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Netflix Price: Detailed price comparison with Hulu, Amazon Prime


Are you planning to opt for an online streaming service? But Confused??? Have you ever compared Netflix prices with other streaming services such as HULU, Hotstar, etc? Buddy, It is not easy to figure out the differences between all streaming services and choosing the best for you. To meet your query needs, here is the detailed price comparison of four top streaming services, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

The old days have gone when we switch on the TV to watch our favorite shows. Today is the era of Online streaming services, that is, On-demand TV and shows. Yes, these streaming services gaining heights worldwide but which is the best for you? Surely, the one that contains most of the entertainment and will fit into your pocket. Right? So let’s discuss the prices of the four most-wanted streaming services.

Netflix Price: Detailed price comparison with Hulu, Amazon Prime
Netflix price comparison

Netflix Prices: Detailed price comparison with Hulu, Amazon Prime

1) Netflix Prices

Netflix comes to the top of all the streaming services. When we talk about on-demand entertainment, the word comes to our mind is NETFLIX. It offers high-quality movies, deceiving its competitors such as Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Hotstar. It supports offline downloads as well as 4K streaming. However, if prices are compared then Netflix is a bit expensive. It contains some best shows Like The crown, Heartland, etc.

The Netflix prices of several plans and packages are as follows:

  • Standard plan: $12.99 per month. It gives access to HD content. You can stream up to 2 devices.
  • The top tier plan costs $15.99. It gives access to 4K content and you can download it on a variety of devices.

The trial period is of 30 days.

2) HULU Prices

HULU has two different plans:

  • HULU: This is the basic plan starts at very low cost i.e $5.99 per month. This plan comes with ads. If you want to remove the ads then the plan cost increases to $11.99 per month. The plan contains a lot of channels, HULU originals, On-demand movies, and shows. The trial period is of 30 days.
  • HULU+LIVE TV: This is the premium plan that offers the option of live TV and has a costing of $44.99 per month. Ads are also included in this. To get rid of ads, you can opt for another plan costing $50.99 per month. The trial period is of 7 days only.

3) Amazon Prime Prices

If you’ve subscribed to Amazon Prime video, you can watch any TV show or a movie made available to stream on the platform. Along with Amazon originals, there’s a large library with an eminent collection of handpicked movies of different genres and languages. It also hosts some of the original shows such as Hanna, Homecoming, The Widow, and more.

Amazon prime provides a collection of the latest movies and shows at very fewer prices that one can afford easily. You can join Amazon Prime at $10.99 per month and get access to latest movie collection and shows. The trial period is of 30 days.  The major drawback is this service is only limited to the US only.

The Verdict

If prices are compared then HULU wins in the US region. IF I talk about worldwide then, Amazon Goes upper-hand.

I hope you would like the article and get a clear difference between the prices of Streaming services.

Thank you!!

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