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Modern Combat 5 Blackout Download for PC Free


No need to introduce Gameloft because if you love to play games on your smartphones and gaming consoles then it is the renowned name in gaming. One of the best creation of Gameloft is Modern Combat series which offers you an ultimate FPS experience. Modern Combat 5 Blackout is the 5th installment of the series which enables you to create your own squad to face your opponent in the online battle. The games support Android, iOS, Windows, Window phones, and Nintendo Switch. If you want to download Modern Combat 5 Blackout on your PC then you have landed at the right page.

Here we will discuss how to download and install Modern Combat 5 on your PC. So let’s check out the downloading and installation process of the game along with the mouth-watering features.

Download Modern Combat 5 Blackout for PC
Enjoy Modern Combat 5 Blackout on PC for free

Modern Combat 5 Blackout

Modern Combat 5 is the sequel of Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour and initially, the game was released on July 2014. You will get almost similar experience just like the previous versions of the game and you will play the role of a security officer. The soldier fights to save the nation from violent militants. Tokyo is under the terror of terrorists and you have to give your best to free the city.

There are different stages in the game and every stage splits into various chapters. Game is loaded with a wide array of weapons to make your task easy. You can create your squad or also can complete the solo missions.

Features of Modern Combat 5 Blackout

Ready to save your nation? Wait a while, folks, first get familiar with the impressive features of the game:

Choose from different classes

One of the best features of the game is that it offers you choices to create your squad. You can choose from different classes as per your style. assault, recon, heavy, and sniper Are the 4 classes available in the game.

High powered multiplayer mode

Modern Combat 5 comes with a brawny multiplayer mode and you can play up to 12 members in the mode. You can make your squad with your friends you love to play with and also you can communicate with other players from across the globe. Isn’t cool???

Intense Solo mission

If you want to go on solo missions then here is a wide array of fast-paced story missions to choose from. Various missions available and to complete them you have to travel from Tokyo to Venice.

Customizable controls

You can enjoy the game in the way you want because the controls are really intuitive and customizable. Highly customizable controls will enhance your user experience along with fun.

Amazing graphics and sound quality

In my case, I can’t enjoy a game if it contains dull graphics and poor sound quality. Don’t worry folks I am not talking about Modern Combat 5 as the game comes with detailed and astonishing graphics. The sound quality of the game is also superior and you will feel the diverse sounds of the guns in real life.

Customize your weapons

I love the customization feature of the game and you can customize your weapons with Trinkets and also apply camos to differentiate your personality from other players.

How to download and install Modern Combat 5 Blackout for PC with Bluestacks?

I think you are going impatience after noticing the specialties of the FPS giant. Have patience and learn the easiest steps to download and install the game with Bluestacks on your Window device:

  • Your first move in order to install the game on your PC is to download Bluestacks app player.
  • Search for Bluestacks via your web browser and download Bluestacks from the official site.
  • Then install it with the given instructions.
  • Launch the Bluestacks app player on your PC and connect it with your Gmail account.
  • Now you are capable to search Modern Combat 5 Blackout via its search bar.
  • Search for the game and then install it on your PC.
  • That’s it! Now enjoy ferocious combat right from your computer.

Final thoughts

Folks, make sure you have a stable internet connection because with internet connectivity you can’t play the game. I think now you are ready to step into the action world of Modern Combat 5. If yes then go ahead and download the game to make your squad or play all alone.

How’s the info? You gathered the desired knowledge or not? Comment below to share your experiences. Still, any question regarding the action loaded game then feels free to put in the comment box as usual.




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