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Best Paypal Alternative: Top 5 online payment apps


Gone are those days when we used to fill a check and stand in the long queues for withdrawing cash. In this digital era, everything is under our palm and we can send and receive money with our handiest gadgets (smartphones). To serve our online transactions needs there are multiple payment options but Paypal rules. Indeed lots of Paypal alternative available which can offer you more flexibility and facilities as well.

If you are looking for the Paypal substitutes to get the smoother online transaction experience at cheaper rates then you are lucky to land here. We are here with the best look-alike payment options of Paypal for online money transfer.

Just scroll down and reveal the benefits of Paypal alternatives so that you can adopt them without any hesitation.

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Best Paypal Alternative: Top 5 online payment apps
Best Paypal Alternative

Paypal Alternative

Doesn’t matter you want to pay your online shopping bills or wish to convey cash to your friend Paypal does a good job. But because of certain flaws, users are searching for its substitutes. Your search ends up here and you just need to go down:

1.Google Wallet

If you used to make online purchases and also refer money from your bank account then Google Wallet will be a great online payment app for you. You can send, receive money with Google wallet and purchase online as well. You can send money straight from your bank account to whom you want with their email address. If you add money to your virtual wallet from your debit or credit card then it charges a 2.9% fee.

Whenever pay with Google Wallet make sure the store accepts payment with Google Wallet. 24/7 online fraud monitoring system and Google’s name stands it out among the mob but one and only drawback of this payment apps is its limited acceptance.

You can only use it in the US. Well if you are residing in the US then nothing can beat Google Wallet.


If you area freelancer and has tired off using PayPal then here is the best Paypal alternative for you, Payoneer. Being a freelancer you have to receive money from several countries and Payoneer makes your task easy. You can accept payments from all over the world with this online payment system.

Not only accepting payment you can send money across the globe and make purchases as well. This service gives you a prepaid MasterCard and you use it where master cards are accepted.

Payoneer is an ideal online payment method but variation in its fee structure can disappoint you. Actually, its fee varies as per uses.

3. Skrill

Now jump to our other look-alike online payment app, Skrill. Skrill is a UK based service with which you can transfer money to others. Skrill is also formerly identified as Moneybookers which allows its users to convey, receive money and shop online. Before shopping with Skrill make sure the e-commerce platform accepts payments through Skrill.

Just like Google Wallet, you can send money to your desired person with his/her email address. Nevertheless, you can withdraw money from your bank account and credit and debit cards with this payment option.

Skrill is acceptable in over 200 countries and supports 40+ currencies and that’s the reason behind its popularity. Relatively lower transaction fees and top-notch security make it the perfect substitute to Paypal.

4. Amazon Payments

If you are an online shopaholic then no need to introduce Amazon as it is one of the best e-commerce platforms for millions of online buyers. Amazon Payment is the service provided by Amazon which is suitable for developers, businesses, and customers as well.

The service categorized in different sections and if you purchase online then you can make your payments easier with online purchase section. With Webway section you can convey and receive money. Moreover, wide acceptance and amalgamation of can attract your attention.

Amazon payment is totally free to send and receive money but if you make transactions via your debit or credit card then you have to pay.

One and only shortcoming of Amazon Payments is that its Webpay section is not for you if you don’t reside in the US.

5. 2Checkout

This Paypal alternative is not suitable for online shoppers and to receive and send money but if you are an online seller then 2checkout is for you. Indeed it is one of the best globally accepted payment option for businesses.

To host your customers you can use 2Checkout to accept payments from your customers in return of your product. The fee varies as per your location and for more information you can check their official site.

Availability in 196 countries, 26 currencies, and 15 language support keep 2checkout ahead in the race of best look-alike payment options of Paypal.

Concluding lines

Well..these are the best online payment services which you can choose if you fed up with Paypal. All the online payment apps come with different plus points. Some offer lower fee and others available in a wider area.

All depends on your requirements which one is suitable for you so don’t forget to share if you choose any of from them to make your online transactions smoother.

If you want to know about any specific payment app then feel free to ask in the comment section below. For more informative updates stay tuned till then Goodbye and safe transaction.

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