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10 Best sites to Read Comics Online for Free

Read Comics Online

Read comics online? Is it Something incongruous? When you hear about the word Comic, what comes in your mind? Like me, Definitely, The Childhood! In our childhood times, we used to read so many paper-based comics and they are pretty popular too that time. If I got a new comic, I was the happiest. With the Digitalization, Everything is now becoming computer-based/ tablet based. Nowadays children don’t buy comic books rather they love reading it online. And why only children, even adults too love reading comics sometimes.

It would be a pleasure for everyone who loves reading books to get it anywhere, anytime(ubiquitously).  If you are travelling and getting bored but can access to your favorite childhood comic, would you still be bored? I Don’t think so! Reading those old-time stories, or new ones is always fun. Comic character, movies, shows, cartoons are always my favorite. Here I am sharing a list of websites from where you can read comics online for free.

Best Sites to Read comics online

1) Marvel

Marvel read comics online

Marvel is the most popular site to Read comic online. Marvel partially provides you access to Read comic online for free, Some are free to read while some need the subscription fee. Marvel is not totally free. The New releases are always paid. There are around 25000 comics available on Marvel to read but you need to take subscription packs to access all.

Free books include books such as  Immortal Hulk #1, Thor #1, Spider-Man Unlimited #1

Subscription charges: $9.99/month or   $69 per year

2) DC Kids

DC comic

DC kids is a very good site for kids to read comic online for free. Though DC doesn’t have a large collection of comics it Doesn’t have any subscription charges too. The site is totally free fo cost. The Site has games, Videos, Comics, and Downloadable content too. You do not need to be online all the time to read comics, you can download the content and enjoy.

3) Comic Book Plus

CB plus

It is #1 free and Legal content website for kids. The Website got established in 2006 pretty old one. The website has a large collection of approx 36000 comic books. Wonder? The site has categorized comic into different categories, collections, by month. You can even download Golden and Silver Age comic books. There is now so much more with the addition of fanzines and our Non-English section too.

4) Comixology


It is not always our choice to read comic online and forget about it. Sometimes we want to have a collection of books at our home too. You are lucky to land here. Comixology is an Amazon’s Company, has an enormous collection of Novels in it which you can buy.

If you want to read online for free, then Comixology will not be your choice. It is an online shopping Comic Central primarily but now you can have access to a few books to read for free. So what you are waiting for, Create an account and have access to books or even buy your collection.

5) Internet Archive

Internet Archieve

Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more. You will get a very genuine collection of comics here, some are free and some are paid.

This is not exclusively a Comic warehouse but a collection of comics, software, books, videos. This is an open Book Library with half a millions of Books. It is worth staying here and read what you want.

6) Get Comics


GetComics is another significant name to read comics online. Here you will get Marvel and DC collection. The collection is totally free of cost and you don’t need to pay anything to read comics here. There is no hidden cost too.

All the books warehouse mentioned here are not uploaded by the team of GetComics Various sources from the internet compile the comics, but the biggest and the primary source are from the “Nation.” When you visit the profile, you will see various tabs like DC comic, Marvel comic, other comic, read comic online, etc.

7) Newsarama


Newsarama is the locale where comic book fans and sci-fi enthusiasts can find the latest news about their favorite characters, movies, books, games, and shows. Newsarama is a weekly newsletter founded in 1998. It is the first professional comic book news website.

The mission of the Newsarama is to be a must-see 365-day-a-year comic book convention without the long lines.

The website is purely user-friendly where you Don’t get into the mess and the categories are divided into genres.

8) Comicmad

An another Read Comic Online platform is here. A collection of comic and cartoon that nobody beats. The website is well arranged and displays top picks of the day, month and year. You can also request for a comic here.

9) Drive Through Comics

DriveThruComics is all about comics and free comics and it is a downloadable comic store.  It is part of a class of premier online marketplaces also including DriveThruRPG, Dungeon Masters Guild, DriveThruCards, DriveThruComics, DriveThruFiction, and Wargame Vault. Together, we have been selling digital and print-on-demand comic books, roleplaying games, and fiction since 2001.

The user account can get access to all to all inter-related sites(Drivethroughcards, Drivethroughfiction, Drivethroughcomics). Purchases on any site go into your Shared Library of digital files which you can access from any of the sites.

10) Digital Comic Museum

It is one of the largest platforms to read and download all time favorite comics. All files here have been researched by their staff and users to make sure they are copyright free and in the public domain. To start downloading just register an account and enjoy these great comic books. It does not charge per download and the goal of the project is to archive these comic books online and make them widely available.

Before You Go…

This is all about free websites to read comics online for free. There are many other websites too but these are the best ones. The sites will allow you to return to your picks, explore the achievements of several publishers and their teams, and get a flashback of the past to perceive what the Golden Age of comics was like. All for free. I have also come across many but DC kids is my all time favorite to read comics online.

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