Norton vs Kaspersky vs Bitdefender: which is the best Antivirus Software in 2019


Nowadays we can’t imagine our life without the internet, everything we are looking for is available on the internet. either its shopping, gaming, business ideas, entertainment or finding everything else. So all the time we need the gazettes like PC, laptop, mobile phones and tablet. We stored all of our data in these devices and use continuously web to solve our daily queries and other online needs. But it is not so easy to keep our gazettes safe from the internal virus or malware threat, your laptop, PC or phone can be a victim of virus anytime, so you need to install the best AntiVirus Software in your devices to track the virus and stop it it harm your PC, laptop or phone from getting damaged due to the virus.

There is a lot of AntiVirus Software available in the market that makes difficult for you to choose the best and reliable ones. So, on the bases of sales data and users reviews, we pick the three best AntiVirus Software and differentiate them on the bases of performance and price. Norton vs Kaspersky vs Bitdefender these are the software we are going to review in this article.

In this article, we make your choices limited to Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, Symantec Norton AntiVirus and Kaspersky Anti-Virus.

Norton vs Kaspersky vs Bitdefender: which is the best Antivirus Software
Norton vs Kaspersky vs Bitdefender

Norton vs Kaspersky vs Bitdefender: Protection

When it comes to installing an AntiVirus software to the device, the first thing comes in our mind is the protection stats. All the three AntiVirus software comes with a good security level but when it comes to the best one, the Bitdefender offers more security features like a password manager, a secure browser to make a safe financial transaction and a permissions-control monitor.

On the other hand, the Norton comes with the basic virus scanner features to detect the issues of your PC. The Norton AntiVirus protects your device from the existing and emerging malware including ransomware and viruses. the advanced security features of the Norton keeps your financial information safe while you go for online transactions. It keeps your device 100% virus-free.

Kaspersky is also an award-winning antivirus software, This is compatible with the PC only. The software keeps your information secure and find out the security thread and monitor them. It protects your online shopping and banking details and provides safeguard to your children online use. Apart from anti-phishing protection, The Kaspersky support to bootable Rescue Disk creation as well. It is enough to keep your system safe.

Norton vs Kaspersky vs Bitdefender: Performance

When it comes about the performance of all three antivirus software than Norton and Kaspersky looks better than Bitdefender. However, you can prefer the Bitdefender for its more advanced security features but during the whole system scan this start to get slow and in the fast technology era the slowness of anything can test the patience of anyone. So the Bitdefender is slow in the performance section.

The Kaspersky has a full-time and faster quick scan. It scans your device quickly and protects it from any kind of virus and malware.

Norton vs Kaspersky vs Bitdefender: Usability

The Norton Automatically backs up your photos, financial files and other important documents on your Windows PC, It comes with 25 GB of secure cloud storage for your PC, you can add more as per your needs. It is compatible with PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets with a single subscription. The Norton’s interface is very easy to navigate, it tells you about the potential security threads by indicating the coloured highlights. Green highlights mean your system is secure while red highlights signal danger.

The Kaspersky looks ordinary in design comes with black-and-grey feel, The software has an additional left-hand sidebar that enables you to use the other security features. It identifies the digital danger without slowing down your computer. You can activate it on your PC online within a few seconds.

The Bitdefender works on devices with specific IP addresses only. , It is very easy to use and remove all viruses, Trojans, the malware automatically. It keeps your device safe, secure, protects against malicious virus attacks
Antispyware, Anti-phishing, Anti-malware. It protects your pc against ransomware and malicious threats, Othe security features of the software includes Exploit blocker, device control, Advanced memory scanner


After reviewing all the three AntiVirus Software it is better to say that all have enough potential to keep your device virus free and more secure, However, the BitDefender is a bit slow in performance but has more advanced security features. While the Kaspersky secure your Pc without slowing down. the Norton is also an award-winning Antivirus tool. You can go for any one of the three one if you are searching for the best antivirus software in 2019.


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