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Beware of Tik Tok: Must known negative impact of Tik Tok on Young Generation


Social media apps have become a vital part of our lives but if we are not mature enough to use these platforms then we can make blunders. When things come in terms of video sharing apps, Tik Tok attracts all the attention. People of all age groups love to post videos on Tik Tok. Adults are mature enough to assume what kind of videos should they post. But what about kids and teenagers?

If your kids are using Tik Tok then you have to be attentive and I am here with the must known negative impacts of this video sharing platform. Tik Tok is good if you are posting and watching knowledgeable videos but apart from knowledge there is such content available which is not appropriate for the young generation.

Is Tik Tok spoiling today’s generation? What is the dark side of Tik Tok? Is Tik Tok safe for kids? Let’s scroll down and get the answer to these questions.

Negative impact of Tik Tok on kids and teens
Is Tik Tok safe for kids?

What is Tik Tok?

Tik Tok is a video-sharing app which is developed by the creators of It is known as Douyin in China which enables you to create up to 60 seconds videos. Users can add different effects to their videos to make them more approachable. The most notable thing about Tik Tok is its popularity among teens and kids.

Is Tik Tok safe for teenagers? Bad impacts of Tik Tok that can’t be ignored

As I said above Tik Tok allows its users to post and watch short videos. People from all over the world use tik tok to share their day to day moments including adult content. So being a parent you must aware all the dark sides of Tik Tok that can spoil your kid. Here is a brief analysis of bad impacts of Tik Tok that will compel you to stop your kid to use it:

Adult content that can interrupt your child’s attention from other tasks

Today’s generation is too fast to adopt new things. Doesn’t matter it is about technology or adult content, they grab everything in a quick manner. Tik Tok is the hub of all types of videos and you can easily find out the adult content on this platform. Think if your kids watch such content, what impact will be on them? After watching such videos they can lose their interest in studies and other activities as well.

Encourage self-harm

Not only adult videos but also I noticed the videos on Tik Tok which encourage self-harm. If kids come in contact with such videos then they may go in the depression.

Inappropriate requests and comments

Via the live streaming of Tik Tok your kid can get requests from suspicious users and if he/she interact with them they can spoil your kid. In short live streaming option of Tik Tok is really dangerous for young ones.

Should kids use Tik Tok?

Tik Tok is the most downloaded iPhone app and as per iTunes, it is rated for 13+. But Commonsense Media has considered it appropriate for the users who are 16+. As we discussed above that you can find videos that promote self-harm, bullying, and adult content as well. Although there is a privacy setting for teens and kids, you can’t fully lock it. So Tiik Tok is not safe for kids and teens and if your kid is under 13 and he/she is using Tik Tok then delete his/her account now.

Tik Tok’s efforts to make it safe for kids and teens

After being criticized Tik Tok has added some updates in July 2019 so that kids and teens remain safe while using Tik Tok:

  • Tik Tok upgraded its privacy measures and now users can set their videos as “Private” so that only followers watch and comment on them.
  • Now users can delete their account from the app whenever they want.
  • If users switch to Private Messaging option then they will receive messages from their Tik Tok friends only. Not from other users.
  • Now parents have more tools to analyze the activities of their kids on Tik Tok and if something getting wrong then they will get a notification.

Must follow steps if your kid is still using Tik Tok

Tik Tok is not appropriate for kids under 13 and if your kid is still using it then you can do these things to ensure the safety of your kid:

  • First of all, set your kid account to private. For making their account private navigate to their “Account profile page> Privacy and settings> Privacy and safety> Private account.
  • Aware your young ones about cyberbullying.
  • Make them selective about what they post and who can watch their stuff.
  • To restrict adult content and other harmful stuff you can set the “Restricted mode”.
  • To ensure the safety of your teens you must turn on “Digital Wellbeings Settings”.

Final verdict

To be very frank I would like to say that Tik Tok is not safe for kids and if your kid is using it then you can switch to Private account and monitor all his/her activities.

I think you got your answer and if you found the post beneficial then aware all your nears and dears by sharing it.

What are your views about Tik Tok?

Do you think Tik Tok is safe for teens and kids?

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