Mattress Galore: All You Need To Know About Innerspring Beds

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Upon entering a mattress store, you’ll see how many mattress options you have. Memory foam, innerspring, hybrid, and latex foam are some of the standard beds on the market. On this page, it simply focuses on the mattress that’s been around for ages, but just like a good pair of jeans, it never goes out of style. 

A coil bed is one of the most beloved mattresses on the market, so it’s only reasonable that a mattress shopper like yourself should learn more about this mattress. This page covers the definition of coil mattresses, their history, essential terminologies, benefits, drawbacks, and the sleeping positions best suited to an innerspring bed. 

What are Innerspring beds? 

Innerspring beds or coil mattresses got their name from their support core composed of metal coils. The coil is a metal spring that can be pulled or pressed, and this type of bed is composed of a number of these coiled springs. It is the best mattress to buy for many individuals looking for a springy or bouncy bed that can easily fit their budget. 

Additionally, it is ideal for individuals who tend to sleep hot. While most innerspring beds have comfort layers made of latex and memory foam, it doesn’t affect the coolness of an innerspring mattress.

History of Coil Mattresses

As humans evolved, so did their sleeping ground. During the 12th century, beds became a symbol of wealth. Only the rich and acclaimed had mattresses. Before the invention of Berliner Heinrich Westphal in the 1870s, humans still used beds stuffed down with wool or hay. However, thanks to Mr. Westphal, mattresses with metal coils filled the stores to provide sleepers with a firm and supportive feel. 

However, it wasn’t until the 1930s that coil mattresses gained recognition. Ever since then, it has consistently received appreciation and continued innovation. 

Essential Terminologies 

When mattress shopping, you need to remember the terminologies mentioned below. These have a significant impact on the kind of innerspring mattress you’ll purchase. Indeed, you can always come back to this page and reread the meaning of the terms. 

  • Coil gauge – refers to the thickness density of the coil’s wire. The firmness and thickness of the coil’s wire depends on the number of coil gauges, and the higher the number count, the thicker and firmer the wire and bed will become.
  • Coil count – is the total of physical coils inside the support core. You’ll often see this in the product description of a mattress. Coil counts and the type of coil affect motion isolation, level of support, and many more.
  • Multi-zoned – entails when different parts of the bed offer various levels of support which may depend on either a thicker coil gauge or a high count of coils. Being aware of this information helps provide support in certain parts of the body that require support.

Different Types of Coils

Below are the common coil types used in innerspring mattresses:

  • Wired coils – It is an interlocked system that is commonly used in traditional innerspring beds. It is connected, and it has a smaller coil count. This type of coils is perfect for individuals who prefer a consistent feel and support throughout the sleeping surface.
  • Micro-coils – The layers of micro-coils are usually situated close to the surface to provide an incredibly adjustable mattress that is all about comfort.
  • Wrapper coils – It consists of several coils wrapped in fabric. It has a higher coil count, and it’s perfect for those who want to sleep on a flexible surface that can adapt to the body’s shape. Additionally, it’s excellent for isolating motion.

Benefits of an Innerspring Bed

  • Breathability – You’ve learned about the coils – but the spaces between the coils can keep the mattress cool throughout the night and promote good airflow. The number or thickness of coils doesn’t matter because innerspring beds are naturally breathable. 
  • Durability and support – You won’t ever hear that innerspring beds cause too much sinkage. It’s because its support core, springs, and coils’ goal is to prevent precisely that. Also, because of their ability to bounce back, innerspring beds can maintain their shape for so long.
  • Adaptability – The coils used The goal of the coils used in the bed is to adapt to your body’s weight. It provides a flexible surface no matter your body type, sleeping position, or weight.
  • Cost-effective – It is a budget-friendly mattress. Whether or not you purchase the top-quality innerspring mattress, you won’t burn a hole in your wallet.

Downsides of an Innerspring Bed

  • Motion Isolation – It doesn’t isolate movement or noise quite well. If you sleep with a significant other who moves a lot during the night, it cannot be comforting for one’s sleep.
  • Limited cushioning – If you have joint pain or body aches, an innerspring bed might not provide your body with the cushioning it requires for pressure relief. Instead, consider a memory foam or latex foam mattress.

Does your sleeping position suit the mattress?

Innerspring mattresses can cater to a wide range of sleeping positions – and it may be one of the reasons why this type of bed is still popular today. Within the coil mattresses category, evaluate these features depending on your favored sleeping position:

  • Side sleeping position – The mattress should be plusher and softer to cushion the sleeper’s pressure points.
  • Stomach sleeping position – The bed should be firm enough that the hips don’t sink; this is so that the spine doesn’t bow unnaturally.
  • Back sleeping position – For the healthiest sleeping position, any firmness level will do. However, for quality comfort and support, the bed should have a medium firmness level. Additionally, proper support for one’s lumbar area should be given attention – so that one doesn’t sink too much.


Indeed, searching for a brand-new mattress can be mind-boggling. Who wouldn’t get overwhelmed with the different beds, materials, and sizes on the market? While this may be true, one thing you can do to resolve the angst that comes with mattress shopping is by reading more about your top mattress choices. If one of your favored beds is an innerspring bed – then you’re on the right page!

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