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Putlocker review and best alternatives to watch free movies


Is Putlocker legal? Is it illegal to access copyrighted content for free? What are the best alternatives of Putlocker to enjoy movies in HD quality without spending a single penny? If you are struggling with these questions then go through the post and discover the best answer to your query.

Watching movies and TV shows for free is the norm of today but when things come in terms of legality then subscription-based services win the game. There are plenty of movie streaming sites which facilitate you with unlimited free stuff and Putlocker is one of them. Having millions of daily active users this streaming giant is popular across the globe. This site has been launched in 2011 in the UK and in 2016 it was blocked in its origin country (UK). Since then the site used to change its URLs continuously for its existence and the latest URL is

In fact, this site host all the pirated and copyrighted content and that’s the reason behind its blockage. If you are unable to access the streaming site then no need to take tension as there are many more alternatives available.

But before revealing the Putlocker’s alternatives we will discuss the legality and brief history of Putlocker so let’s check out what can happen if you stream movies and shows from such site.

Putlocker review abd look alike sites
Is it legal,l to stream via Putlocker? Try these alternative sites

Putlocker: Brief history

After shutting down the Megaupload, Putlocker came into existence in 2011 in the UK. Since the launch, the site got success to catch the daily active users in Millions but in 2016 the Supreme court of UK has blocked for promoting the piracy. Motion Picture Association of America reported against the site because they are suffering from the site.

After being blocked in the UK the site started to change its URLs to hide its identity. In fact, this site infringed the copyright law and if you stream its content then you are equally liable.

Is it legal to stream movies via Putlocker?

Now the question is that is it legal to stream the content of this site. No, it is totally illegal to stream movies and shows from such sites. The US, UK, and the EU have declared that Putlocker is the biggest threat to copyrighted stuff and if you access its content then the copyright infringement notice may reach to you.

Let me describe how. Putlocker host the content of other sites and if you recording its stuff means that you are accessing the content that is hosted elsewhere. And it refers to copyright infringement and it is a serious theft that can put in a lawsuit.

In simple words, it is a serious offense if you watch movies via Putlocker.

How can you remain safe while streaming movies and shows via Putlocker’s alternatives?

Indeed accessing copyrighted content for free is an illegal activity but if you are willing to do so then you can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Via a VPN you can remain anonymous while browsing the internet. No one can track your online activity because your IP is hidden. Even you can access such sites which are blocked in your region due to specific reasons. Your ISP can’t track your online activity and sites you visit so you can even watch the Putlocker’s stuff without any tension.

If you love to watch free stuff then I am damn sure that you are aware of VPN. And if you are not then try a VPN now and enjoy the online world without any worry.

Best Putlocker alternatives to stream movies

Internet is overwhelmed with movie streaming sites which offer you free movies and shows but the fewer once are good. After intense research, we shuffled out the best look-alike sites of Putlocker so please scroll down to get familiar with them:


I put the FMovies on the top in the list because of its sleek and clean user interface. FMovies offers you a seamless streaming experience and within seconds you can access your desired movie. Thanks to its clean and fast user interface.

You can watch renowned TV shows and Hollywood movies via FMovies but always keep in mind that it is a torrent based site and your online privacy is in danger so always explore such sites with a VPN.


Another site which comes with a categorized database for your ease is 123Movies. I am not sure about the originality of this site and there are huge chances that it is a clone site but functions pretty well. Like FMovies, this one also provides you an easy to use and sleek interface to watch your favorite content.

Containing the huge database of movies and shows, this site facilitates you with the fresh releases. You just need to select your desired title and you will land to the main page. After a few seconds, the movie will load and be ready to enjoy HD playback.

Los Movies

Having a vast collection of TV shows and movies, Los Movies deserves the place on our list. One of the best features of this site is that all its data is categorized into various categories which offer you the ease of search. You can search on the basis of name, genre or the release year for your desired stuff.

One and only drawback of Los Movies is the presence of annoying ads and pop-ups. You will notice irritating adverts here and there through the site but here is a solution for you, Adblocker. So, folks, to get an amazing streaming experience I suggest you install an ad blocker first.

HD Movie Center

If you love to get a fair idea of a particular movie such as cast, ratings, poster, etc before enjoying it then HD Movie Center is the one-stop destination for you. Apart from providing valuable info, this website promises to give you high-quality streaming.

You will come through the HD movies on this site as the name shows. Ready to access the rich-collection of this site?


One of the most annoying things about streaming sites is the frequently appearing ads and pop-ups. And if you have tired of them then its time to try Yify which offers you an ad-free streaming experience. Not only freedom from irritating adverts but also you get the fresh content here because the site updates its stuff on a regular basis.

Totally free service and no need of sign up to access its stuff but if you go for a signup process then you can get something extra. Comes with a simple UI and also it is pretty easy to navigate.

Final thoughts

Don’t want to put yourself in a lawsuit? Then try these streaming sites but make sure you have connected with a VPN first. There are lots more streaming sites available over the internet but these are ideal once. Hope you got the required info via the post and understood what can happen if you stream copyrighted content with hiding your IP.

I think you have some more sites to upgrade our list of Putlocker’s alternatives. Will you help us? Drop your suggested site in the comment box and for any query also use the comment section. Till then Goodbye and happy streaming.













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