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PS5 vs Nintendo Switch vs PS4: Best Gaming Console Comparison 2019


The emerging trend of gaming increased the demand for gaming consoles among gamers because using a gaming console to play the game is really an amazing experience for users. The great HD quality, fast downloading and amazing graphics quality provides by gaming consoles make crazy to gaming lovers. The Gaming consoles like PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch changed the definition of playing games, These gaming consoles won the heart of people. PS4 and Xbox one are the strongest rivals while the PS4 pro and Xbox One X count in best 4K gaming consoles.

To see the growing demand for PS4, Xbox One, The companies decided to bring the next-gen gaming hardware including Play Station 5 and Xbox 2. Yes, the PS5 is the successor of PS4 going to release soon. The great no. of available gaming and upcoming consoles with more upgraded features can confuse anyone. So to help you in choosing the best gaming console we are here to compare the features, price and design of three best gaming consoles PS5 vs Nintendo Switch vs PS4.

PS5 vs Nintendo Switch vs PS4: Best Gaming Console Comparison 2019
PS5 vs Nintendo Switch vs PS4

PS5 vs Nintendo Switch vs PS4: Comparison

However the PS5 is not out yet, it will launch soon, till then you can go for PS4 of Nintendo Switch. But before you make the buying decision, just check out the comparison review of all three consoles.

PS5 vs Nintendo Switch vs PS4: Specs

PlayStation 5

Nintendo Switch

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PlayStation 4

Dimensions10 x 4.2 x 0.5 inches11.3 × 10.4 × 1.5 inches
Weight0.65 pounds4.62 pounds
ColorDark gray
CPUEight-core AMD RyzenNvidia customized Tegra, shared with GPUCPU: 8-core x86-64 AMD “Jaguar”
GPURadeon Navi with  ray tracing supportNvidia customized Tegra, shared with CPU1.84 TFLOPS AMD Radeon
Memory4GB 8GB
Memory bandwidth25.6GB/s
StorageSSD, size unclear32GB, support for external cards.500GB removable hard drive
Optical driveYesNoyes
Max resolution8K720p handheld, 1080p docked
PortsHDMI out, One USB-C, One USB 3.0, Two USB 2.0HDMI out
Online subscriptionYes, $20 per year
Priceapprox $500$300$336
AvailabilityLikely 2020$299 FROM WALMART$336 FROM AMAZON

PS5 vs Nintendo Switch vs PS4: Price and availability

When it comes to price there is not too much difference between the price of PS4 and Nintendo Switch, The PS4 is priced approx 336$ on Amazon while the Nintendo Switch is available to buy for $300 on Walmart. But the upcoming Playstation 5 is going to be an expensive release in the era of gaming console. The biggest upgrade of the device will be its CPU, The PS5 will launch with third-generation AMD Ryzen processor that makes it costlier. Yes The PS 5 is expected to launch for $500 which is quite high expensive than previous versions.

PS5 vs Nintendo Switch vs PS4: Performance

When we buy a gaming console the performance of the console is really a considerable factor. The performance of a device depends on the CPU or processor used in it. Nintendo Switch is a half gen gaming console which was launched in 2017, it is powered by an Nvidia customized Tegra, shared with GPU. The NS is good to play 3rd party games but the texture quality is not so good. The Nintendo Switch is capable enough to provide the gaming performance equal to the original Xbox 360 or Wii U but it can not compete with PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox X gaming consoles. You can play games on Switch at maximum 1080p resolution. This is the highest resolution, you can not reach over this number. While on new Nintendo Switch Lite system you can only play games at the standard 720p resolution.

If we talk about the upcoming PS5 than The Switch can not even imagine reaching the level of PS5 console performance. The PS5 is expecting to comes with the 3rd gen eight-core AMD Ryzen CPU, the PS5 would be able to provide 8k resolution videos while the PS4 Pro offers 4k video resolution. The loading time of PS5 will be less in comparison to PS4, The Sony improved a lot in performance of PS5 over PS4. The PS4 offers great gaming experience to users with good quality of videos, graphics and fast browsing.

The PlayStation 5 will support ray tracing which is rarely found in the Hugh end PC devices, this is a graphical-based feature to offer the amazing graphics to the users while playing games. The PS5 will be a larger leap over the PS4 like the PS4 was over the PS3. the more information about the console we will give you after its launch.

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PS5 vs Nintendo Switch vs PS4: Storage

The storage of the gaming console matter a lot to install enough games. The Nintendo Switch comes with just 32GB internal storage which is not enough to download the digital versions of some games.  If you want to install the full game you need to insert the Micro SD card, Nintendo Switch supports microSDXC cards which can expand the storage capacity to 512GB or more. Buying a Micro SD card make it costlier, so you need to consider the cost as well.

Sony does not reveal anything about the storage capacity of PS5. But the rumours saying the will support the solid-state drive for fast downloading.  The PS4 support 1TB so we can expect a 2TB storage in PS5.

The PS4 comes with 500Gb storage which can be further expanded using MicroSD card.

PS5 vs Nintendo Switch vs PS4: Games

The Nintendo Switch has an impressive list of games to download, As the gaming console running from 2 years, the no. of games in the library is increasing continuously. You can install the first-party and third-party games that released for other gaming consoles or PC. The best games available for Switch are:

First-party games

Super Mario Odyssey
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Splatoon 2
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Yoshi’s Crafted World
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Pokémon: Let’s Go
Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Third-party games

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
Katana Zero
Mortal Kombat 11
Dark Souls Remastered

There is no confirmed list of games for pS5 is out yet, but it is expecting that Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI both the games will be launched for PS5. The games are waiting to play the Cyberpunk 2077 for the PS5 as well. The game is expected to release in 2020 for the current gaming consoles.

The Ps5 will support all the games of PS4 and also PlayStation VR titles. You will be able to play the current PlayStation VR headset on the upcoming PS5. While the Nintendo Switch doesn’t support the games you buy for other Nintendo consoles. You can not play virtual games like Wii U, 3DS, and Wii.

PS4 supports almost the third party and first-party games, you can play the old games which you bought for PS3 on PS4. You can play the VR games on PS4 in great video resolutions. The list of PS4 games is quite high in comparison to Nintendo Switch.

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Final words

So this was our review on the best gaming console of 2019. As the Ps 5 is not revealed yet, so you will have to wait for minimum 2020 to get this console. But if you can’t wait for PS5 than you can go for PS4 because it is the best current gaming console.

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