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Is PineCone Research a Scam? PineCone Research Review


Taking surveys online and earn money is the norm of today. Although you would not get rich overnight, you can earn a fair amount to support your pocket. You don’t need to put extra efforts and you can execute the surveys in your spare time. If you used to make money online with survey sites then you would aware of the PineCone Research, online survey portal. But if you are not sure about its legitimacy and authenticity then we are here to vanish your confusion.

Among the horde of online survey sites, PineCone Research grabbed a renowned position because of its higher available payouts. Here in my Pinecone research review, I will clarify why you should choose Pinecone as your Survey partner. Is it worth your time? Is it a scam?

So just scroll down and satisfy all your queries regarding the survey giant.

Is PineCone Research a Scam? PineCone Research Review
Pinecone Research review

Pinecone Research: Brief overview

No need to be doubtful about its legitimacy because it is backed by the marketing company Nelson which got the A+ rating from Better Business Bureau. Via this platform, you have to finish surveys and review the upcoming products to earn money. Just like other Survey platforms, this one offers you the great opportunity to consume your spare hours and really worth your time.

How does Pinecone Research work?

You need to sign up for the service to get started. There are two ways to start your survey journey with Pinecone, first one is to sign up with the invitation link and second is to join them straight from their site.

After the signup process, you need to fill a questionnaire including with your demographics. They will cross check everything and if you are in their desired demographics then you will be accepted on their panel.

After the acceptance, you will get surveys via email as per your demographics. Usually, surveys are based on product reviews and many times you have to test up a product for passing reviews.

In return, you will get points and all depends on you whether you pant to convert these points into cash with Paypal or a wide range of gift cards.

How to earn money with Pinecone Research?

Mainly you can earn money in two ways: Taking surveys and product testing. The best thing about this survey portal is that they have fixed a certain amount for each survey. Means after finishing a survey you get equal amount and like other Survey sites, there is no variation in payouts. You will earn 300 points for each survey. Let’s observe how you earn money with them:

Finishing surveys

As its name suggests you will earn a fair amount by fulfilling surveys. Surveys are of different time duration and you will get informed prior about the topic before initiating a particular survey. The more surveys you will execute, the more money you will earn. There is no limit for taking surveys and I think it is the golden opportunity to upgrade your wallet.

Product testing

Another method to earn with Pinecone is product testing. The company sends physical products or eatable items to test. The products you test are the upcoming products that didn’t introduce in the market and you are the first to test them. You get $3 for testing one product and free food or other product as well. Isn’t good?

Pinecone Research Pros & Cons


  • Pinecone is totally free to use.
  • Pretty easy to use and no technical knowledge required.
  • No variation in the payouts and after completing each survey you earn $3. You can as higher as $20 per hour for expressing your views only.
  • You can redeem your balance anytime you want as there is no minimum balance needed.
  • Turn your points into cash with Paypal or get gift cards of different retailers.
  • Outstanding customer service


  • The chief drawback on Pinecone is that they choose you if your demographics match with their needs.
  • Almost all survey portals contain a mobile app but this one doesn’t.
  • They permit only one account per household and if you get caught for signing up multiple accounts then they will terminate you.

The verdict – is Pinecone Research a scam?

As we mentioned above you will not get wealthy in a short span of time with such sites means these types of sites are good for a side income to hang out with your buddies. Now the question is that is Pinecone legit or scam? Pinecone is totally legit and worth your time but also keep in mind that the surveys may be less interesting.

Pinecone is an exclusive survey portal which allows only one account per household and if any other member of your family wants to try it they can’t. Don’t depend on Pinecone solely and make it your part-time job and add bucks to pay your next dinner bills. As it is totally legit you can rely on it without hesitation.

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