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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX The Complete List Of Mystery Mail Codes And Passwords

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

As with the Pokemon Sword and Shield games, the developers have added a password system in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX on the Nintendo Switch. A system already present at the time in the original game except that the codes required 20 characters. In the remake, passwords are only 8 characters long, making it easier to get linked rewards. The codes are to be entered in the “mystery mail” of the main menu and the rewards to be received at the Kangourex reserve.

List of all passwords for mail from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX on Nintendo Switch

There are several categories of mails… Those which will enable you to activate bonus missions and to obtain pokémon, others will allow you to obtain TC for your pokémon and the last category will allow you to recover a whole heap of objects which will be useful when exploring the dungeons. Here is the list of 8 character codes and passwords that you can enter in the Pokémon mystery mail Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX.

The list of passwords that unlock bonus missions for the game:

Password Special mystery mail mission

Mystery Mail Bonus ItemsPassword
Wattouat client991Y5K47
Feuforêve Client5K0K0K2K
Draco ClientHK5R3N47
Babimanta Client MF0K5CCN
Flagadoss Client6Y6SNWHF
Wailmer Client0R5H76XQ
Rhinocorne ClientR8Y48QXR
Embrylex Client5JSMNWF0
Melofee Client8TT498W8
Roselia ClientK762CJWF
Tenefix Client91SR2H5J
Togetic ClientMHJR625M
Charmillon ClientCNTSN2F1
Korillon ClientR6T1XSH5
Lippouti Client92JMR48W

The list of passwords that will allow you to obtain TCs (technical capsule):

TC to unlock from mystery mailPassword

The list of passwords that will allow you to recover various in-game bonus items:

Mystery Mail Bonus ItemsPassword
Roupillorbe (x5), Foliorbe (x5)7FW627CK
Virugraine (x3), Petrigraine (x10), Mini-Resugraine (x3)47K2K5R3
Apple (x5), Perfect Apple (x3)1Y5K0K1S
Baie Fraive (x5), Baie Maron (x5), Mini-Resugraine (x2)3R62CR63
Echaporbe (x3), Convocorbe (x3), Orb Resurrection (x1)3XNSQMQX
Detectorb (x5), Desamorbe (x5)0MN2F0CN
Pecha Bay (x5), Mini-Resugraine (x2), Ceriz Bay (x5)5JMPH7K5
Formorbe (x5), Nettoyorbe (x5)TY26446X
Apple (x18)5JSK2CMC
Orb Resurrection (x1), Mini-Regugraine (x5), Resugraine (x2)5PJQMCCJ
Max Oil (x18)6XT1XP98
Iridescent Candy (x3), Soda Precision (x3)6XWHH7JM
Esquivorbe (x10)WJNTY478
Soda PP (x3), Elixir Max (x3)776SJWJS
Bandana Force + (x1), Golden Ribbon (x1), Def + Scarf (x1)25QQTSCR
PV seed (x2), Carbon (x2)0R7910P7
Orb Resurrection (x2), Orb S.O.S. (x3)SFSJWK0H
Baie Oran (x18)R9945PCN
Fossil in Gold (x20), Racaillasse (x40), Gravalroche (x40)8QXR93P5
Calcium (x3), Soda Precision (x3)90P78R96
Special Ribbon (x1), Zinc Bandana (x1), Golden Ribbon (x1)95R1W6SJ
Detectorb (x5), Aspirorb (x2), Orb Delivery (x2)961WF0MN
Mini-Resugraine (x2), Guérigraine (x3)H8PJTWF2
Corapic (x120)3TWJMK2C
Attendance Ticket (x3), Attendance Ticket A (x2), Attendance Ticket S (x1)Y9911412
Orb Invitation (x3), Orb Grodoudou (x1), Orb Capacicool (x3)QXW5MMN1
Esquivorbe All (x3), Forcorbe All (x3)H5FY948M
Iron (x2), Protein (x2)JY3XQW5C
Oran Bay (x10), Sitrus Bay (x1), Resugraine (x1)FSHH6SR0
Candy DX (x2)H6W7K262
Apple (x5), Big Apple (x5)N3QW5JSK
Corapic (x120)JT3MQY79
Calcium (x2), Zinc (x2)K0FXWK7J
Golden Ribbon (x1), Speed ​​Ribbon (x1)CMQMFXW6
Fulgurorbe (x2), Repoussorbe (x3), Petrifiorbe (x3)NY7JP8QM
Max Oil (x5), Max Elixir (x2)SJP7642C
Invincorbe All (x2), Forcorbe All (x2), Esquivorbe All (x2)SK5P778R
Cacnepic (x120)45QSPHF4
Allegraine (x3)SR0K5QR9
Iridescent Candy (x3), Power Soda (x3)WCJT275J
Candy Candy DX (x1), Candy Candy Iridescent (x3)XMK95K49
Power Soda (x2), Precision Soda (x2), PP Soda (x2)XT498SP7
Soda PP (x3), Iridescent Candy (x3)Y490CJMR
Stupefiorbe (x3), Immobilisorbe (x5)Y6493N3S
Iridescent Candy (x6)SN3XQSFW
Hatorbe (x5), Lentorbe (x5)CFSH962H
Soda Power (x3), Iron (x3)MCCH6XY6
PV seed (x2), Carbon (x2)0R7910P7
Bandana Force + (x1), Scarf Def + (x1), Golden Ribbon (x1)25QQTSCR
Corapic (x120)3TWJMK2C
Cacnepic (x120)45QSPHF4
Max Oil (x18)6XT1XP98
Iridescent candy (x3), Precision Soda (x3)6XWHH7JM
Soda PP (x3), Elixir Max (x3)776SJWJS
Racaillasse (x40), Gravalroche (x40), Fossil in Gold (x20)8QXR93P5
Calcium (x3), Soda Precision (x3)90P78R96
Special Ribbon (x1), Zinc Bandana (x1), Golden Ribbon (x1)95R1W6SJ
Detectorb (x5), Aspirorb (x2), Orb Delivery (x2)961WF0MN
Lentorbe (x5), Hatorbe (x5)CFSH962H
Speed ​​Ribbon (x1), Golden Ribbon (x1)CMQMFXW6
Oran Bay (x10), Sitrus Bay (x1), Resugraine (x1)FSHH6SR0
DX candy (x2)H6W7K262

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