various types of files

Doesn’t matter you want to transfer photos, videos, documents, apps, contacts, music and anything else, Sharit empowers you to share different files.

Unlimited videos

Shareit contains a wide range of online videos which gets updated regularly. So not only file sharing but also amuse yourself with Shareit.

Video Player

Shareit equipped with a dedicated video player which supports almost every format.

Why download Shareit for PC

If you have Shareit in your smartphone then you would probably think that why should you download Shareit for PC. Take a look below to get the best answer to your question:

Backup photos

There is limited space in our smartphones and too many photos and video may lead to hanging our phones. But if you have Shareit installed in your computer then you can easily take the backup of all your photos with just a single tap.

Control your presentation via your phone

If you are in such a profession where you used to give powerpoint presentations then you can Shareit is a must-have app on your computer. With Shareit you can use your mobile just like a mouse to control your slides.

Display Phone’s content on PC

Many times we need to display our smartphone’s content on our computers and in that situation Shareit does a wonderful job.

How to download and install Shareit for PC

With a few simple steps, you can download and install Shareit for Windows 7,8,8.1, and 10. You have to follow these steps to access Shareit on your PC:

  • First of all, visit the official Microsoft store to download Shareit for windows.
  • After finishing the downloading process you need to double click on the downloaded file to run it. You will notice a pop-up asking to permit to run the Shareit, tap on it.
  • Then a setup wizard will display on your computer screen and you have to click on the Accept button to allow the installation.
  • Set the installation destination and after performing given instructions you will get the app installed in your PC.
  • Finally, its time to accept the terms and conditions of Shareit and for accepting tap on the Accept button.
  • After it, Shareit will open up on your PC searching for nearby devices.
  • Set your password and you are ready for instant file sharing between multiple devices.

Bottom lines

Folks, Shareit is a revolutionary term in order to send and receive files. Here you came across the unique features of the Shareit app and installation process for PC. I think now you can easily download and install Shareit on your PC and if you got the app after applying these steps then please share your experience with you.

If you meet with any complexity while installing Shareit for windows then feel free to submit your query in the comment section.


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