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Review of Airpods Pro: What is new?

Airpods pro review

AirPods Pro are the newest line of Pro product to join the Apple lineup. You may be wondering what’s the difference between the AirPods Pro and the regular AirPods? Let’s find out.

Slightly larger case

The new one looks got squished a little bit because the size isn’t really that much different.

airpods pro and airpods case

The main highlight of the brand new AirPods Pro is the fact that they have noice cancellation. It has active noise cancellation but it also has a transparency mode. With the later one, you are able to hear the outside world. So to make all of that possible they had to redesign what the actual AirPod looks like.

This case is also a wireless charging case.

airpods pro case

New design

These now have a little in-ear silicon tip on them.

airpods pro design

Inside the box are two other size options in case the one that comes with it doesn’t fit.

two different sizes of in-ear

There is a little microphone and each one of these inside of your ear so. The AirPod is actually able to hear what you are hearing. And with that they are able to make adjustments to outside sound, to really make the active noise cancellation work.

comparison between airpods pro and old airpods
Different size between AirPods Pro and the old AirPods


This version comes with a USB-C to a lightning cable that make user get moving closer to USB-C.

One of the things that’s so great about AirPods is you basically just have to get it close to your phone and it will automatically start pairing.

airpods pro for use

After pairing the device, they have this little button so there is different presses that you can press to activate different things like changing tracks, switching from transparency mode to noise cancelling. Also pretty cool because you can do all of these things inside of the Control Center.

change noise cancellation to transparency of airpods pro

Quality of the new Apple AirPods

The new version seems to make your voice super, super loud. So you just sound extra loud inside of your head and then the whole world around you also sounds really loud. You even forget that you even have them on.

While playing music, with the active noise cancellation on, it really did drown out pretty much everything, especially on the airplane.

Battery time

You will get 05 hours of listening time. But if you have active noise cancellation or transparency on, you’ll get about 4.5; about 3.5 hours of talk time, but with a five minute charge, that will give you an extra hour of listening time. The entire case will provide you with about 24 hours of listening time. So that’s enough time to get you through your day.

Audio sharing

If you are listening to some music or watching a movie and your friend wants to also listen or watch your movie over your shoulder or playing game together, on a flight for example, you can do audio sharing. All your friend has to do is bring their AirPods close to yours. You can temporarily share your audio.

If you do get the AirPods Pro, make sure you’re updated to the latest iOS on your phone, so that you’ll be able to use all of the features.

New AirPods price: $249

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