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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot – Ep1: Stop the Saiyan invasion

dragon ball z kakarot

Goku and his friends are back on consoles on 17, January, 2020 with Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. Taking the form of an RPG with components of the action game, the title proposes to relive the adventures of the anime, starting from the Saiyan saga until the end of the arc Boo. Allowing you to decide with the usual Xenoverse or FighterZ fighting games, we start on a role-playing game with its experience-based progression, its side quests and many other things. Here is everything you need to know.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot – Episode 1

Here’s the walkthrough for Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. The first episode of the game mainly provides the context of the first arc of the game called “Stop the Saiyan invasion” which refers to the Saiyan saga in the manga. Indeed, prepare yourself because an attack by the Saiyans is obviously about to explode …

The game then starts with a combat tutorial against Piccolo where you learn the basic commands, which earns you a first trophy / success “Opponent of the past”, for having won the combat simulation against him.

Piccolo fighting


Bronze compass (gift)
Silk apron (gift)
Book for adults (gift)
Sophisticated urn (item for sale)
Sacred text of martial arts (gift)

After the introductory cutscene and in the shoes of Son Goku, you will first discover the basic commands related to the terrain, then some explanations on the terrain objects.

Slice of life

Your first mission is to collect some apples. To do this, follow Son Gohan, who is responsible for finding the apple trees. Then approach the tree in question, recognizable by its golden glow, to automatically pick the apples.

Gohan finds apples

Then it’s about going fishing for fish. Head to the fishing spot marked on your map, taking care to take Son Gohan with you. On site, follow the instructions and press the keys indicated at the right time to catch a blue fish.

Goku Fishing

That’s when you get hungry… That’s good, just behind you is a campfire where you can rest or cook a meal. Choose a meal to prepare from the list based on the improvement you want and the ingredients required. For example, here you can only cook lean giant fish and / or a giant fish fin for an additional 1% Def Ki bonus.

You then get your first two soul emblems: Son Goku and Son Gohan. A tutorial then appears to allow you to learn a little more about these objects available via the Community menu.

setting soul emblems

Then talk to Son Gohan. You then have the choice of exploring the area a bit more or going home. Immediately, choose the second option to take control of the magic cloud. By the way, read the tutorial on Z orbs and collect as much as you can to acquire special attacks later.

When you get home, talk to Chichi so she can prepare something for you. Unlike campfires, here you have the option of preparing a real meal and even a full meal that you will see later in the game.

chichi cooking

In the tab of seafood dishes, choose the boiled fish and confirm your choice. In the meantime, search the house for your first memory: a marked stone near the library. This unlocks the Encyclopedia-Z in the process, but also the trophy / success “Learn more” for having unlocked an article.

Speak to Son Gohan, then Chichi to get his soul emblem before going to visit the Great Turtle to present Son Gohan to everyone.

Long-awaited reunion

On the Great Turtle Island, after making the introductions, talk to Krillin. So you unlock the Turtle Training Manual, you also get the Great Turtle Soul emblem and you now have access to the adult community.

talking to Krillin

The secondary stories then appear in the game. Locate the blue exclamation point icon and go talk to the Turtle to get the Sacred Treasure of the Great Turtle.

Note that behind the house on the left is a souvenir: “A gift of Great Tortoise“. In the house, you can also pick up a sacred text of martial arts.

Speak to Krillin again to receive a D medal and unlock the training camp. Test this right away by going to the place indicated. Here you have the option to spend D medals to learn special attacks. Not much choice yet so choose consecutive Energy Explosions and fight Krilin.

Above all, this combat allows you to learn more about the counterattack system, defense, as well as teleportation and dodging. After combat, not only do you learn consecutive Energy Explosions, but you also get an “Emerging Power” trophy / achievement for receiving a special attack in the skill tree.

Leave the training camp and return to Krilin. Choose to continue the story to watch a new cutscene in which Raditz arrives.

Intergalactic invader

Different tutorials on accelerated flight, finding Ki, kikohas in the field and on the airways are presented before you take control of Piccolo.

Go towards the mysterious Ki to find out who he is. A fight then started against Raditz.

battle with raditz

But the fight does not last very long and Raditz hastens to join Son Goku on the Island of Genius Turtle through a new dialogue. As the fight begins between Son Goku and Raditz, Son Goku loses the advantage and Raditz escapes with Son Gohan. That’s when Piccolo arrives to lend you a hand for the rest of the adventure.

It is on the results and an overall score of your different fights that this first episode ends.

Pocket your rewards and get ready for the next episode: The Earth Dream Team!

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