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🔥League of Legends download, install and strategy

League of Legends

About of League Of Legends

The quality of League Of Legends largely equals its reputation. It adapts as well to neophyte players thanks to good learning of the rules but also to experienced players thanks to many game modes and tournaments in classified games. A very good free MOBA!

League Of Legends, regularly abbreviated as LoL, is one of the most essential free MOBAs on the market. In this online battle arena, two teams of five players compete and the objective of each team is to take down the opposing structure called Nexus.

Before going into battle, you must choose your champion from the hundred available with the money earned in the game knowing that the game offers a selection of ten free champions to discover each week. On the battlefield, your champion gains levels throughout the fight, thereby increasing his health, mana and spells.

League Of Legends has three main game modes with their own cards. The Normal mode, a classic of MOBA opposes two teams of 3 or 5 players, the Dominion mode is based on the capture of objectives while the ARAM mode for All Random All Mid, offers a selection of imposed champion, the impossibility of resuming life and only one way on the map to reach the opposing Nexus.

Perfect for beginners in the field of MOBA, League Of Legends provides a tutorial to learn the basics and mechanics of the game. A cooperative mode against AI is ideal to continue learning the many tactics and subtleties of the game. The most seasoned players will find their account with tournaments and classified games as well as with the numerous events organized.

Finally, the League Of Legends graphics are a great success, the cartoon atmosphere and the magical effects of each character are of quality and will amaze you during the fights.

League of Legends download on Window

It is an easy game to understand, and no more complicated to dominate, hence its success. You will find tutorials and guides with tips and tricks for LoL that try to help the player win on the Fields of Justice. How to control and play with the champion to control and know other elements of the game: streets, subjects, turrets, inhibitors …

As we said before, the game has millions of fans from all over the world. Its user community is very active and you will find dozens of pages of information about the game, Reddit threads and even Wikipedia pages devoted to unique and exclusive aspects, such as the already mentioned characters or champions.

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League of Legends install on Apple MAC

You now have an Apple brand computer called Mac. When you start using a new computer, it’s perfectly normal to be a little lost among all the features that a Mac offers. In order for your computer to best meet your requirements, installing programs is, therefore, a necessary act.

However, it’s important to know how to install League Of Legends without making mistakes, to avoid possible problems on your Mac. We will, therefore, help you through this tutorial to perform a basic operation: install League Of Legends on Apple Mac. First, we’ll explain how to install League Of Legends through the App Store, and second, how to install League Of Legends using the Internet.

Install League Of Legends with Apple Store

We will start by presenting the first method of this tutorial. This method is the simplest and fastest.

It consists of installing League Of Legends through the App Store which is the online store of the Apple brand where you will find a wide choice of free and paid applications.

First, go to “App Store” which is characterized by the white letter “A”, drawn with brushes, in a blue circle. You can find the App Store on the taskbar at the bottom of your computer screen.

Then just type “League Of Legends” in the search bar of the App Store.

Read user notes and reviews carefully to ensure the reliability of the program.

Then click on “Get”. League Of Legends will download. You just have to wait a few seconds for the application to install on your Mac. When the download is complete, you can click “Open” to land directly on League Of Legends and be able to start using it.

It’s likely that League Of Legends will need an update.

Don’t worry, it’s very likely that the App Store will automatically update League Of Legends.

If not, then the App Store will let you know so that you can update it manually.

Install League Of Legends with the Internet

Set Apple Mac to install League Of Legends

We offer you a second method to install League Of Legends on your Apple Mac: install League Of Legends via internet download. Before you start installing League Of Legends, you need to make a simple change in your Mac settings. You must go to “Settings” on your computer.

Then go to “Security and Confidentiality”. Finally, your computer will ask you where you authorize the downloading of applications.

Just select “Anywhere” and confirm your choice. With this slight change, your Mac will allow the installation of League Of Legends because the installation will be done outside the App Store.

These programs will be downloaded in the “.dmg” format.

Download League Of Legends on Apple Mac

Start by going on the internet. On Mac computers, the internet is called “Safari”, which is characterized by a compass.

This is located on the taskbar at the bottom of your computer.

Then type “Install League Of Legends” in the Safari search bar. When you have found League Of Legends, check the reliability of the program by carefully reading the notes and reviews of the users of the application. Once you’ve downloaded League Of Legends, find the file on your computer.

Then double-click as if you want to open it.

This will create an image with a disc.

Finally, drag this icon into the folder named “Applications”. It is characterized by the letter “A”, as for the App Store, but on a folder with a blue background.

Installing League Of Legends on Apple Mac

Since this is most likely one of the first times you install a program on your Mac, then this part is just as important.

It’s very likely that when installing League Of Legends over the Internet, a message appears. This will just tell you that the program is from an unidentified developer. Don’t worry, this is just a prevention message to prevent you from installing malware. Therefore, you must right click on the League Of Legends image and select “Open”. A small window will open and you will just have to click on “Open”. The League Of Legends program is now available on “Launchpad” characterized by a rocket.

It’s over! League Of Legends is ready to use.

League of Legends: increase the rank

League of Legends being one of the most difficult games to master, it stands to reason that a newcomer wonders where to start. In fact, regardless of their current level, each player can improve in at least one facet of the game. Today, a few aspects are proposed as those having the greatest impact on your games. Much more mechanics are necessary to become excellent, as well as managing the vision of the card, but here is a starting point.

Settle for a lead role

A common thread among professional players, with a few exceptions, is that they all have a defined role. League of Legends is such a complex game that it is impossible to excel in several roles, especially if you are a player with other obligations in life. A jungle player will not have to learn the same things as a high or middle player. Reducing the burden of knowledge you will acquire will not hurt you.

To go even further, once your role is well defined, it is important to limit the number of champions you use. While having a good diversity of champions is important, you don’t need to play a dozen to reach the higher ranks. It is recommended to choose your champion of choice, another champion who is good against the “counter” of your first as well as a third in case of “bans” or that someone else does not play one of your choices.

League of legends LOL

With three champions, it is possible to climb faster, because you will have time to develop your skills specifically with them. Your knowledge of their potential will help you to better grasp the murder opportunities that will open up to you.

Focus on your ability to do well CS

Although he has not been in the game throughout his life, the Practice Tool, commonly known as the Practice Tool, is essential if you are serious about improving yourself. Two fundamental aspects of the game can be improved with it.

First, it’s no surprise that I tell you that knowing how to kill minions in time to collect their resources is absolutely non-negotiable to become a good League of Legends player. Having 5 murders, but only 50 minions in 20 minutes are horrible. A simple ratio can be done to quickly see the intrinsic value of learning to “CS” (the term used to indicate the number of minions who perished at your hands). 15 minions are about the equivalent of murder. It’s only a little more than two full waves.

It goes without saying that getting 15 CS is often much simpler and less risky than getting murder. Well, everyone knows that it is important. But how many people actually go into the Practice Tool to perfect it? Very little. Being alone in this tool for hours is pretty monotonous and depressing, but you don’t have to spend more than 20 minutes a day on it.

league of legends

The best way to do this would be to take your most used champion, to take no object to make the task more difficult, and to pass a few waves of minions to warm you up. This will have the effect of perfecting a crucial skill but in addition to helping you quietly reach a good area of ​​concentration. The point of all of this is for this habit to become second nature.

Practice the mechanics specific to your champion

As mentioned earlier, it’s important not to spread yourself out with a dozen different champions. However, you must take the time to master those you will pilot. For example, Riven has several mechanics specific to his skills. The difference between a player who can easily do Riven’s “animations-cancel” and a new player from Riven is obvious.

While not all champions are picky like Riven, most of them have some interesting mechanics that are worth practicing. Again, the point is that everything looks natural and there is as little hesitation as possible. Every second is precious in a game of League of Legends.

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