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Naked and Sexy Kinsey Wolanski Distract players in Champions League Final between Liverpool Vs Tottenham

It was Saturday and the final clash of Liverpool vs Tottenham was going on and suddenly a mystery women came to the pitch in a skimpy swimsuit. Suddenly all the eyes start staring at her and she is running in the mid of the pitch to distract the match. Everyone was in shock and surprised also because of this dirty act. For about 20 minutes she distracted the players and the audience as well.

Liverpool vs Tottenham Match Pitch Invader
Match spoiler of Liverpool vs Tottenham

Later the streaker would be recognized as a popular American model Kinsey Wolanski having a huge fan following on Instagram. She is the girlfriend of famous Youtuber  Vitaly Zdorovetskiy who runs an adult website Vitaley Uncensored and you will amaze to know that Kinsey was running between the pitch for promoting her boyfriend’s porn site.

Doesn’t matter how people criticize Kinsey for her act but she was looking for instant fame and she got it successfully. Within minutes after her naked run, her Instagram followers reached in Millions. Only 300000 she had before that shameful act.

Wolanski was in a black swimsuit which read Vitaly Uncensored in White letters. She broked all the security and get to reach about the halfway line when the match Liverpool vs Tottenham was on its peak. You can say it was going to conclude but meanwhile Kinsay reached there and spoiled the interest of players and audience too.

Wolanski used to post regular photos in scanty dresses to upgrade her fan following but this time she had made a blunder. Her boyfriend’s Youtube porn channel Vitaley Uncensored has about 1.6 Billion views and a huge fan following as well.

The notable thing is that Zdorovetskiy has invaded the pitch in 2014 World cup final and he was got banned for his dirty act.

It is not the initial happening when the final match has been disrupted by a pitch invader. After her dirty run on the pitch, the model posted on her Instagram account with the caption Did I distract #8 a little too much?’

In another post which was about her pitch invasion, she added the caption “Streaking the champions league!! Life is for living that you will remember forever! But do you think that such type of acts is appropriate for quick fame?

Well, it was the most humor moment of Liverpool vs Tottenham match and also full of lust that interrupted the players for 20 minutes.

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