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Longest snapchat streak

Longest snapchat streak

Hey guys! Using snapchat since long time but did you know what longest Snapchat streak now is? Let’s find with us now!

Snapchat, what is it?

Snapchat gives users a unique social experience, an idea of ​​permanence often associated with social networks and tearing it to pieces. This app is based on the idea of ​​fading memories, photos and videos that don’t exist forever and is designed to be fleeting in the lives of you and your friends. When built in limited time, Snapchats can often become an art form in themselves.

Shameful selfies and videos of you and your friends are instantly shared, instead of being thrown away for fear of consequences. Seizing the moment around you becomes instinctive, instead of feeling compelled or produced and considering the fleeting nature of it all, Snapchat feels easy for everyday use.

The feeling of relaxation does not necessarily spread to every aspect of the application. While Snaps of photos and videos last for only a moment and the Story lasts twenty-four hours before disappearing completely, Snapchat Streaks is designed to continue, depending on the efforts of the two parties social use. These streaks turn Snapchat into something in the game, encourage daily app engagement and drive more and more people to open Snapchat several times a day.

Many users love the idea of ​​trails, encouraging communication on the platform with each user sending photos or videos every day to other individuals. While Snapchat has other signers paying attention to the level of friendship between users on the heart emoji app, smileys, sunglasses,

If you’re new to this app, streaks seem like a strange concept, and you might not even know what the number next to your friends means. Let’s dive into the concepts behind Snapchat streaks, how you can make sure you’re always in your game, and what are the longest Snap series to date. Wondering how you can compete with others in the world today? Just looking for some friendly competition online? We have everything you might want to know about the longest Snapchat streaks below, so take a look!

What is streak on snapchat?

If you’re newcomer in Snapchat world, you might have trouble understanding exactly what your users mean when they talk about their Snapchat streaks with their friends, but rest assured that it’s one of those aspects. More simple of the application.

The idea behind a Snapchat streak is simple: you and a friend each get back together once a day for a period of twenty-four hours (though there’s some controversy about this, as you’ll see under). After three days of snapping back and forth, you will eventually get a small flame icon, along with a new number: 3, to indicate the three-day snapping back and forth between users. This is your Snapchat streak and it will increase every day you and others shoot with each other.

snapchat streak


There are two types of people when coming to Snap streaks. The first one may think they’re cute, but don’t worry about making sure to catch you or other users daily. If the streak is there, they might consider photographing someone, but for the most part, users in this group won’t prioritize taking snapshots, even if your trail is at risk of dying.

The second group, obviously prefers with the idea of Snap streaks. Snapchat is no longer a social app or even a game, but a part of life. That’s what you check every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to bed. Whether you have a streak or a hundred, it’s easy to bet that, since you’ve ended here, you’re in that second group.

How to maintain the streak going?

Holding a streak may be more difficult than you think. Sure, it starts off easy enough, when you and your friend (s) send photos, videos, selfies, and more. But you might be surprised at how easy it is to slide, forgetting to send a photo back to that person when you are sure you checked out Snaps that morning. Sure, it’s easy to get rid of when a six-day Snap streak dies, but once you pass the 100-day snapshot, it’s hard to start all over again. As noted, here are some basic ways to keep your series going:

  • Start each day by sending Snaps to people or friends who are having difficulty. Make it a habit; You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to focus and remember to do it after a few weeks.
  • Always keep others if they don’t return your Snap by normal time. Send them a reminder message to let them know you’re waiting for a reply.
  • Snapchat does not hide when your streak with someone is about to die. If you’re running out of time to save tracks, you’ll see a small hourglass icon appear next to your contact. This means time is running out for both of you. Snapchat hasn’t officially announced how long this will take, but if we had to guess, you’re probably looking around the remaining four hours before the death streak, which means the hourglass appears about twenty hours after Swap your last Snap.
  • Both users must exchange Snaps every day. It is not enough for just one.
  • Finally, while Snaps photos and videos count toward your thread, a chat message is not good enough. If all you did was send your best friend a text message inside Snapchat, you’ll want to send them a photo or video along with it.


Here’s the good news: to be eligible for a streak, Snap’s quality doesn’t matter. You just need to send something to your friends, whether it’s a photo of your face, a picture of your backyard, or even a photo in the middle of the night of the dark room of friend. Any photo or video counts at one spot, making it easy, quick, and simple to post something first thing in the morning.

If you have trouble thinking about what you should put in Snap to a friend, using the Bitmoji avatar is one of the best ways to fill the frame without sending a blank image. Snapchat even has a few string-based stickers and Bitmoji options to use in your images. Another idea: just type ‘streak’ with the text tool on your device to send it to a friend. They will make sense behind the image and you will be finished sending your photos of the day.

Longest Snapchat streak

The absence of any kind of official Snapchat transcript means there’s no way to keep track of who actually has the highest Snapchat streak in the world. Until Snapchat created an autocomplete table in the app, and there was no confirmation or suggestion about this happening, all we could do was get listed on the web by Snapchat users voluntarily post their Snap tracks with screen capture software on their iPhone or Android Device.

Because users continually submit their scores at different times, we only list the scores set on the date posted in our comments, as we cannot assume that exactly Streaks keep increasing without losing.

This is Techjunkie record holder so far, as of December 15, 2019.

Carly and Kelsey, 1700 (December 10, 2019)
Garrett Johnson, 1661 (November 26, 2019)
Babet and Isiz, 1661 (November 29, 2019)
Daniel and Robin, 1660 (December 4, 2019)
Ryan and Samantha, 1644 (November 18, 2019)

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